The first wedding anniversary greetings

So went the first year of married life. Many believe that it is the most difficult, but also joyful. During this time the couple have arranged their lives, life, experienced great joy and held together through adversity, challenges. Going this way, they are ready to celebrate its first anniversary - calico wedding. The relationship is still so simple and durable as the material. On this day, the couple exchanged symbolic gifts, things of the cotton goods, arrange a grand celebration, welcome guests - family and friends. Going to the celebration, guests prepare spouses congratulations.

How beautiful to congratulate on the first wedding anniversary

Beautiful words of congratulations on the first anniversarywedding should sound, especially from a spouse against the woman he loved, and vice versa. Two loving people who have lived together a year, and celebrating his first wedding date, have something to say to each other. On that day it will be the most sincere, warm words that they hear in the address. Choosing greeting, it should definitely learn to read with the leaflet did not spoil the whole romance of the moment.

Congratulations to the first wedding anniversary

Beautiful greeting words for wife

The wife is the keeper of the family hearth,He deserves beautiful words of congratulations in the address. On this day, the best man speaks kind words to the beloved woman. As a rule, it is interesting poem found on the Internet, or the beautiful wishes, said in his own words from the heart. It is not necessary to pronounce them during the celebration, in the presence of guests. The words spoken in private, without unnecessary witnesses will be more sincere and meaningful.

This year is the test of love,
You, as you want, you call it.
For me this year - gold,
Because I'm with you.
Congratulations, my dear,
We are with you wife, family.

Dear wife!
I congratulate you.
For cloth gift
Do not scold mischievous.
Piece Lycra or cotton goods
Let roll suddenly turn,
So that in the future the whole year
I know not with rags hassle!

Already a year, as we have - family,
But sweet heart skips a beat:
The wife of my dear
All the same to me - a mystery.
How good to me alone with her,
I'm with her I can be strong, brave,
we always understand each other,
And celebrate the anniversary together!

It is good that we are close to you,
Already a year since we live happily.
I cherish always the one you,
And I believe our sincere love.
I want to congratulate on our wedding anniversary,
And I wish you, my lebёdushka.
Good health, love and happiness,
And true to your dream.

My beloved, beautiful wife,
That year, as we live together with you,
And every day you discover the wonders
Which I did not notice when I was still a bride.
I congratulate you dear,
With a good holiday, the day of our wedding,
I wish I was you health, peace and goodness,
Great, cloudless happiness.

Saying congratulations spouse must makeemphasis on how it incredibly fortunate to have such a gorgeous woman agreed to share his life. Show your gratitude for a year lived together for gifted moments of joy and delight. Do not forget to support the beloved wife in difficult situations. Speak these words must be sincere, from the heart, securing wishes passionate kiss.

Funny greetings for husband

For a handsome man, her beloved husband, wifepreparing original greetings. As a rule, it is a funny, funny words. In comic form, the wife is trying to convey to the wife how much she appreciates and cherishes his love, loyalty, support. These greetings are usually in verse form are cheerful character and permanently remembered man. Below see a few examples.

That year has passed,
Like you, we, cute together!
Each family has found in it,
Was the groom, the bride was,
And now husband and wife!
Anniversary congratulations!
However, not afraid of cold,
We help each other!

I otmuchilas year with you,
Common man, and he was a hero!
I am with the stars of the sky promised
Oh, how divine you lied!
But with this I congratulate,
I am waiting on you Candy for tea.

Congratulations to the first year of her husband!
I, my husband granted destiny.
Since it is not cold in the winter cold,
With him cool in the tropical heat.
Here we have lived with him for a year.
Grind to one another - I will not hide.
There were many worries and troubles,
But we have really semeyu.
My husband - a real boulder:
Leaning securely to the shoulder.
For the love of your cute "thank you!"
Tonight is not just whisper ...

Bake your dumplings, stuffed cabbage nastrogat,
Oh, beloved, we are with you, well, these are great!
Nothing that crooked stud in the corridor you came,
Nothing that you put your toe in the beautician.
The first year of family happiness - is very important, no doubt,
To favorite I was happy, I boiled vinaigrette.
I'll scarf calico with a pure heart as a gift bear,
Give me a fur coat, my dear? Il fox fox.

Bake your dumplings, stuffed cabbage nastrogat,
Oh, beloved, we are with you, well, these are great!
Nothing that crooked stud in the corridor you came,
Nothing that you put your toe in the beautician.
The first year of family happiness - is very important, no doubt,
To favorite I was happy, I boiled vinaigrette.
I'll scarf calico with a pure heart as a gift bear,
Give me a fur coat, my dear? Il fox fox.

Embodiments of congratulations from friends and relatives

In preparation for such an important occasion - the firstanniversary wedding of their friends, children or relatives, you need to prepare a beautiful greeting words. Training is also important as a wedding. As a rule, on a holiday wish to preserve love and feelings that have passed the test of the first year of life, the replenishment of the family, if the spouses have not got even a little heir or heiress. Congratulations may be in verse or prose, or is in the form of a beautiful photo-postcards. See an example of video greetings from calico wedding:

Choosing greeting, you must take into account andcharacter. It can be touching, romantic words addressed to both spouses or individual wishes, parting words to each of the pairs. Often this day sounds funny, funny words, in which the text of humorous lie sincere wishes for happiness and prosperity to the young family.

