cashmere wedding

Each wedding anniversary in their own way is important forspouses. There are round-the date on which invite relatives, friends and acquaintances. For example, pink or pewter, silver or golden wedding. Noting these anniversaries, covered the holiday table, order a cafe or restaurant. But there are also other dates, for example, 47 years from the date of the wedding. The question is, 47 years of marriage which is the wedding? What is the symbol of this anniversary, to celebrate her and what to give?

What is the wedding anniversary 47 years?

Throughout the world there are traditions to celebratefamily days of birth - wedding anniversary. Each passing year should be added to the family relationship strength and power. Therefore, marking wedding anniversaries, remember, with what is traditionally the materials they are associated. For example, the 5th anniversary of the wedding called wooden. Because this material is strong, but it breaks.

47 years of marriage - is not a round number. But it has long been tied to the wool. Otherwise, this anniversary is called cashmere wedding. Cashmere - it is soft, warm and very delicate matter. For its production using wool, feathers or yarn. Natural cashmere - this is a rare and expensive material. On the anniversary presented various products from wool.

Clothes made of cashmere

Beautiful congratulations on the anniversary poems

Now is the perfect holiday,
Congratulations to you, we have gathered.
Your marriage in decades wanderer
And he was life-long.
Forty-seven years, that's a date!
We wish you to continue to live
Comfortably, happily, richly.
Each other rosy love!

Softer cashmere, soft softer
Your union blessed by heaven!
Let him be a stronger year by year.
White envy envy we will.
More feeling, kindness and patience
In a joint life would be it.
As a reward for everything let your skills,
Eternal love will light the way of life!

You are soft and tender, like cashmere,
And the righteous in your home - always love and peace.
So be happy you have the joy of all:
Today, a small celebration - only forty-seven!
Let it be in the life of many anniversaries:
For holiday, in fact, you do not need a reason!
You celebrate today, tomorrow, and always;
Sadness in the house will never be!

Soft cashmere thin spreads
Tenderness let your days.
All relatives and friends can not believe
Forty-seven year secondary fires burn!
The heart's wish to be a support
We are each other you for many years.
A warm affection close curtains
From the dashing of trouble, but forever!

With cashmere wedding, family!
From grandchildren keep hi!
We congratulate you today,
We wish you many years to live!
Let the happiness, comfort will be in the house!
Prosperity let spoil you!
At heart though spring wakes up
And my heart begins to tremble!

This day is special for you -
Family Day Birthday!
And I wish you to
There was a lot of love in it!
A lot of tenderness and affection,
Relationship warmer!
Let it pass like a fairy tale
Cashmere anniversary!

Wife loved me today
I want to talk about many things,
I wish the mercy of the Lord,
And I want to say about love.
We have forty-seven years with you,
Worthy happily live!
You health, I wish,
And bless our home Lord!

Why do you need to get married?
Well, we would live together
One big family,
Like bees in a swarm.
No, people let the wife!
And you have found each other!
Forty-seven years together
In one test bakes!

Love - striped phenomenon:
The warmth and intimacy flawless
Successive horrible quarrel
And discord in families forever!
But your couple is not trivial:
Problems feelings do not interfere!
And the anniversary of cashmere
Today we congratulate you!

What to give for a wedding cashmere?

On the day of the 47th anniversary is accepted to give a warmgifts and congratulate the heroes of the day with such a long-lasting relationship. Any memorable date for the couple is connected with some material. The name "cashmere Wedding" has to gifts made from this material or wool. A gift does not have to be large-scale, every detail will be a pleasant surprise if it is presented with all my heart. From cashmere made sweaters, tunics, coats, cardigans. Wool tray as a gift knitting.

On 47 wedding anniversary is usually collected closestfriends. This is not a round number, so spend the holiday with their children and grandchildren. Cashmere wedding means a strong marriage, tenderness and warmth of the love of the spouses. On this anniversary give things that symbolize the duration of their life together. For example, a clock or other decorative objects, counting down the time. To bind it to cashmere, put a gift in a woolen sock.

Gift Ideas for a spouse

Conceiving a gift for the couple, it is worth remembering,that men prefer practical and beautiful woman presents. For the spouse suit warm knitted sweater, scarf or coat. In the US, a symbol of 47 years of living together are considered to be the book. Rare or thematic edition as a gift for the anniversary will also be superfluous. For example, give a book about fishing or hunting.

What to give for a wedding cashmere

Cashmere wedding - 47 years of it livedtogether life. And this number - the number of silver in the periodic table. For spouses choose products from this precious, precious material. If there is confidence that the Hero of the Day is such jewelry, the rings, lockets, bracelets will be a good gift for the couple. It is advisable to engrave on their congratulations on the anniversary. It will emphasize the solemn moment.

Any gift will be a pleasant and memorable,if it is done from the heart. Not necessarily strictly tied to cashmere. Material - not cheap, it is replaced with wool or other warm clothes. The main thing that the gift warms the body and soul anniversaries. Over 47 years of marriage the couple know each other well, so pick the right gift does not take much.

Variants of gifts for relatives

When choosing a gift for spouses to cashmerewedding should pay attention to the same items for both anniversaries. You can pick up a beautiful plaid, silverware or sets of warm knitted garments. For example, the same color or a style scarf and gloves will make an interesting set. Original gifts - this is the first sign of a guest preparedness and respect for the jubilee.

The original wedding cake on cashmere

When choosing gifts, guests and relatives havefocus on the best quality cashmere. This is a noble, warm, rare material. Family, marking the 47 th anniversary of living together, has already reached strong, loving relationship. Cashmere does not cause allergies, as well as spouses, to celebrate this anniversary, should have no tolerance for each other. All these qualities are necessary to consider when choosing a gift for the "newlyweds".

Present at the wedding anniversary: ​​a cashmere plaid

Coming up with an original gift jubilee,relatives do not have to emphasize the fact the 47-th anniversary. Often gifts are selected based on the nature or the interests of the spouses. And if a present somehow intersects with cashmere, wool or silver, it will be doubly pleased. Presented silver coins engraved, warm knitted socks and scarves, interesting or rare books. The main thing that gift left behind memories.

How to celebrate 47 years of marriage?

Celebrating a wedding anniversary - a pleasant, butand troublesome process. Roll a grand celebration of 47 years of a life lived together is not accepted. Invite close friends and relatives. On cashmere wedding, the couple usually appear not only to children and grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. 47 years of marriage - is a huge memorial term, so it needs to be noted in a warm, pleasant atmosphere of the family circle.

Scenarios for the celebration of the wedding is not cashmereso much. They are attached to the symbols of this anniversary. For room decorating using wool or silver items. The table is covered white cloth. All that day should be soft and warm. Cashmere wedding - is a quiet family holiday and celebrate it needs at home. Hero of the day surrounded by care, give gifts, good mood and their love.

47 years together - cashmere wedding