6.5 years zinc wedding

Each anniversary of marriage hasits name and symbols. After the first cast-iron metal wedding should be another anniversary: ​​Zinc wedding. It is remarkable that not celebrated in the wedding day, and six months after the six-year anniversary. This is the time when the couple have already experienced the strength of their relationship, but there is still a long way to go, that they have to go together. Zinc anniversary should remind the husband with the wife of the importance and strength of their union.

Ancient traditions and customs of 6.5 years of wedding

Zinc metal is not for nothing was the symbol of the wedding. Like any galvanized items should be cleaned so that they retain their luster and longevity, and the relationship must be constantly grind, getting rid of unnecessary husks offense, disputes, petty quarrels.

wedding anniversary celebrated six months aftergreat choice: it is meant to remind the couple that give each other nice little things, love should be not only on major holidays. Daily care is able to retain heat for a long time relationship.

Unlike its predecessor, iron, zincmuch more durable material. The couple, who in this period kept the shine and luster of his family life, is not afraid of small scrape. This wedding anniversary is to remind couples how passionately they loved each other a few years ago. Let zeal waned a bit, it's not scary, because love just changed its format and become more homely, intimate touching.

To refresh the relationship, the couple can dothrowing old things. Such a tradition at the same time entertain a husband with his wife and will get rid of the accumulated during the years of marriage stuff. More beautiful ritual burning of unnecessary things best done outdoors, away from dry plants and forests, on bare ground or in a special barrel.

The ritual burning of old items in zinc wedding day

To day I started pleasantly, her husband to be his wifewake up and sincerely thank each other for all the time they spent together, remember the good moments. After six years of foreign young people have already got used to each other, but this is only the beginning of the transformation of two halves into a whole, so it is important to learn to appreciate such a long union, because only then it will be happy. The couple can exchange symbolic gifts that will have value only to the two of them:

  • Cards, similar to those that they gave each other the first time relations.
  • DVD-discs, where your favorite movies recorded second half.
  • CD-disks with songs that have accompanied the young people during the initiation and formation of the union.
  • Jewellery with words that mean a lot to a husband or wife.
  • Personalized decorations.

Named pendant and cufflinks as a gift for the anniversary of zinc

Optional buy expensive gifts toto express their feelings. The care is the main gift while zinc is 6.5 years anniversary wedding. And you can express it in different ways: a woman can cook her husband stunning breakfast in bed, and the husband should certainly please the beloved favorite colors or cute trinket of jewelry category.

Zinc wedding: how to mark the anniversary?

The holiday can take on different, it all depends onmoods and desires of the spouses. If a couple already has got small children, it's time to send the kids to visit her grandmother and arrange a romantic date: go to dinner at a restaurant with good food, then visit the cinema, and in the evening to arrange a dance at home or in the disco club. Those who do not want to part with the child (ren), suitable version of interesting families with children water park, amusement park. The pair will be pleased to enjoy the fruits of their love.

Hiking in the amusement park on Zinc anniversary

Zinc is not a round anniversary of the wedding date. However, if the couple want to invite guests, ideal for a short list of relatives and friends. A close circle of friends will create a cozy atmosphere, those present can indulge in pleasant memories about how to begin a relationship loving couples. It will be good to see the family album, friends can also bring together funny pictures, baby pictures and the parents.

Although zinc celebration usually does not provideinvitation sets of guests, the decision still rests with the hero of the day. For those who want to refresh their relationship scale holiday option suitable to the organization of the banquet, which will call friends, relatives, good friends, work colleagues.

Making a banquet hall for zinc anniversary

celebration Scenario

The couple, who have decided to mark the anniversarywedding, invited guests should be prepared zinc wedding scenario. It is necessary that the holiday was a dynamic, memorable for a long time present. Start the day belongs to only two people: anniversaries should pay attention to each other, and guests should call already for lunch or even dinner. After the arrival of guests, begins merry feast, accompanied by congratulations, presentation of gifts from guests, fun games, contests.

The couple, who decided to celebrate with a 6.5 yearsthe day of his birth in the family restaurant, can hire a professional toastmaster (if finances allow), which will be accompanied by celebration and maintain the degree of fun.

Lead-toastmaster leads feast

Gifts for the wedding of zinc

Gifts for anniversaries, celebrating 6.5 years of marriage, should be useful:

  • all kinds of dishes,
  • kitchen appliances,
  • set of tools for her husband,
  • zinc weights for workouts,
  • buckets.

Also suitable items not directly related to the name of the date postcards, pictures, photo, flowers, figurines. The main thing that resembled a jubilee gift of their feelings.

Cookware set as a gift for anniversaries

Congratulations on the wedding zinc

If you are invited to the celebration of zincanniversary, choose a nice greeting, which will leave the pair a good impression. It may be long, grandiloquent poem or small sketches with a twist that rassmeshat present. Many examples of congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding, you will find on the links below:

Watch the original video greetings, created as a gift to newlyweds on the day of the 6.5-year wedding anniversary:

Zinc anniversary of the birth family This event, which will help a young couplere-awaken the fire of passion. It reminds you how important it is to establish order, getting rid of unwanted emotions that relationship was beautiful and durable. If you cease to care about each other, even a strong marriage crumble. Spouses should pay attention to each other and realize how lucky they were, in fact it is so important for so many years to have close to a faithful man. To mark more than one round with dates, they will have a long time to work on their marriage, and do it with pleasure.

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