80 years Oak wedding

Every year of marriage is celebrated moreluxuriantly than the previous one, because the couple were able to confront the problems together. Oak is the wedding anniversary, which is celebrated after 80 years of married life: these impressive figures speak for themselves. The analogy with the oak wood is understandable, because this type of wood has unique properties it grows stronger with each passing year, as well as the love pair. Few people manage to mark a wedding, but if the partners have lived up to it, it is celebrated on a grand scale. How to organize this wedding?

Ancient traditions and customs in the 80 years of marriage

In the old days of celebrating the anniversary of the oakIt was not rare, because a man with a woman married for life, besides, honeymooners age was almost always young. It preserved many traditions that have existed in the past centuries on the occasion of a wedding. They came to our times, although such celebrations in the third millennium are celebrated less frequently.

The solemn morning of this day began with,that every member of the family told his dream. According to legends, native couples (children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren), as well as the couple themselves on the eve of the anniversary could see prophetic dreams predict the future Union. If one of them had a good, solid oak, the couple will live a long time.

Oak furniture for 80 wedding anniversary

Before there was a jubilee oak and suchtradition: the family of the spouses they produced oak furniture. Old interior items thrown away, they were immediately replaced new durable furniture. And just for the holiday the couple alone planted symbolic oak tree. Wedding Anniversary was noted in the company of children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. At the festival certainly I had to attend a child who symbolizes energy. It was believed that he shared it with a couple of long-livers.

Oak wedding: how to mark the anniversary?

Eighty years from the date of the wedding is trulyan important event, it is worth noting that according to all the ancient Russian traditions. Cover with a rich table, which must be present a few dishes, personally prepared by the landlady. The woman who ran the household for a long time, just know a lot of interesting recipes. Among the preferred attire bright clothes simple cut, it is perfect for guests heroes of the occasion.

Tableware in oak anniversary

Celebrate the anniversary of oak preferably in a narrow rangefamilies. Do not superfluous to the festival will be close relatives, but too zealous with the number of guests is not necessary. elderly people are unlikely to withstand noisy party, which will last a long time. Also, to determine in advance with the times: not a good idea to hold the event in the evening or at night, as an elderly couple needs a rest.

Give my love heroes of the occasion,Demonstrate respect then they will be happy as ever! Bright wedding moments should be left in the photo, video, so take care of the presence of the photographer, as well as the operator in the event. It is necessary to think in advance the key points to prpazdnovanie went smoothly without long awkward pauses.

celebration Scenario

To the wedding took place without force majeurecircumstances or does not tear at all, you need to think carefully about its course. oak wedding script will help you to foresee all possible problems, and later successfully avoid them in the celebration. It can develop on their own or find a ready Internet. And we offer you a couple of ideas about how to mark the anniversary of the oak.

Celebrating oak wedding anniversary

In the first scenario, the young guests whowill be present at the wedding, should prepare this setting, dedicated to heroes of the occasion. The descendants of the couple act out the story of the couple's love, from love, through all stages of life couples, ending days of today. Thanks to this gift of heroes of the occasion to re-live for all the senses, which once had ever experienced.

Another option is to celebrationshanging out the whole family. Take all the pictures, which show the couple, read the letter, remember the old days. This scenario will bring pleasure not only to visitors, but also to spouses, it's so nice to remember the best moments of the novel!

What to give for a wedding the oak?

Choosing a gift for the anniversary of a great oakIt is not easy, because for 80 years of combined vapor residence has accumulated all the necessary things. So manifest imagination, and then presented to the elderly anything unusual! Giving allows not only material gifts. Consider the options of gifts to an important celebration called oak anniversary.

Family tree. It should start from the roots, that is, from photographs heroes of the occasion. The branches, reaching from the tree graphically depict the history of the whole family.

If you want to give to spousesfamily tree, do it yourself! How to cope with this task, a good illustration of this video. Look at him, you easily gather the necessary information, as well as a couple will rejoice:

Acorns is a symbol of a wedding. Fill them a nice little bag, adding to bank notes. This gift will be a talisman against evil spirits pair.

Symbolic picture with the image of an oak grove or any other pattern associated with the holiday.

Oak furniture, kitchen utensils made of oak. It is durable, it does not break for a long time.

Figurines made of oak.

Acorns on oak

The main focus on the husband and wife's preferences, then just have a gift to their taste!

Congratulations on the wedding oak

The couple want to hear a sincere and unusualCongratulations to such an important date as the anniversary of the oak. Surprise them by giving unforgettable emotions of your wishes! See the best of congratulations to such a wedding you will be able on the Internet.

Eighty-year anniversary of the entry intomarriage, which is also called oak, this is another reason to please their husbands elderly care and attention. In no case neglect the celebration of this anniversary, let the elderly to feel the center of attention!

Do you have ideas for the celebration of this significant date? Share them in the comments to the article!