Crown wedding. Wedding anniversary - 75 years

75 years of marriage rare, sometimes weeven I can not imagine that people are able to live for so many years under the same roof. They are not separated difficulties in life, everyday troubles, financial troubles. Spouses fit to be proud of their choice, their relations are time-tested. An incredible event crown wedding shows that people are not in vain lived for each other, much was ever brought up children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, have created a large close-knit family.

Corona anniversaries in the circle of relatives

Ancient traditions and customs in the 75 years of marriage

Traditionally, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren to 75thcorona anniversary bake for elderly spouses big cake with two white swans, the slope of the neck to one another. Perpetrators of celebration personally cut the cake, handing out pieces of his guests, and beautiful swans left to itself, treating his mate.

Birthday cake for the crowned spouses

If the heroes of the day, and had lived in perfect harmony for a long 75 years,It not was married, they are strongly encouraged to do so, so that no one and nothing can separate them, even in heaven. Wedding ceremony does a pair of touching the beautiful, and the union of these two hearts happier.

Wedding crowned spouses

Crown wedding: how to mark the anniversary?

Celebrate the holiday is open to all membersfamily, relatives congratulate the couple with a glorious crown anniversary. Preparation of the celebration, all organizational issues take on the younger generation.

A rich table, where necessarypresent their favorite dishes anniversaries. The room should decorate so that it is clear that here celebrated 75 years of marriage, which is still rare wedding! Let everything be solemn: beautiful posters with the inscription 75 and wishes corona spouses, two large wedding rings, balloons. At the request of heroes of the occasion to organize them a little concert of amateur artists with their favorite songs and dances of their youth.

Making room for the 75th anniversary wedding

celebration Scenario

It is noted the anniversary date of the corona modestly hereinappropriate superfluous pomposity. In most cases, the grateful descendants organize jubilee quiet family dinner. ring wedding scenario assumes clearly thought-out program of celebrations, because among the guests will be a huge number of relatives, close friends. Do not invent too noisy program, so as not to bore anniversaries. It is better to arrange them a warm family holiday.

Older people do not need loud music and dancing. They will hear the verse pleasant greetings from the great-grandchildren, children and grandchildren stories about their life achievements. Always in every congratulation should sound thanks heroes of the occasion for being raised with love, dignity educated offspring, giving them a personal example. Ask them to share their experience in dealing with difficult life situations, the acquisition of authority in society. This experience can be useful to you in the future.

Corona spouses accept congratulations from relatives

Gifts for the wedding of the crown

Clearly certain gifts to crown the anniversary notThere is, above all, that the gift was made from the heart. Given the fact that elderly people crowned heroes of the day, should give them what they need. Gifts must comply with the venerable age, to facilitate their lives.

For example, it is useful to spouses orthopedicmattress, which will help to avoid problems with the musculoskeletal system. Also, there will be excess oil burner, complete with a set of essential oils. With such a gift the elderly can easily relieve fatigue, stress, heal the body. If your favorite heroes of the day were examined by an ophthalmologist, and you know exactly what points they need, make it a gift for the anniversary of the corona.

To reflect the holiday symbol crown, children bought jubilee crowns, so they put them on the head and adorned them all evening.

A child may make a gift with their own hands a beautiful pattern, applique, embroidery is very great-grandmother will enjoy a great-grandfather.

75 Gifts for wedding anniversary


Congratulations on the wedding ring

People who have been married for 75 years, the most worthywarm and heartfelt congratulations. A lot I want to say, wish, sometimes we just can not find the appropriate words. Therefore, pay due attention to this issue, prepare for the congratulations in advance. Beautiful examples of congratulations assembled on site.

Also congratulations to express their relativesadmiration for the crown couple great pride for them, do not stint on the praise, saying kind words wise, caring, so native people. They deserve it because they have become not only an example for future generations, but this living legend.

Corona wife's family pride

It would be great if all the events of this beautiful corona anniversary you will be able to capture pictures and videos, leaving a long memory of the glorious ancestors.

Crown Jubilee is called gratitude orFertile wedding, Diamond II. If you, your parents, or close friends of your family have lived together before the great 75th anniversary, thank God for it, and mark the crowning celebration, warming warmth of their love of their little old, but such hot heart. And about his impressions of the holiday write us a review in the comments.