calico wedding Scenario

Calico wedding anniversary is called thatIt is celebrated at the end of the first year of married life. Family psychologists unanimously recognize this period of time one of the most arduous in the couple's relationship. This date is recommended to celebrate the fun that the spouses could forget about everyday troubles. How to organize a wedding celebration chintz?

Preparations for the celebration

To calico wedding took place at the "Hurrah!"Treat the preparatory process with due care. Find a suitable room, decorate it, then pick up the music. Find or make up your own calico wedding scenario - prepared in advance, it will help to avoid force majeure. A cool contests that will be present in the scenario cheer all the guests at the wedding of calico.

Decoration of celebrations venue

Chintz - a symbol of the first anniversary, stock uplight chintz curtains, tablecloths, napkins. Modern textile shops offer a variety of calico products made in festive style. The total range of colors should be white or other pastel shades, so you should choose light decorating elements of calico. With a cotton cloth linked to many ceremonies, so buy a few pieces of calico reserve.

Ideas for decoration calico anniversary

Arrange the pots or floor vases with green flowers in the hall. Green symbolizes the attitude of young people. Containers for flowers tie chintz colored ribbons.

To place a cotton wedding at the highest level, check out this nice video is an example that demonstrates how to decorate holiday:

Warn guests about celebrating itcalico wedding, and on relevant topics clothes. Notify invited guests that the welcome calico dresses. What they will be bright or modest - chosen by the guests.

Musical accompaniment for the Jubilee

During calico wedding will be useddifferent musical compositions of Russian performers. So, at the beginning of calico wedding you must include the well-known "Oh full, full crate." When the young are included in the room it sounds "Waltz of the Flowers" by Tchaikovsky. Such nice songs should sound all evening, while guests will feel relaxed throughout the wedding, willing to participate in competitions.

of calico wedding Scenario

Calico wedding by leading, whichIt allows you to select from their friends or use the services of the agency. He must entertain guests remarks, as well as monitor the progress of calico wedding, what can not be done without qualitatively compiled script. It can be in the form of poetry and prose. Create a script on their own or take advantage of our goals.

Calico wedding begins with a monologue lead. In the hall there are only guests, the couple must come after Toastmaster speech.

Moderator: Ladies and gentlemen! We are here for a reason. We have a special occasion - our dear friends (wife's name) and (name of husband) celebrate the first year of married life. This is a difficult time for the young, because now laid the foundation solid and strong relationship. But the love of the spouses will win everything - in this we see the example of heroes of the occasion. Call here (wife's name) and (name of husband), to rejoice with them this important date!

So a couple, the husband wearing a calico shirt, and his wife - cotton dress.

Attire husband and wife on a cotton anniversary

Leading: A year ago, she was the bride and groom it. Today, we have already formed a family that is growing every day despite all the quarrels and disagreements. But that love has become even stronger, I propose to make Old Russian ritual, symbolizing the strength of the relationship. Spouses, give their halves calico handkerchiefs! (Husband and wife exchanged handkerchiefs). Tie knots on them.

Husband and wife: How strong the nodules, because our love is strong!

Guests: Kiss!

Handkerchiefs to 1 year of marriage

The couple kiss each other, after which the guestspresent them with their gifts. By tradition, give the cotton clothes, diapers for the unborn child pairs, linen, tablecloths. All the participants sit down at the table where the couple say they close all the wishes and congratulations. Wife's mother (mother-in-law) utters the words:

My children! If you knew how happy my mother's heart, when I look at you! I'm glad I trusted his beloved daughter to you (husband's name). It is for you, like a stone wall. Even though you lived quite a bit together, but a year of marital happiness - it is an impressive time, to talk about the strength of your relationship. So let the love will never be extinguished in your pair is getting stronger by the minute. Bitterly!

After kissing young toast to tell a good friend of the pair, who traced most of their relationship.

familiar: Dear (name of his wife), and (husband's name), knowing you for a long time, I can tell you're a wonderful couple. I kindly envy you, because you - you can not live without each other, like our earth without sunlight. One day, luck, connecting your hearts as one. I believe that you will be faithful to its second half until the end of earthly days. We raise our glasses to the love (name of wife) (husband's name)!

Guests at the calico anniversary

Guests drink, sounds the next toast. It should say the sister of one of the young or the groom's mother.

Sister: Marriage - it's a fragile thing, if the spouse does not bind anything. If there is a connection strings, then the likelihood that the young will live happily for many years, is increasing. Home support for spouses, even in difficult times - it is a common child. Let us drink to the fact that our young pleased us the news of the imminent appearance of the first-born in the family!

Their wishes and greetings can tell everyone at the feast. Once all the guests were filled dishes and talked with the young, begins calico wedding entertainment program.

Moderator: Ladies and gentlemen! I guess you have to admire all our young enough. It is time to proceed to a more active entertainment! I invite you to take part in exciting games, contests, a little rest from the feast (recommended contests you will find in the next section).

After the competitions there is an official part of the evening - dancing young people.

Dancing couple at the end of a cotton anniversary}

Moderator: What could be more exciting than a beautiful dancing couple? Young - though two field flower in a huge field. Let us enjoy this action right now!

After the final dance with the youngguests launch sky lanterns. If the weather does not allow it, the cotton wedding should finish a cup of tea. After that, calico wedding celebration ends.

Contests for 1 year of marriage

  • "Handkerchief". Lead gets into the center and danced handkerchief passes to the next player. He repeats the motion and sends a scarf on. Suddenly, the music is turned off, and the one who has in his hand turned out to be a handkerchief, should shout 'Ku-ka-re-ku! ".
  • "Women's feet." The women are behind the screen, alternately thrusting his right or left foot. Knights have to guess the only girl in the leg. Win quick-witted man.
  • "As I call your wife." My husband proposed to name his wife gentle words that end in -tuples (hare, fox, cat). For each adjective - a kiss from his wife.
  • "The name of the child." Guests are coming up with the name of the unborn child pairs - male and female. Spouses determine the winner and handed him a symbolic prize - a bottle of champagne, socks, t-shirt with the inscription amusing.

Cake cotton anniversary

Calico wedding - a significant date in thethe lives of young, requires a responsible attitude to training. Think about every move the holiday, cross out or add some points from the existing calico wedding scenario, show imagination and ingenuity - a lovely holiday is provided to you!