Iron wedding. Wedding anniversary - 65 years

Each anniversary, which is celebrated from the daymarriage, has its own name. At the sixty-fifth year of marriage has to special steel wedding anniversary. No wonder the iron has become a symbol of this anniversary: ​​let this stuff is not so beautiful, like a precious jewel, a symbol of the sixtieth anniversary, but it is just as strong. More than half a century, the couple forged their marital happiness, raised children, grandchildren, and now great-grandchildren, and that this day would have presented to him their love.

Ancient traditions and customs in the 65 years of marriage

The 65th wedding anniversary is celebrated rarelydue to the fact that few couples manage to live to such a ripe old age. The development of medicine and the general increase in life expectancy make it possible to hope that the jubilee with a number will become more and more. But not so long ago to celebrate the anniversary of the iron've just lucky! Under these circumstances the old traditions or customs on the anniversary of the iron is not found, they are formed by those who are now unable to celebrate this anniversary.

Anniversaries on 65th wedding anniversary

This admiration is iron wedding: how many years the couple was able to spend together! This anniversary is ideal iron marks, because to experience together the joy, grief and many other feelings and experiences, you need to have not only an iron health, and iron nerves. Every family knows how many serious obstacles encountered on the path of life together the difficulties of raising children, financial hardships, even simple household issues can ruin relationships forever if the couple did not understand each other.

Iron anniversary is an example of strong, warmrelationship. At this stage of life, when the husband and his wife probably already in his eighties, are not as important material assets, because they are all in due time pass to descendants. There remains only the most important love for one another, touching care, infinite understanding.

On the 65th anniversary wedding anniversaries beyonddoubt in need of attention, which should show the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Typically, the organization of celebrations for the parents involved in his daughter and his sons and their families.

Spouses can teach each other railwaysgifts that will symbolize their devotion and loyalty. This may be a railroad nominal jewelery, cuff links, tie pins, horseshoes, watch. Metallic decorations will not be expensive, but will give pleasant emotions of the second half.

Iron gifts for wedding anniversary of sixty-five

Iron wedding: how to mark the anniversary?

iron wedding celebration usually occurs innarrow family circle. Organization, preparing dinner, inviting guests can enjoy both children and grandchildren. As a rule, the main guests of the celebration is the close relatives with their families: sisters, brothers, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. Anniversaries are also happy to see his old friends, who have managed to live up to this time. Organizers can try to find them, because the elderly often lose contact.

Watch the video, which shows a cozy family celebration wedding anniversary of sixty-five:

The main task of those who organizecelebration to create a joyful atmosphere. Considerable importance is the room decoration with flowers, balloons, tables and beautiful tablecloths, napkins registered, kitchenware. To add a holiday mood will help the music that is important for the main heroes of the occasion: the old favorite songs of those years when they were newlyweds the best choice. If the heroes of the day still have good health, they can perform a dance to the song that was played at their wedding.

If the composition of a large family, children can arrangebanquet, where you can invite the whole family, including distant relatives and friends. However, care should be taken, then to the senior participants of the ceremony from the comfort of their homes were taken. Important role played by the food that will be served at the event: it must be light and diet, because after eighty iron anniversaries can have weak digestion.

Cake in honor of 65 years of marriage

celebration Scenario

anniversary celebration should take place atscenario, which will help all the participants not to get lost in the action process. It will begin with a meeting guests, seating them, then the organizer will deliver the first toast, followed by the rest of him. Presentation of gifts is held in the middle of the iron anniversary, and end the day or night can be a touching slide show or video moments of family life heroes of the occasion. iron wedding script is required if you want the event turned out interesting, beautiful and memorable.

Iron anniversary in restaurant

What to give for a wedding iron

The main gift for the elderly on wedding anniversaryit is the attention of visitors. In this age of heroes of the occasion it is very important that the surroundings are dear people who have just delivered their appearance pleasant experience spouses. Matching wedding gifts on a metal can be any souvenirs or useful things, in which there are iron parts:

  • beautiful boxes;
  • graceful statues;
  • kitchen appliances, which facilitates the management of the economy, so is ideal for the elderly;
  • picture frames and more.

Gifts Iron jubilee on 65 anniversary

A perfect gift from the kids will be restoredold pictures that this holiday can come into disrepair. Older anniversaries rejoice and drawings of his grandchildren with cute children's wishes.

Congratulations on the wedding train

To the celebration reigned a solemnthe atmosphere, the organizers can prepare verse congratulations options in conjunction with a solemn prose them will fit into postcards. Also do not forget about the toast, which should be concise, inspiring and beautiful. Examples of congratulations to the railway anniversary (65 years together), refer to the links below:

Iron beautiful wedding event,which aims to gather around an old pair of close relatives and friends, because it happens rarely. On this day, those present should show iron jubilee how much they loved the role played in the life of his family. It is important that the pair felt happy and keep the charge of energy has for many, many years.

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