Wishes in verse and prose from parents

The most expensive people are parents. Their presence on the first anniversary of the wedding of children is necessary. Wanting to congratulate the family with such an important event, they are carefully selected suggestions that would maximize revealed their feelings. They are trying to convey to the heroes of the occasion their love, support and joy for their good fortune. They want to maintain mutual understanding and emotional warmth for many years. And the main wish, a request from the parents is the imminent appearance of grandchildren, if a young family has not yet acquired the heirs.

Succeeding on cotton holiday dress
The family grew up on a year exactly,
And as it should be for all children one year old,
On legs I stood up and she went.
And let it go confidently and safely
Among other diverse musical families.
And may help you trust and tenderness
Once found and centenary!

Know how to love to cherish,
For a lot of years have passed,
But you were like before together
And behind him one hundred victories!
Love - it is not for the sake of the word,
Not for the sake of the songs should be,
Her treasure, take care!
And will the warmth of life, gentle!
Encountering sittsevuyusvadbu,
Schedule for ever let go!
Go together in the way of the road!
And let the road waiting for happiness

With calico wedding, we congratulate you!
To live only in the world, we wish you,
For all the troubles, tribulations and storms
In your family did not dare to fly!
So that as soon as you love each other
The first meeting of his will not forget!
Seemingly kissing in the night,
The way in each other's arms fell asleep!
Remember and cherish cherished
Feelings gentle summer long.
Let your house sounds of children's laughter!
For the happiness will not be obstacles and hindrances!

Chintz is now present to you
And certainly the verses at the same time,
To you lived like a fairy tale
Or just like in the movies.
This year was the most difficult,
But you have coped well,
No claims like her husband,
But also to his wife.
Wedding calico many
Checks on love,
And not all find strength
Defend again and again.
Saving tender feelings
Its freshness, brightness, passion,
Without giving life evil
On his family to attack.
You held out bravely,
So - do not take the position!
We are on your one hundredth wedding
Also able to walk!
Congratulations, our relatives,
On the anniversary of the first - the young,
And we wish to live and continue in the same way
Not meeting with the pain and trouble.
Let everything be all right and in accordance with,
And born to his grandchildren's turn,
Let the love of commanding hourly
And each other forever in captivity takes!

Mothers often choose solemn poemwith touching words. Pope prefer prose or even utter the wishes of his own words. Beautiful greetings can be said during the presentation of a gift or as a toast at the table. No matter what words, the form in which the wishes of the parents are made, they will be the most sincere, expensive, say from the heart. See below for examples of such greetings.

Short SMS greetings from friends

On the cotton wedding invites closest andnative people. If you do not hit the guest list or not to personally convey greetings, always to be congratulated with the help of SMS-messages. Short, specific wish that the perpetrators will give the celebration pleasant emotions and joy from what you remember about the official date. The SMS message may send a little poem or prose text. For examples, see below.

With the first year of marriage
We congratulate you!
Living together and having fun,
In love, we want you!

You - zhenatiki year too.
Congratulations! Let him live
Marriage without cracking and nails,
With a bunch of female curlers!

We wish you a day of your wedding,
To hurry the kids gone,
And of course, every year more beautiful wife,
And that you were drunk with love!

A year lived in perfect harmony,
Fill up a glass pour.
Calico wedding steeper
The centenary!
The first pancake is always lumpy, many,
Only it's not about you.
Year of the family life of the new
The result - good luck!

A year lived in perfect harmony,
Fill up a glass pour.
Calico wedding steeper
The centenary!
The first pancake is always lumpy, many,
Only it's not about you.
Year of the family life of the new
The result - good luck!

Funny toast your own words

During a celebratory feast can not do withoutcongratulatory toasts. Serious, touching wishes - it is the prerogative of parents, but friends of friends can utter joke, funny toast. Such fun it will amuse guests, all raise the already good mood. It is always possible to find a funny toast in magazines or books of congratulations. But best of all will sound a speech delivered in your own words.

- Dear friends! The first year of married life - the most difficult. This is the time when a man learns to re-fold the socks back on the shelf, vacuumed the apartment and in the morning to prepare not one but two cups of coffee. A woman too easy. We must learn how to cook a delicious soup as a spouse mom ironed shirts without arrows. Well done - you have held, we have successfully passed all tests. From now on, no family adversity you are not afraid, so be happy w!

- Congratulations on your wedding chintz! You've probably already realized that the worst enemy of love relationships - it is life. So let us raise our glasses to the fact that the boat this young family had never come across everyday pitfalls. Man, you're the captain - directing the family vehicle on the desired course, where there are no icebergs. Let your way to more romance, adventure, happy, memorable events. We love each other more and more every day!

Fotoprimery greeting cards with your wedding anniversary

Make a nice greeting in the form of possiblepostcards. Make it is not difficult, it is only necessary to choose the greeting that best expresses your attitude, wish the couple celebrating an anniversary. To most sincere congratulations were transmitting all the senses, it should write yourself dream a little. Next, you need to choose a beautiful picture or photo heroes of the occasion, and with the help of Photoshop to connect the two elements. That will have a beautiful, original greeting card with calico wedding.

Greeting card with the first wedding anniversary

Image of congratulation on the first wedding anniversary

Congratulations on the first wedding anniversary

Congratulations to the first wedding anniversary

If you do it yourself it is impossible becauseparticular specificity, then can use standard greeting. Send them by e-mail may spouses, celebrating the first anniversary, on social networks or print out and give as a supplement to the main gift. Examples of beautiful, original postcards look at the photo, below.