Sapphire wedding. Wedding anniversary - 45 years

Traditionally, there are many different anniversariesjoint married life. Couples who live in love and harmony for many years, as the stairs are a way of life, where they met various anniversaries weddings many times. The couple, who have lived in perfect harmony 45 years - what a wedding is in store for them? All of us from childhood heard about the silver, gold wedding, but many do not know that there is also a sapphire wedding marks the forty-five years of marriage. It precedes the golden jubilee.

Ancient traditions and customs in the 45 years of marriage

Sapphire wedding involves important custom -decorate their wedding rings with sapphires. Gem sky-blue sapphire symbolizes priceless feelings - love and fidelity, by which the couple managed to survive for so many years a close-knit family. Sapphire is a kind of talisman against stress, fatigue. This property it is very important for the health of older people.

Wedding rings with sapphire - attribute wedding anniversary

Sapphire - an extremely hard stone, strengthhe will give way except that the diamond. Therefore, the wedding is called sapphire, because the union of two people who have lived together 45 years, with confidence called strong, it did not break the storms of life, everyday troubles. The couple - already difficult people who are in a relationship, they live and breathe as one indivisible whole.

Natural of rough sapphire - a symbol of wedding anniversary

The Indians called sapphire a lucky,cleaning stone due to its exceptional purity, transparency. It is considered that it purifies human thoughts, it helps to gain mental strength. Sapphire wedding has an ancient tradition - cleaning. How to conduct a cleansing ritual, each couple decides itself. Someone will visit bath or sauna, someone will take a course of fasting to cleanse the body.

But most importantly - to cleanse the soul. Spouses must admit, as many years of silence, ask each other's forgiveness for the offense caused, quarrels and troubles.

Sapphire wedding: how to mark the anniversary?

There sapphire wedding - 45 years of marriageLife on such a scale that the memories of her many years to warm the soul. Do not spare money, organize a grand celebration of jubilee, marking it in the related range or inviting friends and acquaintances couples. Begin preparations for sapphire beautiful wedding in advance to foresee everything, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Sapphire wedding - fireworks of positive emotions

Selecting the celebration venue

Decide on the venue of the event,consider the age of the heroes of the day, and guests, their state of health. Mostly older people, so it is best to spend a holiday in a cozy nice restaurant or banquet hall. It would be great if the sapphire wedding was celebrated in the same place where 45 years ago, their wedding was held.

Banquet Hall - venue for the sapphire wedding

What to wear to spouses

Dress code for the spouses on a sapphire beautifulwedding - clothing blue and all its shades. Choose a dress in the color shades that match the tone of the stone, which gave the name of the anniversary. Is not necessary that all the clothes were blue, only one such element, for example, the tie of her husband at the wife and blouses.

Wedding Anniversary: ​​couple dress in blue tones

Whom to invite

Sapphire wedding anniversary collects the mostfamily, native people, it is celebrated in the narrow family circle. Newlyweds at the time are already elderly, have children and grandchildren who have to take part in the celebration. If a couple are close friends, they have passed the test of time, the friendship proved to be true. They also need to be sure to invite.

Sapphire anniversaries among native people

As with any wedding, there are stillSome heroes of the occasion, in addition to the newly-married couple - a witness. Let them no longer so young and beautiful, but in fact these people were chosen once witnessed major conclusion of your happy marriage. Though passed since 45 years of marriage, what a wedding without witnesses?

What should be on the table

Banquet Facilities, as well as for the festive tablesapphire beautiful wedding formalized in blue or blue shades - curtains, tablecloths, napkins all selected harmoniously match the color of sapphire. On the tables are devices with blue handles, porcelain set blue and white colors, in small vases blue flowers - lilacs, roses, tulips.

Tableware on a sapphire wedding

In addition to a variety of snacks On the festive table must be present sweet dishes, symbolizing a long sweet life of the spouses.

Cake with the theme of the sapphire anniversary

celebration Scenario

Script wedding anniversary 45 years of marriageIt should be well thought out in order to arrange a holiday for the whole family a great memorable, festive event. Recommended celebration of the 45th anniversary of the marriage be divided into two parts.

The first part - a solemn. Think, imagine how beautiful couple guests. Let them look as if they came down with a beautiful picture - in the elegant clothes of blue or blue tones, the new fashion shoes, with beautiful hairstyles. The audience will appreciate how the couple over the years, only to have blossomed.

Following the submission of the spouses should be exchangedUpdate your wedding rings with sapphires inserted, the solemn oath of love and fidelity. sapphire wedding scenario traditionally ends the dance of the young. Would sing a favorite song, a partner swallow the young lady in the wedding waltz, dropping the load from the shoulders of their years, they will feel themselves again youthfully passionate young.

Wedding Dance sapphire jubilee

The second part - greeting. Toastmasters provides an alternate word for guests who recite greetings spouses, give gifts. Each gift represents any particular stage of life anniversaries. Congratulations obtained informative, amusing, extremely warm, in a friendly simple, understandable without words.

After such a cheerful, warm family warmed the hearts of the sapphire touching wedding will be plenty of memorable photos and good memories.

As modest as a family, but a lot of fun and incendiary noted sapphire anniversary of the couple surrounded by family and loved ones, see submitted video:

What to give for the sapphire wedding

Not sure what to give for the sapphire weddingparents? With its products and souvenirs made of sapphire. A good gift is a bauble, decorated with the stone, and a solid piece of jewelry. Key rings, caskets, brooches, bracelets - all approach, depending on the tastes and preferences of anniversaries. If products with sapphire you can not afford to choose a gift, decorated like a stone.

Gifts parents on sapphire anniversary

My wife will be happy as a child when her husbandgive her sapphire wedding anniversary earrings, a ring or a necklace with a sapphire. A nice addition to the gift of flowers will be blue and blue - cornflowers, lilac, hyacinth blue, orchid.

Gifts on a sapphire wedding beloved wife

The wife can give her husband a beautiful sapphire cufflinks, cigarette lighter with this or a similar stone.

Gifts on a sapphire wedding husband

Those invited to the anniversary, guests can choose anygifts, decorated in blue colors. This does not necessarily have to be jewelry, but choose expensive, worthy of gifts, because the celebration is not easy. Can you give household appliances, furniture, dining sets, expensive linens blue or blue, interior decoration apartment, souvenirs.

Original gifts for the couple will be the anniversarycognac 45-year exposure. This gift represents the number of years lived hero of the day together. Additional Present a bouquet of unusual sweets with floral decor.

Present on the sapphire wedding - cognac 45-year exposure

Congratulations on the sapphire wedding

Do you know, cute lovely couple weddinganniversary? Then it is important to choose not only the original gift, but also the corresponding verbal greeting. So I want to wish the people dear to us that all is simply impossible to express. Make your thoughts a nice text or poem, simply, it is available to present you the help page with examples of greetings.

Sorokapyatiletie life together - a hugeholiday, because behind the couple is almost half a century of life lived together. Such couples are worthy of great respect. Tell how the sapphire wedding from your friends or relatives that the most memorable than we would like to share.