Agate wedding. Wedding anniversary - 14 years

The fourteenth wedding anniversary marks the periodin the life of the spouses when they probably already had a child: the younger generation needs a lot of attention and patience. Agate wedding is meant to remind the husband with the wife that you need to pay attention to each other, to give her half the care, love. In the fourteenth year, couples need to spice up their relationship, they add warmth, joy and new experiences.

Traditions and customs in the 14 years of wedding

At agate wedding anniversary theremany traditions, rituals, beliefs associated with the main symbol of this holiday - semiprecious stone agate, which is named in honor of the anniversary. He looks mysteriously, has an unusual structure, which is a color mixture band, ornate patterns, pictures. One of the agate wedding traditions is a test of the spouses, which determines how well the partners know each other:

  • Husband and wife must take up and try agatesee in intricate patterns represented by the image. It will be good if they write what they saw on a piece of paper. If the vision coincided, then the couple understand each other, their characters are ideally combined.

Agatha is 14 years of wedding

What matters and what specifically they will see wifeat divination to agate, the image can become prophetic: fast track means an interesting journey, flower - the good news, the heart, the butterfly - the resumption of the Romantic period after wedding anniversary.

Watch the video, which shows a selection of agate stones:

Agate has become a symbol of the wedding anniversary notnothing. The stone itself is considered a talisman, which is able to protect its wearer from danger, and throughout the anniversary year - to protect the family and joint household. In addition, the agate stone has other secret values: it helps to soften the anger, resentment, anger, making family home warmer. The owner of this magical talisman long keeps in good health. Agate has the ability to bring the family wealth, prosperity.

  • At the beginning of the agate wedding spouses shouldto conduct a ritual: the husband is obliged to put on the neck of his beloved jewelry with agate, and his wife with their hands should be buttoned cuffs with the same stone on the cuffs attached to a spouse or a tie clip. It will be a wonderful start to the day, which will unveil the anniversary celebration.

Agate glasses anniversaries

There is another tradition:

  • On the eve of an agate anniversary husband with his wife needbuy glasses from a material symbolizing holiday and alone drink from them a few sips of wine upon the occurrence of the cherished date. Then the husband and wife have to say congratulations and a kiss: the kiss means that the hot fire of love still burns in the hearts of partners.
  • Remember the childhood game will help with the search for agate,hidden in the room, "cold-hot": the closer the player gets to the agate, the "hot". Once the object is found, the spouses should also bestow upon each other with a kiss.

Agate wedding: how to mark the anniversary?

Mark fourteen agate anniversaryget a different - it all depends on personal preference heroes of the occasion. Spouses can throw a big feast and invited to relatives, friends, acquaintances, no cost and without children, and can celebrate together, reminiscing that awaken agate wedding: How many years has the pair together, but the couple love each other, are faithful.

Certainly it has a lot of what wantshare alone, because with the household and children is rarely possible. Joint vacation will briefly forget about parental duty, domestic burdens of marriage, will provide an opportunity to repeat the honeymoon, to dive on a new depth of relations, to see them with a light hand. How to celebrate the agate wedding anniversaries should decide themselves, the main thing - to make it fun and joy together. At the celebration the couple can put on each other medals:

Medal to the agate wedding

Selecting the celebration venue

Agate wedding is held a year before the beautifuldate, so it is often not noted in full force. Often the place of celebration becomes a cozy apartment. However, this type of event does not oblige the Agate all act the same way: heroes of the occasion may call for a small circle of guests, and visit your favorite cafe or take ballroom restaurant with delicious cuisine. Excellent option to arrange anniversary - agate gay wedding in nature, if the date is celebrated in summer.

What to wear to spouses

To agate wedding went perfectly, coupleshould wear festive costumes, and be sure to complement its image decorations with this semi-precious stone. Woman as a decoration fit necklace, earrings or bracelet with agate, man enough neat cuff links or tie clips trim. Choosing clothes depends entirely on their own preferences anniversaries.

Accessories agate wedding

Whom to invite

The guest list depends on the scale of the Agateholiday - it may be only the parents, close relatives, beloved friends, or if you are planning a chic dinner, are possible options for inviting other couples, good friends. Do not go on holiday without children's fun, if the couple decided not to retire. It would be good to invite other couples with children, children of that was not boring, and they are allowed to talk to adults.

What should be on the table

Set menu fit great when celebrated agate gay wedding. These include light snacks, salads, cut, ground meat or fish dish, one or two kinds of side dishes, bread.

Cakes to Agate marriage anniversary

The main decoration of the table should be deliciouscake, cakes hostess who own or will order in a candy store. Well, if it is decorated with thematic inscription. As for the decor, the table can decorate agate candlesticks, figurines, glasses.

Table decoration for wedding agate

celebration Scenario

The pair have already noted fourteen anniversaries passed14 years of marriage: what the wedding will turn out this time, depending on their mood, preferences and on the scenario, which does not manage important celebration. Morning you can start observing the tradition of wedding agate, to continue the day with a tasty dinner with the guests, and in the evening to spend the original unusual competitions, which will please the audience. See scenario agate anniversary below:

Gifts for the wedding agate

Gifts for the agate wedding anniversary 14 yearsIt can be varied - beautiful, useful, just pleasant. Gifted perpetrators gifts, do not forget to utter pleasant words of congratulations. A small list of what would be appropriate to give jubilee:

  • One of the best gifts - agate jewelry: necklaces, rings, cufflinks, earrings.
  • Personalized glasses, boxes, figurines.
  • Postcards.
  • From children's spouses will be pleased to receive colorful drawings.
  • Pictures.
  • Means for care of body: high-quality natural soaps, shampoos.

Agate Anniversary: ​​beautiful gifts and greetings

Congratulations on the wedding agate

Agate interesting wedding is complete without the original congratulations. Congratulated can be funny, poetic, touching words. Choose a greeting for this anniversary:

Agate beautiful wedding - a solemnan event that marks the boundary of fourteen family relations. This day will help the couple re-look at each other, to awaken the former fire of passion, a deeper look at their relationship.

Tell us how you would like to agate wedding took you - your family, friends or lonely? Leave comments.