Paper wedding. The second wedding anniversary

After two years of marriage, the couple celebrateanniversary, which is called a paper wedding. Paper represents the unreliability of the couple's relationship: the first year was a carefree, after disagreements between the partners begin to domestic violence. But if the couple realize that their relationship is priceless, the marriage will be strong. Period of lapping in the first years of married life, is considered hazardous, therefore it is necessary to diversify the life of the celebration of this anniversary. As also noted a paper wedding?

The traditions and customs of the paper wedding

2-year wedding anniversary is celebrated in different waysin all countries of the world. For example, in Greece a couple dancing the so-called "dance of money" at the ceremony. It is called so because while dancing guests attached to clothing spouse bills. During this part of the festival decided to make photos and videos to an interesting process has been captured. This ritual helps newly made families save money on their own needs, because in the early years of family life livelihood little.

2 Celebrating wedding anniversaries in different countries

Bulgaria is also famous for an interesting tradition,regarding the paper anniversary. So, the couple at the ceremony should wear paper clothes. As a rule, it is glued of large pieces of colored paper. Mandatory paper article of clothing for his wife considered skirt, while her husband - shirt. Such original outfits performed simple: you only need to cut blanks for clothes, then glue them.

The Chinese rarely questioned: "2 years of life, what's the wedding?". After all, they first started magnificently to celebrate this date. In China, there are many traditions relating to the second anniversary. Paper wedding they celebrated by dancing, which is executed in the red paper dress. This color symbolizes love, understanding. As a rule, there is an image on clothing poultry: husband wears clothes with a picture of a rooster, and his wife - chicken.

As noted paper wedding?

Paper traditional wedding celebrated modestly,because the couple has not lived together for a lot of time. So far the pair has not received the status of a strong, but the endless flame of love will correct the situation. Joyful celebration of the second anniversary of the wedding will allow spouses to relax from everyday life, frequent quarrels. Consider how to organize the celebration of the anniversary.

Ideas for the design of the hall to the paper anniversary

Selecting the celebration venue

Place of celebration depends on the familybudget, but many couples prefer to make the celebration of the house, also suitable café. The main thing - the right design space. Decorate the hall for the celebration must be forgeries of paper: origami, balls, fans. Unusual pictures hanging on the walls, bring flavor to the design of the room. Try to fill the room a large number of paper products. Then the paper wedding will take place on "hurray".

You do not know how you arrange the hall for the event? Watch this video if you have no questions about the room decoration:

What to wear to spouses

Traditionally, the husband and wife create evePaper wardrobe items and put them in the celebration. Welcomes guests must be necessarily in that dress, it is allowed to continue to shoot. Wife should choose modest dress, emphasizing all the advantages of her figure, hiding flaws: perfect dress with a bright floral print or ornament. The husband will look dignified, wearing elegant suit. Paper wedding - it's a good excuse to put on their best clothes.

Whom to invite?

Typically, paper traditional weddingnotes with friends and loved ones who are able to share the happiness of the couple. The guest list must be witnesses. Spouses should only invite good friends in common, because in such a case, the party will be fun, and you will be able to have fun at glory.

What should be on the table

Special restrictions on the holiday menuno. Mistress should prepare their own cakes, hot and cold dishes of meat, fish and other dishes. Festive table should become a symbol of wealth, family wealth, but the main thing - that the guests did not had the feeling of hunger. Do not forget about the original cake. As for drinks, then the table must contain wine or champagne. The first glass of drinking soft drinks traditionally host, after the hostess, and then all the guests. Then you can start your meal.

A cake for the celebration of 2 wedding anniversary

celebration Scenario

To unforeseen problems or misunderstandingsdo not interrupt the course of the holiday, you are kindly requested to compile the script. Then you will notice a great anniversary, a wedding paper, the script for which should be its own or use ready. Consider the scenario of universal paper anniversary.

  • Start the celebration should be a useful ritual -handing each other the so-called "family letter". In the letter, each spouse will write the shortcomings in the character of its second half, that he would like to change. Write a letter must be on the eve of a family celebration. This ritual helps to maintain the relationship of a young couple, after time corrected shortcomings and oversights exclude the possibility of separation.

Trees wishes to the paper anniversary
  • Next, the couple met relatives andfriends in paper clothes. Everyone who came to leave their congratulations and best wishes to the heroes of the occasion fortune tree. To do this, put on the table an ornamental tree, next to put a pencil and leaves. It allows you to write not only wishes, but wise counsel. Then the note hung on the tree and protect the newly made family from evil spirits.
  • Paper wedding is complete without entertainmentprogram which should begin after the feast. It consists of dancing, competitions, games. Do not forget that the symbol of the wedding - paper, so the material must appear in most competitions. So, the competition is the creation of an excellent paper garlands or pompoms. The winner is the participant who created the best paper product.

Production of paper pom-poms on the anniversary

As a rule, the paper ends with a weddingritual dance couple, during which guests are attached to their clothing bills. There is also a second version of the final dance The woman puts her shoes in the middle of the hall, and everyone to dance with her, the man should put in the shoe money. Enjoy a wonderful evening, the guests go home.

What to give the paper a wedding?

Paper wedding involves the giving heroes of the occasion of paper products. Consider what souvenirs should give to the second anniversary of married life:

  • Books with prose or poetry, prints.
  • Beautifully decorated photo albums.
  • Funny pleykasty.
  • Decorative dolls.
  • Paper bills.

Gifts to spouses on paper anniversary

To Present impressed, should focus on the tastes and preferences of the couple. So you show respect and sympathy for the pair.

Often wives wonder that give the paper to her husband's wedding. And men, in turn, are also concerned about this issue. Spouses should show love and care for the following presents:

  • Collage of photos joint.
  • Personally patterning.
  • Sweetness.
  • Love letter.
  • Tickets for the journey together, or going to the theater, to a concert.

Present the second half to the paper anniversary

Paper wedding will be brighter and more cheerful when the spouses receive unexpected gifts. It is necessary to take responsibility for the choice of a present to the couple was genuinely surprised and pleased surprise.

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary 2 years

As a rule, guests are looking for a husband and wife gainexperience, wisdom, because they have lived together for only two years. You should also wish them that their relationship is not torn as easily as paper. More congratulations original can be found here:

Paper wedding - this is an unusual holiday,which allows the spouses to mention two years of living together. Interesting traditions and cheerful company will allow to gain new experiences, as well as the rest of showers.

You organized an event dedicated to two years of married life? Leave a few words about your experience in the comments!