Copper wedding. Wedding Anniversary - 7 years

Copper wedding - anniversary, which is celebratedafter seven years of marriage. It symbolizes the period of the marriage, the husband and wife have learned to cope with the difficulties, take each other's shortcomings, to make concessions. Copper - a second metal after iron in the name of the anniversary, but unlike the previous material it is more durable, soft, dishes out of it can not be broken, only to melt, to give form. He has yet to go through the transformation: to become the silver, and after gold.

Customs and beliefs on a copper wedding

Copper traditional wedding was held withexecution of customs, implementation of rituals, connected with it the set of beliefs. By that date, the day of the main celebrations showed a lot of attention, because the number seven is considered lucky. Copper, which is the symbol of the seven-year anniversary of another base metal, but has many useful properties - it treats, easily accepts any form, is strong. This gives a hint spouse with due diligence, the relationship is easily "melt" do better.

Copper: a symbol of the seventh wedding anniversary

Ancient customs and traditions of this anniversary:

  • To the family was rich, the children gave coppercoins, which they wore on his neck and did not have to shoot. Take other measures: one of the ways to attract money was podsovyvaniya coins through the door slot, and after - the unfolding of coppers on the corners of the house.
  • There was another peasant rite: the bottom dish filled with coins showered germinated wheat grain, covered with a light cloth and poured, saying: "The grains grow, wealth wear."
  • In the days of Russia was a symbol of this metalhousehold income, household wealth, so the couple on the seven-year anniversary gave each other on a copper coin. Copper traditional wedding passes without metal gifts from guests often they were straps with buckle for her husband, all sorts of jewelry for his wife, as well as items that are useful in the home.
  • To the family lived in abundance, in the anniversary of her husband with his wife showered coins.

At the time of the anniversary of copper has 7 years have passedlife together: the wedding was what these distant years ago, the couple did not remember the details, but this date should remind them of the strong love that bound them together forever.

Woolen wedding - another name 7 anniversary of marriage

Wool: a second seven-year anniversary symbol

Copper wedding has another name -wool. After 7 years of marriage flew like a flash, a hot flame that glowed when meeting, was quiet, it was smoother, softer. Wool symbolizes the warmth, which is designed to warm not only spouses, but also to the child. But it simultaneously prickly, so the wedding anniversary of 7 years, should pay attention to the spouses of patience, which they are required to show each other.

As noted 7 years of married life

Copper gay wedding can be celebratedat home, quiet, and in a big way. First, there is a meeting guests, lunch, and then take the couple congratulations, gifts, and after all held games and fun competitions. Popular activities during the anniversary of copper - Coin show, when the eyes of the guests animator-smith produced cold coinage with spouse names. This is a great opportunity to surprise guests an unusual view and receive a commemorative souvenir status.

Coin: a gift to the copper wedding

Selecting the celebration venue

Place, which will host the copper (wool)wedding depends on the preferences of the couple. This can be a cozy little cafe, where they go together, ballroom chic restaurant with a lot of visitors, more interested in the script, delicious treats, or a small family dinner, which will convene wife only close relatives and friends. Check the venue can be antique copper objects, towels, beautiful posters.

Decoration of the restaurant for the banquet: Copper Wedding

What to wear to spouses

In Russia, on the day of the date of this supposed spouseswear special costumes, which carries all kinds of items made of copper as well as other ringing, noisy metals. My husband often wore daggers, knives, to suit his "sound", and a woman in sundress fastened coins. This is due to a belief that the louder the sound will come, the merrier future life. It is also the custom associated with scare away evil forces.

Modern couples can take advantage of this fun tradition, but the usual festive clothing is also suitable for the anniversary.

Whom to invite

The couple may invite a small circleguests for a peaceful dialogue in the home environment, but if the couple want to copper or wool wedding was fun - make up a large list of people you want to see on your celebration. Both of these options are suitable for the seventh anniversary.

What should be on the table

copper wedding menu should be varied -appetizers, salads, main dishes, meat, tasty side dish. The culmination of the celebration, the main dessert should be a cake, which can emphasize an important date decoration of seven flowers, used in the decoration. the table itself will beautify copper vases with flowers, candles, coins. Photo cake on the seventh anniversary, see below:

Cake on the seventh anniversary wedding celebration

copper wedding Scenario

Pre-prepared script wedding 7 yearsfun will mark the anniversary. If you are planning a big celebration in the restaurant, this part of the preparation of the event is required. Well, if the special master will be invited, which will ensure that the atmosphere was fun, and festivities keep up with the preparation of the plan.

What to give to a copper wedding

Gifts for the couple: the seventh anniversary

The list of gifts that are appropriate for the anniversary of the spouses to make diverse, pick your favorite from the list:

  • Tableware: trays, cutlery, copper basin to jam;
  • jewelry: bracelets, copper ring with semiprecious stones (eg garnet);
  • other copper products: jewelry boxes, candle holders to decorate the interior, horseshoe for good luck, the medals that the couple will be worn around the neck;
  • beautiful paintings, postcards;
  • woolen items: mittens, blankets, a ball of yarn.

There will also be great to teach useful things: dishes, food processor, coffee maker, etc..

Copper Wedding: Congratulations

Congratulations and wishes of the pair may be in verse, prozovoy form, in the form of short comic SMS greetings. Embodiments of congratulations to the copper wedding you will find the links:

See the video greetings with copper wedding:

Copper wool or wedding - during the marriage,when the husband and his wife should pay attention to the bright side of their relationship. Seven years - it's only a small part of how much they still have to go together as a couple.

Share in the comments how you celebrated the seventh anniversary of living together? What kind of gift ideas you liked?