Surprise wedding anniversary husband

On the eve of the wedding anniversary every womantrying to cook a romantic and original surprise for her husband. Modern men do not reject the advances of their wives, and gladly take the unusual signs of love. With the help of a small, but special gift a woman can remind her husband about his feelings, care, attention. Taking into account the preferences of a spouse, you should carefully choose the romantic, humorous or extreme surprise. Presenting the true gift it will be appreciated by your lover.

Romantic evening for husband

How to arrange a surprise for my husband on wedding anniversary

Make surprise people with whom you live, notso simple. To gift surprised spouse, you must carefully hide all stages of preparation. To help, you can call your friends or relatives who were present at your wedding. Close people will be interested to help you arrange a memorable surprise for your beloved husband.

Unusual surprises for husband

The ideas of the most extraordinary surprises for husband

In addition to the verbal congratulations worth findingamong all the abundance of unusual gifts one that will love your husband. Before you arrange a surprise for my husband, think carefully about the preferences and tastes of the beloved. Remember, you may have a spouse has an old dream, he wants to realize. This will be an excellent occasion to turn it into a surprise.


Wedding anniversary - a great way to remindspouse about their strong and enduring feelings. Starting the day with small favors, a delicious breakfast or passionate kissing, you will give her husband the opportunity to remember the first date. To family life to diversify and fill the house with new fluids love, we offer the following options to take advantage of enchanting surprises:

  1. Romantic trip. Wedding anniversary - a joint celebration. To the surprise concerned the two of you, plan a romantic trip. Pick rest in warm countries or make a fascinating tour of his hometown.
  2. Memorable hours. Transfer all the romance of a significant date can with a memorable gift. To the usual hours to turn in the original a surprise pre-order the engraving on the back cover. Alternatively, labeling can select a quotation from a book or song line.
  3. Romantic dinner. Familiar family meal can replace a romantic date. For dinner, choose interesting dishes that will surprise beloved unusual taste. Optional visit an expensive restaurant that day. You can arrange a date at home, creating a romantic pre-conditions.
  4. Give a photo shoot. To surprise her husband, give him an album with your photos. To do this in advance to discuss the idea with a professional photographer and implement invented images.
  5. Night of love. Embody old erotic fantasies, you can use the relaxed night. Let the husband to enjoy unforgettable intimacy with his beloved wife.

Romantic surprises for husband


Make a note of humor in everyday life, familypair help humorous surprises. With such a gift you lift the mood and forced a smile loved. A few weeks before a significant date should carefully consider the options for the selected feed surprise. We offer to prepare a gift for their wedding anniversary enjoy the following interesting ideas:

  1. The song in his own performance. If the wife has a vocal, then congratulations to her husband with a wedding anniversary can using singing. To get the original surprise, write their own lyrics for the song, describing a few funny moments of family life.
  2. Private dance. Demonstrate your ability to dance in front of the favorite and surprise him with their graceful movements will surprise a private dance. To get a beautiful setting, you must first be trained. Pick erotic music, wear appropriate attire and give her husband a fascinating dance.
  3. Clothing with funny inscriptions. On the anniversary of the wedding, you can give her husband a shirt with a joint photo or comic inscriptions. Such a gift to your husband will be able to proudly show your friends.
  4. Edible underwear. Modern technology daily surprising assortment of things. One of these surprises will be the original edible underwear, which is made of chocolate or candy. Wonder gift can give personally to appear before her husband or spouse in an unusual attire.
  5. Cake in the shape of a woman's breasts. Laughing wife will confectionary masterpiece that follows the female form. Pre-bake the cake and decorate the original compound. If you doubt your culinary abilities, then order the product from a professional.

Humorous gifts for husband

Extreme options

If the husband is an adherent of the extreme sports,you can pick up a surprise given its preferences. Immersed in daily family care responsibilities, the spouse may feel lack of adrenaline and bright emotions. To brighten up your wedding anniversary, we offer to organize an extreme surprise. On the eve of the feast of you need to purchase a certificate for one of the following types of unusual gifts:

  1. Paragliding. Having a small master class, your husband learn to manage these aircraft. If the spouse feels insecure in their abilities, then flying tandem with an experienced instructor allows you to enjoy high.
  2. Control of the helicopter. To see the ground from a height you will fly a helicopter. To the surprise turned out, do not forget to reserve a time in the flying club. Experienced instructors will be able to quickly learn how to control the helicopter and allowed to fly on their own. Modern devices are arranged so as to allow even a novice to sit at the helm.
  3. Skydiving. Get a shot of adrenaline, you can, if you are organizing a surprise as skydiving. Airfields, which provide such a service, post-flight issue a certificate of perfect action. Having a diploma, a husband can then brag to friends about the bravery and exciting emotions.
  4. Roller coaster. Modern entertainment theme parks are in its range of extreme rides. Feel the adrenaline you can together with her husband, she invited him on a roller coaster. Several steep turns will give an unforgettable experience.
  5. Bungee jumping. If your husband is a bold and decisive, give him a wedding anniversary jump from a high bridge. The free fall bungee would be a good surprise for her husband.
  6. Paintball. Arrange a surprise for her husband's close friends will help you. Pre invite guests for wedding anniversary in paintball club to compete against each other in a fun, but an extreme game.

Extreme gifts for husband

What a surprise you can do with your hands?

If a woman is interested in needlework and canindependently create unusual things, it's a great opportunity to present an original gift to the husband. The surprise made with his own hands, is of particular value and make her proud of skills halves. If you move your wife warm scarf, socks or a sweater, he will appreciate your choice and effort. For handy people who know how to work with beads, a good idea would be embroidered original way picture or icon. A lover of sewing can present as a surprise shirt or pants.

If the wife sticks ceremony traditionsgifts in accordance with the name of your wedding anniversary, you need to prepare a surprise. For example, comes the celebration of cotton for which decided to give scarves made from this material after a year of living together. To show what a wife mistress, she can make it on their own, adorning the perimeter of the original embroidery.

Knitted scarf on the anniversary of her husband

Video: unexpected surprise favorite

If you do not know what a surprise prepared forhusband, use the ideas presented in the video below. This extreme gift will make the spouse to receive a large portion of adrenaline and a lot of positive emotions, which you can get along with her husband, if not afraid of heights.