Golden wedding. wedding anniversary - 50 years

50 years of marriage - forever. Over 5 decades of marriage, the spouses could spend a lot of joyful and anxious moments of life. But, despite all the hardships, their feelings remain strong and durable. Such a relationship can only be compared with the properties of gold - a metal that does not rust. For this reason, 50 years of life together are called the "golden wedding". If the spouses ashamed to have lived for 50 years, golden wedding celebrated magnificently and solemnly.

Ancient traditions and customs of a 50-year marriage

Wedding anniversary is traditionally celebrated 50 years in compliance with the folk customs. We offer a list of rituals that take place during the celebration of the 50th wedding anniversary.

50 years from the date of the wedding: the shedding of Glitter
  • Showered with golden objects. The first step is congratulated, showering the couple have lived together for half a century, the golden objects. This gold coins, but fit sequins and golden grain. At the ceremony attended by all the guests of the event - except for operators who need to capture on video this solemn moment.
  • Giving scarf. the couple's daughter embroiders with gold thread scarf, gives his mother tying her head. If you can not sew a scarf, ready to give advise, embroidered with lurex.
  • Eat the loaf. Cut the loaf in half, anniversaries, first, and then try to visit it. This practice will emphasize the unity of the family.
  • Lit candles. Jubilees spark advance made two golden candles that will symbolize the next half century, that the couple will live together.
  • We pass the lighted candles. Transmitting lighted candles in hand grandchildren, anniversaries symbolically convey their wisdom they gained experience. Warning: lit candles to be transmitted.
  • Giving the ring. On the wedding anniversary of 50 years of heroes of the occasion, it decided to give the new wedding rings - old worn for a long life together.
  • We pass the old wedding rings grandchildren. There is a custom of old wedding rings, with which the spouses have lived for half a century, are transmitted to young families. This practice will symbolize the continuity of generations, to young and celebrated their anniversary - golden wedding.
  • Young Dance. Event guests are around, take each other's hands and dance in a circle around the anniversaries that dance, as in the days of their marriage.
  • Throw the bouquet. According to an old tradition, the wedding anniversaries, marking the 50th anniversary of the wedding, the guests throw the bouquet. Young girl catch it certainly will live with her future husband for half a century. This ceremony is the final.
  • Tea party. After the guests disperse, the couple must return to the table and drink tea. After that the holiday table is removed.

Celebrating a wedding anniversary (50 years): the ring

Golden wedding: how to mark the anniversary?

50-year anniversary of marriage - a rareholiday, few couples celebrate it. Therefore, the majority of spouses who are celebrating their golden wedding, prefer to follow traditions, marking the special occasion with a special scale. anniversary celebration - a good example for the children, grandchildren and other guests.

As noted 50 years of marriage

Selecting the celebration venue

50th wedding anniversary decided to celebrate in a circle really close people, so it is recommended to hold the event there where no prying eyes. There are several options such places.

  • At home. Golden wedding is how many years? Exactly 50, a half-century. Elderly easier to celebrate a holiday at home. Relatives need to take care of that in the home of the elderly was the appropriate setting - renovated, created comfort.
  • The restaurant, cafe. If spouses wish to celebrate your anniversary is their own home, it is advisable to choose a place to celebrate, to present to feel cozy and comfortable during the ceremonies. So, better to choose a room (room), hidden from strangers.

What to wear spouses on their golden wedding

What to wear spouses 50 years of marriage

Options clothes wife. If the event takes place at home, the culprit celebrations supposed to wear evening dress with golden details. If in a restaurant, we recommend to take care about the accessories - a hat, gloves, veil. Since the golden wedding, do not forget about jewelry made of gold. The name of the company that produces jewelry, it does not matter.

clothing options wife. If the event will take place at home, offer to put on a shirt and pants, if the celebration will take place in the restaurant, it is desirable to put on a nice suit.

Who to invite to the wedding 50 years

Whom to invite

The celebration in honor of the golden wedding - feast forloved ones, we recommend a good think about the guest list: spare, should not be. First, the main category - relatives: children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and other relatives. The second - is familiar people who witnessed the marriage anniversaries have passed with them all the stages of life.

Be sure to agree on the services and the photographervideographer - even high-quality video and photos remain on the memory of their parents, children and all family members. If a large family and guests will be a lot, it is advisable to invite and host, who will not miss a guest.

Table decoration on the wedding celebration of the 50th anniversary

What should be on the table for 50 years, golden wedding

By the menu no special requirements, the choice of dishesdue only to the desire to anniversaries. The only requirement - must be present loaf, cut in half. It is a symbol that half my life already lived, and the other half is still ahead. We also recommend to take care of the cake: it should adorn the figure "50". Alcoholic drinks at will, but, in any case, one bottle of champagne will not be superfluous.

Take care of the decoration of the festive table. It is better to choose a beautiful white tablecloth, embroidered with gold thread. Dishes should pick and gilded with gold-plated. The tone let them be and accessories: vases, napkin holders. If the celebration takes place in a restaurant, let the owners of the relevant interior decoration for the event.

celebration Scenario

  1. At the beginning of the holiday and family visitgetting together. Jubilees are in another room, then go into the room to the guests. Guests advance store up coins, sequins, which showered incoming spouses. At the same time, they congratulate the spouses, they are awarded certificates and diplomas comic, in which the names are mentioned anniversaries. All sit down.
  2. Next golden wedding scenario involves ritual partaking of the loaf. The loaf is cut in half, and then the couple try it, offering guests a taste loaf. can not refuse treats.
  3. Parents lit candles ready-made golden. These candles they pass on to their children.
  4. Children given presents parents. Mother offered a handkerchief, embroidered with gold thread.
  5. Guests jubilee given presents, once again wish themLongevity, in the same spirit toasts sound. It is touching and memorable sound greetings in verse, written specially for the event. There will be no unnecessary remake of the famous song. If you can not come up with a verse out, fit a wish long life in prose.
  6. Old wedding rings parents pass on to their child, the children in response to give parents new rings.
  7. 50 years old what a wedding! This event can not do without dance. In between meals, guests are in close circle, and the parents are inside. Under the rhythms of old songs and dance parents kissing passionately demonstrating mutual love and devotion.
  8. If the state of health of anniversaries allows, we are sure to revive the activities of the various competitions, entertainment.
  9. The final stage of the festival will be a traditional wedding ritual "bouquet". Jubilees throw a bouquet of flowers, a young girl has to catch him.
  10. After the guests disperse, spouses should once again sit at the table and drink tea together.

Gifts to parents golden wedding

What to gift

50 years, golden wedding - a venerable anniversary,jubilee therefore decided to give appropriate gifts. These are things made from gold or have gold in one form or another. These things include:

  • decorations;
  • art and decoration;
  • dishes.

The celebration of the golden wedding

We strongly recommend to make "fun" gifts in the form of a collage of photographs laid out in the form of "50" figures, photographic or artistic portrait anniversaries.

Congratulations on the gold wedding

How many events going on, so manylast greetings with golden wedding parents. The best gift for people who have lived together for half a century - the warm words and wishes for a long life. you can see below perfect example of greetings in a video format.