Tin wedding. Wedding anniversary - 8 years

After eight years of marriage, the coupleIt celebrates anniversary, which is called "tin wedding." According to psychologists, after eight years of marriage, the spouses wallow in everyday life. Therefore, keep the love for one another becomes difficult, often quarrels happen to consumer mail. But during this time the marriage has become stronger, and the pair has acquired the status of a solid. Tin - a strong metal, so the tin traditional wedding symbolizes reliability. How to note tin anniversary?

The tradition of celebrating the anniversary of 8

Our ancestors realized the significance of this date,so they always celebrated the eighth birthday of marriage. Before a wedding celebrated in a circle of close friends. The owner of the hostess thoroughly tidied the house, covered with a rich table. Traditionally, heroes of the occasion put at the door or the gate of his house tin pail filled with vodka. Next to him was put can. Every guest in front of the house drank vodka, as well as throwing in a coin jar brilliant.

Tin utensils for wedding customs

Another wife wondered at their future. On the eve of her husband she attributed the stable tin plate. In the morning the pair tested, did not stay there in it a trace of a horseshoe. The people believed that if a horse stepped on the plate, then the couple will live together happily ever after.

Tin wedding: how to celebrate?

As a rule, the wedding anniversary of 8 years, or, as itis called in the people, poppy wedding, celebrated modestly, but demonstrated acquired during the eight years the wealth, prosperity. Spouses are invited to a holiday only close relatives and friends who are able to share the joy of the couple. The warm and friendly atmosphere heroes of the occasion and the guests try delicious, fun. So goes the usual tin gay wedding. Let us consider how to organize such a celebration.

Selecting the celebration venue

Most people prefer to celebrate thiswedding at home. But a good place to celebrate is also considered a cozy restaurant or cafe. To you arrange the room using a horseshoe, a beautiful vase filled with decorative colored stones and coins, poppy flowers. As is known, this significant date has called "poppy wedding." It is advisable to hang around vivid pictures of symbolic colors.

Making room for tin wedding

What to wear to spouses

Tin traditional wedding involvessimple dresses for heroes of the occasion. Genet is recommended to wear modest dress, embroidered with gold thread, beads, decorated with rhinestones. The husband will look great in a neat suit and shirt. As for jewelry, then the same attributes of a wedding are considered tin wedding rings, a variety of steel jewelry. After tin - a symbol of the eighth anniversary of the wedding day.

Dresses for the wedding couple to the tin

Whom to invite

As a rule, the wedding celebrated in a circle of closepeople, relatives of the couple, who have witnessed the beginning of their relationship, quarrels and reconciliations. Be sure to invite witnesses who were present at the wedding eight years ago. But the invited guests do not have a place at the ceremony. To this end, a couple of young people should dress, wear a tin ring and congratulate the couple on a holiday. They were seated at a table in front of heroes of the occasion.

What should be on the table

Guests are treated to be poppy seed cake, whichhostess should bake their own. In addition, canned in tins would be appropriate for the holiday. Choose sardines, sprats and other canned foods, which are suitable for the celebration. Do not forget about the sweets - they symbolize the relationship of the spouses. Therefore, candy and cake must be present on the table.

Dishes to tin wedding

As for drinks, the traditional tinwedding includes a hot drink, whether it is tea or vodka. It is believed that such drinks warm cold relations of spouses who have already bored with each other for eight years of marriage. Therefore, do not forget to stock up on plenty of drinks, tea, coffee.

If you've wondered: "Tin wedding, many years", now you not only can answer it, but also specify the main organizational aspects of such a wedding.

celebration Scenario

To tin the long-awaited wedding took place withoutforce majeure should carefully consider every detail of the celebration. It is advisable to use the pre-defined scenarios. He describes the whole course of the holiday. An important anniversary in the life of the spouses is considered to be 8 years of marriage, ready script tin wedding is easy to find. The following describes an exemplary course of events during the ceremony.

Wedding begins with the traditional feast forwhich the guests congratulate the couple, the couple presented symbolic gifts. But the meal begins only after the owner of the house otopet of tin scoop a little kvass. Then, he must give his mistress. This symbolic ritual meant the unity of the spouses, the willingness divided food in joy and in sorrow.

Further entertainment beginspm, that is, dances, competitions, songs. For tin wedding suit competitions such as the creation of stylish clothes from clean empty cans, like games associated with a tin material. Active pastime should be diluted with poetry readings, story interesting stories of family life spouses.

Feast and pastime on tin wedding

It is desirable to capture the highlights of this event on the photo or video to be at any time had the opportunity to brush up on the sweet memories of the evening.

What to give for 8 years of married life

Vosmiletov family life - it is a serious date,because the couple are next to a long period of time. Relationships can be called a real difficulty. Therefore, gifts for this anniversary should be luxurious and match the name of the holiday. Consider how Present joy in the soul of the spouses:

  • The medal, which will be struck in the names of husband and wife, will be a real surprise for the couple.
  • Kitchen utensils and tableware tin will be a wonderful present for a home spouse. In addition, tin is not subject to rust for a long time, so the hostess will be glad of such a container.
  • Essential oil of myrrh - a real treasure for beauty and health. It has soothing and relaxing properties.
  • Funny SMS with congratulations before celebrations cheer couple. Also suitable regular card with the wishes, funny inscriptions.

Gifts for the eighth birthday of marriage

Choosing a present pair should be in accordance with their personal preferences. Then the gift will long to please them, and remind you.

Congratulations on the wedding tin

Traditionally, on the anniversary of a couple I wish you happiness, love the river, a bag of money and prosperity. But to your congratulations sounded original, unusual view worth the couple wishes to tin wedding.

Worthy wishes for such an event, you will find in this video. Look at it for a long time to remember your spouse's greetings:

Good noting this significant date, spousefeel a renewed sense of, and visitors relax and rejoice in a pair. Besides, it is not difficult to organize a wedding tin, if you follow the traditions and customs.

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