Calico Wedding: photo shoot ideas

That was the first year of married life. The first anniversary is called calico wedding. The name she received from the custom to give cotton diapers. The couple wish to celebrate the holiday so that it is remembered for a long time. To make it possible, remembering all at the camera, having a photo shoot. Often the couple hires a photographer to get high-quality images, the memory of the anniversary. Ideas for photo shoots diverse all depends on the wishes of the couple, the photographer reasons.

Ancient tradition calico wedding

Many traditions calico wedding celebrationforgotten, but a small proportion is used now. On the first anniversary of the invited guests at least close relatives and friends. Previously, there was no great abundance of clothing, goods, because the bride for the holiday on their own sewing clothes, and often embroidered them.

The girl the whole day had to wear cotton dress, not taking it into the night. In addition to clothing, the young wife embroidered tablecloths, napkins. Well if these things were performed in one color.

Couple on a cotton anniversary

It is considered a good tradition to give gifts. Previously, as a rule, gave pieces of calico cloth, bed linen, but now is not the deficit, because gifts have become more diverse.

For women perfectly fit kitbeautiful, delicate underwear, a bouquet of flowers, jewelry, candy. For the current Prezent husband will be the original T-shirt with an unusual print (for example, with a romantic inscription or your photo). Also present may be a soft bathrobe, a pillow, a bottle of expensive wine, you drink together, or a bag of sweets (because men are too great a sweet tooth).

Popular homemade toys,sewn from cotton goods, which also come in handy for a photo shoot. They symbolize love, faithfulness, loyalty to the partner. How are these toys, you can see in the photo.

Toys made of calico

The ritual of tying knots

A tradition that has survived to the present day, is considered tying knots. According to tradition, the young friend give handkerchiefs of cotton goods, which they tied in knots.

Knitting knot is a symbol of the fact that a year later,love has become more feeling brighter, warmer relations. It's kind of an oath that the husband and wife are faithful to each other, and the love is mutual. At the end of the ritual lovers have to say the words that according to the beliefs of ancestors have magical effect. Then handkerchiefs hiding and kept until the end of life. According to the beliefs of those who retain nodules, will be able to preserve a strong family.

The process of tying knots is a great idea for a photo shoot with the help of which it is possible to capture the touching moment promise of young love each other forever.

tying knots

Feast for Two

Perfect idea for a photo shoot on the cottonholding a wedding is considered a holiday for two. To this end, possible to arrange a romantic walk through the forest, near the sea or a lake, or just in the park. Alternatively romantic picnic (weather permitting) or a dinner for two.

Romantic holiday for two

In the circle of relatives house

The first anniversary great reason to gather atfamily, relatives, friends. If you decide to organize a celebration with your family, it is necessary to take care about the accessories that will help create the right atmosphere.

On the table in honor of this event should be based on a white calico tablecloth, napkins. The table is decorated with flowers, at the request of the bride can sew buttons on the tablecloth, they will make it more interesting.

To entertain the guests and receive photos,possible to hire a professional photographer, who is full of ideas. He will make you a unique photos with your family, looking at which you will remember about her calico wedding. To feast, not turned into a feast may arrange fun contests to come up with the couple (if you have enough imagination) or toastmaster.

Holiday in the circle of relatives

The restaurant

A great option mark the first anniversarya restaurant. It is possible to make a double, a romantic evening, and inviting relatives and friends. Well, if there is a toastmaster, who will entertain guests. This option is useful celebration: you do not have anything to cook, dressed in an apron, because delicious feed chefs and waiters will be clean, you will also feel at ease. But to call this event the budget is unlikely.

The restaurant is also possible to arrange a photo shoot. Photographer think over the idea of ​​it and as a result you will have beautiful pictures on the memory of calico wedding.

Evening in restaurant

The country house

To create a festive atmosphere as much as possible,it may be noted in a country house. Well, if it is an ordinary village house you will be able to decorate the interior according to the theme of the holiday. Alternatively, it is possible to wear traditional folk costumes, make a real outdoor party in a big way. This celebration is a great idea for a photo shoot dedicated calico wedding.

The celebration in a country house

The format of the modern chintz wedding: photo session and dinner

Today, many young preferarrange a traditional celebration day photo shoot, a kind of love-story, and in the evening a romantic dinner. It's a great idea to celebrate. For the photo shoot on the cotton wedding, it is desirable to prepare the necessary accessories, which you can find at the photographer, because he absolutely must have ideas for your photo shoot.

Dinner at the restaurant

Selecting a location for a photo shoot

Find a place for a photo shoot, as a rule,photographer job, because he had already prepared a rough scenario of the shooting, but he also must take into account the views and wishes of the couple. A popular venue for photo shoots are considered parks (if you can not go out of town), beach, or other body of water, forest or field, for example, with flowering sunflowers or wheat eared.

Often a photo shoot held in the city chosen places that tend to have architectural value, or place photos in which appear creative, interesting, romantic.


Often, for a photo shoot on the cottonwedding requires a certain clearance, which will create the desired ambiance and give the festive mood. For registration can be used calico kerchiefs tied knots, toys, made of printed cotton tablecloth and napkins of the same style. Often used nameplates young and memorable date, as well as various inscriptions, such as happiness, love, together a year and more.

Registration on the first anniversary

A remake of the first date

An excellent idea for a photo shoot on the first anniversaryWedding considered recreating the first date. Try as accurately recall convey their feelings, impressions, emotions, feelings. Visit the place where your first meeting took place, remember how it all began, and the photos show it all to memory.

Resumption of first date

Photoshoot in wedding attire

The original idea of ​​a photo shoot atcalico wedding to arrange it in their wedding clothes, remembering the wedding ceremony. Decide on the idea of ​​photography will help the photographer may be photoset in abandoned corners of the city, romantic shoot or photo shoot for the movie you loved.

Shooting in a wedding dress

Photos and honey weekend

When else but on the anniversary, you can entirelyand to devote themselves to each other. To do this, you just need to escape from the city, from all the everyday problems, feelings and stuff. Arrange a honeymoon weekend, go on vacation or a base to the resort, which offers spa services. Relax, unwind, take time for its second half, because sometimes is so lacking in group activities.

Sweet weekend

Photos outdoors

Always ideal obtained photos taken outdoors. Pictures taken on the background of beautiful scenery, is always full of colors and look like live. Because most photoset goes on the nature.

Photographing in nature

Couple on nature

Thematic dress code

If you decide to spend the evening on the themecalico wedding, then you definitely require a certain style suits. What will be the outfit depends on the idea of ​​a photo shoot: it can be a traditional folk clothes, cowboy, wedding dress or clothing like favorite movie characters.

themed outfits

Traditional outfits

Accessories for shooting with his hands

Often needed for photo shootadditional accessories, can give a festive, romantic atmosphere of the event. Make these accessories with their own hands will not be difficult to see this video:

A paper pom-poms for the photoset with their hands in the master class:

No matter where, how, with whom you choose to spend yourfirst (calico) wedding anniversary, as long as you were happy, loved and celebration brought to you only positive emotions and impressions. If you are not married, it is possible to arrange a wedding ceremony. A photo session will help to make this holiday a memorable one, the photographer will capture you forever young, happy.

If the suggestions presented in the article have helped youdetermine the theme of your wedding anniversary, or you have chosen for themselves the idea leave comments photoshoot. Share your experiences and ideas of the event!