Calico wedding. Wedding Anniversary - 1 year

Expressions "golden wedding", "silver wedding"we could hear more from their grandparents. Gradually forming an idea that marks the anniversaries of these and after some time they celebrated marriage. But what a calico wedding - it's how many years of living together couple decided to celebrate?

Calico - the first anniversary of the marriagea young couple, when living together for only 1 year, they already have something to celebrate. The first family holiday I want to make a bright, impressive, because in front of them will be many more, but the first one will be remembered forever.

As noted calico wedding

So he went through a difficult or terribly happy,unforgettable first year of life. There comes a romantic family celebration - calico wedding. It is necessary to invite witnesses, relatives, best friends. To celebrate your wedding anniversary is beautiful, it should be thoroughly prepared. First of all, you need to decide on the venue for the event and figure out how to decorate it.

Suitable comfortable, quiet venuethe festival will be a country house. Decorate trees, shrubs chintz accessories - colorful pieces of tissue, handkerchiefs, lace, helium balloons, soft toys made of cloth.

Do you want to celebrate in the apartment? Zadekoriruyte curtain bows, buttons, hang scarves, flags on the ropes, braid bright.

Instead of the usual tablecloth well take otrez calico and decorate it with colorful laces, lace, beads, buttons.

Decor facilities for calico wedding


Calico wedding in most cases the house, here you will always be able to show themselves present mistress show off their culinary skills.

Good variant of the holiday in a narrow rangein nature, with a barbecue, a walk through the woods or a dip in the river. There is an opportunity to fly a kite or a Chinese lantern, attaching to them various requests.

Making a festive picnic on the cotton anniversary

To the party was not boring, the scriptcalico wedding develop in advance together with your best friends, prepare the necessary props. The program of entertainment is better to make a variety to guests barely had time to switch from one competition to another - then the time will fly by, and you remove a lot of good photos. And most importantly - your memory will long keep vivid memories of your wedding anniversary.

If you do not have enough time and energy to prepare for the event by yourself, then you can use the services of Toastmasters, make a small dinner at the restaurant.

For couples who do not wish to be invited to the feastmany guests, there are other options - stay in a hotel or go traveling. Each family chooses for itself what it wants to see their holiday.

Watch the video of the pair, marking the first anniversary of the wedding on the roof of the house.

Traditions first wedding anniversary

In ancient Rus' mistress-needlewoman necessarilyI embroidered herself and her husband for the holiday calico anniversary beautiful dresses and bright calico tablecloth. By tradition, all day until sunset wife wore a cotton dress.

Old Russian calico wedding attributes

According to ancient Russian ritual in the first dayanniversary of the spouses give each other as a sign of great love, calico kerchiefs. Taking the opposite ends of the diagonal, as shown in the photo, knotted by knots, which symbolize loyalty, strength of family relationships. The probationary period for newlyweds ended, they are quite consciously, checking the time their feelings can give each other an oath to love life.

The traditional chintz wedding ritual of tying knots

The husband and wife hold hands, recite ancientConspiracy: "As knots tied us strong, so strong, and our words. Like the wind, playboy in the wake cornfield, so happiness and joy ever abide with us. " After the ceremony calico handkerchiefs kept in a special box.

It is believed that if the touching ritual performed correctly, the young couple will live as one united family happily ever after, as was said in the promise.

In another ceremony, this day-in-law gave daughter cotton dress, as a wish of light, successful relationship with her husband.

How to make a festive table for a cotton wedding

Although you are a wonderful hostess, do not overlyzealous, save yourself from the obligation to prepare too much food for the holiday table. Let the motto will ease throughout. Calico anniversary is associated with modest but healthy meals.

  • Salads. Rely on raw vegetables and fruits, believe me, it is always in demand. Original recipes and interesting design of salads sure to produce a good impression on visitors.

Tasty salads - the best treat for calico holiday
  • Sandwiches. They do not require much time for preparation, but they must be interesting to decorate, or make canapés.

Sandwiches and canapés - table decoration on a cotton anniversary
  • Snacks. Remember, what you do snacks. Choose not very sharp, no pungent smell.

Menu of light snacks on the cotton anniversary
  • Beverages. It would be nice to do the main drink on holiday fragrant tea in a beautiful Russian samovar. But if you think that without alcohol do not, buy a few bottles of champagne or dry wine, a hard liquor, try to avoid. Do not forget about the cold soda, juices.

Celebratory drinks for calico wedding
  • Cake. It will be a highlight. Make the celebration of the anniversary cake decorated with the appropriate decoration, the wishes of heroes of the occasion. And it will be even more beautiful if you make it yourself.

Cake with calico wedding theme
  • For the most hungry guests. Do you think all of the above is not enough? Then remember what your guests prefer snacks. Several mouthwatering dishes will not be superfluous for those who like to eat dense. Also they can still put a plate of pastries and cakes, candies. After that, you can be absolutely calm, guests will not go hungry with a wedding anniversary.

Gifts for a cotton wedding

If you're thinking what to give to the cottonwedding, let us turn to ancient traditions. Once upon a time gave invited young couples cloth diapers on, because at that time many couples expecting first child. So make and modern guests.

You can donate to the wedding all productstextiles - a new warm blanket under which the couple will warm the cold winter evenings, exquisite drapes, soft bath towel, table cloth with embroidery, beautiful napkin handmade, original pillow.

Textiles as a gift for calico anniversary

A good gift would be a set of bed linen, but here it is important to cater to the size. It is preferable to give a bedding of calico, cotton - thin, short-lived tissue.

Bedding - the perfect gift for calico wedding

It is also customary to give clothes, and of any material. For a guy would be a great gift shirt with short sleeves or T-shirt for girls - a fashionable dress or tunic, apron.

Such clothing is presented to the calico anniversary

You are a fan of creative gifts? Then purchase a set of embroidery: fabric, pattern, thread and guide the work. Your loved ones will be very happy to get on the first anniversary unique gift, which has become a wonderful decoration of their homes for many years. You know how beautiful drawing? Take otrez white fabric and paint it in watercolor drawing. Place your product in the box and leave the writing on the memory of a friend. A new element of the interior for a long time will delight them.

It so happens that the young want to get a giftanything definite planned. Then it expedient to avoid all the above recommendations and to buy what they need right now the whole house. Giving can be anything you like, there are no restrictions, the main thing - do not forget to wrap a gift symbolic calico cloth with colorful ribbon.

The only exception - a toy. According to ancient belief, they can not be present on the cotton anniversary couples expecting a child.

About traditions, gifts and that, as noted calico wedding, look at the video.

Calico wedding photos

Calico jubilee ideas decor and photography accessories


How calico wedding took you? Share with us the experience as you prepare for the holiday that turned out the best. Your advice will be useful for young families, which only have to celebrate the first anniversary of their marriage.