Porcelain wedding. Wedding anniversary - 20 years

Together lived twenty years of life gainedname - porcelain wedding. Porcelain - thin, delicate, fragile material, so it is necessary to preserve, protect from falls. Also, you should appreciate, protected from bad weather their relationship the couple, who have come a long way to a family together. Twenty years - an impressive date, but do not forget that even an expensive china set can break at any careless move. Will the union happy then - depends only on themselves spouses.

Ancient traditions and customs of a 20-year marriage

The tradition of celebrating the day when the couple alreadyTwenty years together, have their roots in ancient times. And as a symbol of the holiday - porcelain, and he comes from the East, the traditions are also linked with the eastern. Festive table set elegant crockery, must contain among others at least one eastern cuisine. The presence of the original dishes on the table will not allow anyone to make a mistake when answering a question, "20 years of marriage - What wedding?".

Porcelain for gift

Another long-standing tradition of unusual, isproduction of clay figurines guests directly during the celebration. It is possible to hold a competition, which figure from clay material is better, only then do not have to celebrate at home, and in the pottery workshop.

To no one wondered: "Porcelain wedding - this is how many years," a great idea to put a porcelain figurine, decorated with engraved number twenty, near the anniversaries themselves at the table. This may be a pair of doves, a symbol of the peace and understanding, or a beautiful heart, the transmitter is already mature, but still the same loving care.

Porcelain figurines for celebrating 20 years of marriage

Porcelain wedding: how to mark the anniversary?

Traditionally, the twentieth anniversary of the porcelainlife together celebrated in a warm family circle at home. Among the invited guests - only the closest friends and relatives. And tell her to celebrate fantasy.

The joint anniversary twenty years - porcelainbeautiful anniversary - the date of the round, however, is well prepared to receive guests, set the table just tasty treats. It will be interesting if the children hold for the parents, their friends, guests, interesting contests, including many favorite dishes of the old whipping contest as a symbol of deliverance from trouble.

celebration Scenario

Porcelain jubilee anniversary should be rememberedspouses of their uniqueness and celebrate it must unforgettably. The main condition - that no one should miss. Twenty years of marriage: the triumph of the script will consider all family stories, because the party will turn out a success, surprising in a good way words mandatory program, meals and entertainment.

Scripts may be varied, but all have one thing in common:

  • Better to start by telling the love story of the couple or the floor for congratulations children.
  • Then it is presented to him a song to the triumph - porcelain joyful wedding.
  • This is followed by toast / suggestions, and behind them - competitions.

The couple will be happy if at the time of the porcelainthe festival will be awarded medals, decorated with funky slogans or diplomas with grades for subjects such as: "making money", "Early walk to his mother on pancakes", "Children", etc.

Example of porcelain anniversary See the video:

Also it will be interesting, if the holiday will begin with interesting stories about the origin of porcelain or various anniversaries, weddings.

Contests in turn should be interesting, original, with a corresponding event themed:

  • "Who can say more than kind words"
  • "Questions and answers"
  • "How well the couple know each other"
  • "Swaddling baby"
  • "Mind reading each other"

Go along such a long way - it is a merit of both, guests are fun to watch as the couple cope with the task.

Well, if it is procured a pleasant surprise, the presence of which is a mystery to the rest of the evening. For example, an excellent choice - beautiful multi-tiered cake with figurines of porcelain, decorate it.

Cake for 20 years wedding

What to give a 20-year marriage?

Since this round date anniversary is called a porcelain, the gifts is to choose those that contain the least proportion of porcelain or are directly related to it.
These include:

  • Vases made of porcelain.
  • Original tea sets, which include a variety of items, or just two cups and saucers.
  • Pictures or statues with the designation of the date of the wedding anniversaries.
  • Other dishes.

Porcelain ware on wedding anniversary

But the couple can present themselves to each other not only the statues: the husband can give his wife a box of porcelain, and she told him - an ashtray, if the husband smokes. Examples of gifts, see the photo below:

Gifts for the twentieth anniversary

Congratulations on the wedding china

Congratulations on the twentieth anniversary of the union, whichis called a porcelain wedding, can ordinary, original, funny or classic, in prose and in verse better. But the main thing - that they are from the heart, do not contain hints or tones - while they perceive correctly anniversaries. If you are unable to visit the couple in this festival, you can congratulate them on the phone, send SMS, e-card.

Well, if greeting a porcelain solemn anniversary will be prepared in advance and will be a mini-spectacle during the celebration.

Medals for the spouses of 20 years marriage

Let this wonderful holiday - porcelainjubilee anniversary - really appreciate anniversaries. Their strong ties - real wealth, and years lived in love and harmony - an example to follow. Let them happiness and love will remain for years to come to the wedding gleamed silver, gold, and then diamonds.

Do you have experience in the celebration of the 20 anniversary? Have you ever been on such a celebration? Share your impressions in the comments!