tin wedding Scenario

Ten years since the officialmarriage, the couple celebrate wedding pink or pewter. A lot of controversy going on about the correct name of the anniversary. In order not to waste time on difficult choices, anniversaries can combine these two characters, originally to celebrate the anniversary and an interesting, fun scenario to help them in this.

Preparations for the celebration

Decade of marriage decided to celebratescale - a first round date from the date of the wedding, but the choice of how to mark the anniversary of the remains of the spouses. To the event went perfectly, tin culprits celebrations should make a list of guests - good, loved the people, which in itself will make the day a memorable one. Separately consider the presence of a child or children, if they appeared at the time of the celebration of the anniversary of the tin.

Then follows a compilation of the script. Pre-tin anniversaries should warn guests if going themed celebration with the dress code. Send out invitations in a few weeks to make guests have time to prepare. This great celebration is important the presence of the photographer, which depicted the triumph of tin in the photo and video.

Watch the video to help you make a unique invitation cards with their own hands:

Decoration of celebrations venue

Decor question depends on whether the benefit ofthe character made a choice anniversaries. When combining tin and pink decor can turn out interesting decoration of the banquet hall. For example, a table can decorate figurines of toy soldiers and fabrics, decorating the hall (napkins, curtains) will find the beautiful silver color. Add tenderness triumph few bouquets of beautiful roses on a table, pink, cloth, and other elements of this color.

Tin jubilee will have to show imagination, choosing a design triumph.

Making room for tin anniversary

Musical accompaniment for the Jubilee

The ideal would be a live musical accompanimentsound. If the perpetrators of tin celebrations are not limited to finance, will invite a good band playing quiet, melodic instrumental music. Otherwise tin anniversaries can independently choose the playlist for the event.

of tin wedding Scenario

Scenario fun tin anniversary celebrations will help the perpetrators to plan the event. Realize it is a professional presenter.

It all starts with the master words that whisper speaks into the microphone, while the guests have not yet took their seats:

- Hello, dear guests! I will speak softly, because right now we are sent to the tin anniversaries! They do not realize that I have prepared for them a little surprise ... Come all to the entrance hall and make the same number of people on both sides.

Guests are corridor.

- And now, take these little cups ...

Senior aides to distribute a guest capacity with rose petals.

Guests throwing rose petals tin jubilee

- When couples will go through the corridor, I want you showered them with flower petals, and then they applauded warmly. All clear? Good! Then let's wait for the heroes of the occasion.

A few minutes later there tin anniversaries, where guests showered petals. Then they all sit, the word takes the lead.

- I want to welcome you, (names of spouses)! On this day you celebrate beautiful, beautiful date - ten years of marriage. Ten years - that's a long time, so please guests once again bestow anniversaries applause!

The guests applauded.

- As you know, the symbol of this celebrationIt is tin. The peculiarity of this metal is that it is all strong, but flexible. And you, dear wife, after so many years have become more flexible, have learned to understand each other, to give and to compromise. This is an important skill for a young family. Continuing in the same spirit, you are sure to Celebrate and silver and golden wedding!

Leading pauses.

Tin and rose as symbols Anniversary

- But you may have noticed that the hall is decorated withNot only tin objects of decoration and silver shiny metal color, but also other, softer tone. Second name tin anniversary - pink wedding. This romantic symbol indicates that even after ten years together, you can still keep the delicate relationship as ever kind to each other. So let us drink for that you accompanied tin flexibility and love, like a rose!

Perpetrators tin celebration drink with guests. Lead does break, while the guests try the first dish.

- Dear Tin anniversaries, you have already reached thestage, when passed the hardest part of the way. Probably had a quarrel, omissions, discrepancies in views that you severed, but you managed to confront these troubles. That you continue to fight against evil forces that want to give you gifts. First you (husband's name).

Lead tin coming to the perpetrator celebration.

Tin spoon

- I give you (spouse's name), a pewter spoon,that you should put in your pocket and carry all day, and then hide under the pillow. This spoon - a kind of talisman that will protect your family, bring good luck. Save it as a souvenir, and keep the house in order to ward off evil spirits tin, served as a reminder - of every situation there is a way, if you know how to be flexible.

Then the leading addresses for his wife.

- You, (the name of the culprit tin celebration), II give a symbol of femininity, beauty, rebirth - beautiful rose. This flower will remind you that in spite of the sometimes prolonged cold, always comes spring, which melts the snow, rain nourishes the earth, and she is reborn.

Leading stretches tin wife a beautiful rose-hairpin. Then he turns to the hero of the occasion:

- (Spouse's name), takes care of his beautifulhis wife, both rose. If watering flower, fertilize, it will grow well, and each day delight with its beauty. More often tell her nice things, which are so necessary for lush flowering!

Clip-Rose in a gift from a husband to his wife

Then the leading pulls a huge bouquet of roses and tin presents culprit celebration.

- Finally I would like to give a modest gift. And now, dear tin anniversaries, accept gifts from the guests, tired of waiting to share them!

The music is playing, guests give tin spousesgifts. These may be tin souvenirs and other things. It would be good to give quality linens, kitchen appliances and other products that are useful on the farm. Leading:

- Couples who have lived together for ten years, by weightgold. And even before the golden wedding is still far, a solid foundation has been laid. But sometimes it is so important to remind each other about the wonderful day that marked the beginning of family life! We tin culprits celebrations decided to hold the ceremony exchange of rings, which will return a sense of freshness ratio.

Lead presents on the pad pewter ring.

- Beautiful (name of spouse) if you agree to continue their journey together with your loved ones, to overcome adversity, to share the joy, love it no matter what?

Tin rings on the tenth anniversary


- Agree!


- And you, (husband's name), agree whether to proceed with his beloved on the road of life, hand in hand, forgiving weakness, proud dignity, to love more than anything?


- I agree!

- Well, you solemnly proclaim the wonderfulpair, which is capable of anything! Dear heroes of the day, after our little ceremony, I would like to hold another wedding ceremony. Remember the first song you danced under which as husband and wife? I want you to repeat that wonderful dance! Guests donate anniversary!

The guests applauded perpetrators tin celebration, those dancing wedding dance. When tin wife sit, a leading says:

Dance tin anniversaries

- That comes to an end of the official part of ourevent, but the holiday is not the end! Finally I want to say a little greeting. Dear wife, I wish you happiness, which genuinely can see in your eyes, live in perfect harmony for many, many years. Let as excellent as this holiday, are the usual routine! Bitterly!

Perpetrators tin celebration kiss.

- And now I am pleased to give the floor to the guests, which certainly do not want to tell the toast.

Lead passes the microphone, the official part of the celebration of the anniversary pewter finishes.

Contests for 10 years of life of the spouses

Several fun contests that will help dilute congratulatory script:

  • Dance. Required contest for the anniversary, which will give guests the opportunity to have some fun. It is going any number of participants contestants task - to dance as a more unusual possible. The winner is an active participant in the contest.

Dance competition for tin anniversary
  • Diaper. It should be several pairs participating - in a pair of man and woman. A man sits on a chair next to the woman becomes. Each pair of the leading issues on the package with a changing set -. Diapers, cap, etc. A woman must faster opponents swaddle her man. The winner is the fastest team.
  • The connecting thread. You will need two long ropes into two teams, whose members are the line. The challenge contestants - quickly turns around to tie himself one round rope, passing the end of the next competitor. The winner is the team that will connect yourself connecting thread.

Tin anniversary - the event thatallow spouses to re-look at each other, have fun, escape from everyday worries. Cheerful scenario will pass original tin triumph, will contribute to the fact that the holiday long remembered by those present.