55 years emerald wedding

wedding anniversary 55 years, an important date, which isbeautiful name emerald wedding. As a precious emerald, a marriage that endured for so many years, is a real rarity. The couple probably already have children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren often. At this stage, no longer remember those small minor troubles that accompanied the jubilee in the first ten or twenty years of marriage. One can only love and respect that they were able to carry through the years.

Ancient traditions and customs in the 55 years of marriage

After the conclusion of the solemn daymarriage took place 55 years. As time passed the wedding the couple have hardly remember, they are told about it only old photographs. Well, if they are stored, it's kind of the beginning of the history of the whole family. Both the hero of the day is already over 70 years old, they are in old age, so the traditional organization of this anniversary of the children involved. In couples, which took place fifty years abroad, it must have been both happy and difficult times, but their loyalty to each other is respect.

Fifty-fifth year of married life togetheranniversaries should start together wake up, have breakfast, talk, reminisce. Touching and appropriate gifts to the event will be jewelry with precious emerald stone that they can present to each other for a woman elegant ring, pendant or earrings, cufflinks for men registered or simply faceted stone. These things would later become family heirlooms to be passed down.

Gifts for emerald anniversary

Emerald wedding: how to mark the anniversary?

The 55th wedding anniversary is a large-scale anniversary,it needs to be well prepared. This is an occasion to invite old friends to find those who were present at the first celebration, to call colleagues. The scale of the event depends on the financial possibilities of the organizers, it is important also to the health of themselves heroes of the occasion. During the emerald anniversary would be inappropriate to employ active toastmaster calling for tenders, more suitable for quiet presenter.

Obofrmlenie hall emerald anniversary

The celebration, which is left to chance, easily do without foreign presenters. Old people like to talk, and emerald wedding, Which invited acquaintances, friends,long, close relatives is a good excuse to indulge in pleasant memories. This jubilee celebration will give spiritual strength, make them happy, because at this age is not so important and fun jewelry. True happiness for emerald spouses to be surrounded by good friends, children and grandchildren.

Selecting the celebration venue

Not every couple will want to arrange a magnificentcelebration, in which case suitable home version of the celebration. For the organizers of the heroes of the occasion lunch or dinner can prepare a small table at which will gather only the closest. If the emerald anniversary is celebrated in a big way, children can remove the room of the banquet hall of the restaurant and have a royal event, which will be another pleasant memory for anniversaries.

Decoration of a festive table for 55 wedding anniversary

Of great importance is the style of the placeof the festival. Decorate the room would be nice green fabrics (tablecloths, fabrics on chairs, curtains, towels), all sorts of green accessories, candlesticks, supports. Also important is the music that will accompany an event: from couples probably have a favorite old songs that have special meaning for them and it is on the emerald anniversary spouses will be pleased to hear them.

What to wear to spouses

In order to fully match the style ofcelebrations, the couple may wear festive costumes of green. In fact, they are not necessarily fully vest in emerald robes, enough light suit and a few bright parts suitable shade. A woman can decorate your neck with dark green shiny handkerchief, wear beautiful jewelry with emerald, to use other parts of the image shoes, hair clips, belt.

Details on clothes emerald anniversary

A man can wear emerald cufflinks or decorate holiday costume green tie, shirt.

Whom to invite

Hosts can invite the faithful of oldfriends couples. Certainly there are those with whom the couple have not seen, because there was no suitable occasion, and sometimes much solves the distance, because the elderly is not easy to move around the city for long distance. Invite worth everyone would like to see the heroes of the day, after agreeing with them the list. However, if you invite guests, which is not easy to get to on their own celebrations, should arrange for their transport.

What should be on the table

The food during the holiday should be light salads,low-fat snacks, meatless main dishes. Unless the spouses themselves, some invited guests at this age can have poor health, which did not allow them to eat too heavy a meal. Let there be a lot of vegetable dishes, seasonal, rather than exotic fruits. Because alcohol will suit light and red wine, champagne, vodka older generation appreciate this drink. It should also decorate the table with flowers.

Cake for anniversary in emerald tones

The highlight of the festival will let the cake: the traditional recipes or new proposals confectioners not so important, the main thing to please jubilee. An interesting option could be cupcakes or other small portioned cakes decorated by emerald beam decor.

celebration Scenario

The large-scale wedding should not pass withoutuse scenario, it makes it easy to navigate in time, do not get lost. emerald wedding script must be beautiful, interesting. It is not necessary to include the active competitions, which will not be too visible heroes of the occasion.

One of the timing options as follows:

  • meeting with guests,
  • seating,
  • dinner,
  • toasts, greetings,
  • ceremonial presentation of gifts,
  • view slideshow
  • wedding anniversaries dance to the song that was played at the first celebration of 55 years ago.

The latter will help the spouses to feel young again, just starting a long journey together. Finish the celebration should be shared photos with all the guests.

Dancing wedding couple on the emerald

Gifts for the wedding of emerald

An ideal gift for celebrations considereddecoration with emerald. However, if guests do not have broad financial capabilities, will suit any thing that will reflect the ratio donor to the jubilee. Wedding anniversary 55 years of marriage marks the wise age, when it is not as important material assets.

Congratulations on the emerald wedding

Congratulations on emerald anniversary of the birth family must praise the experience, loyalty and love anniversaries, which carried her through many, many years.

Watch the video greeting from the children of parents with a 55th wedding anniversary:

Emerald anniversary of the birth of the family a good excusegather the whole family, to give each other attention, care, and share your favorite moments. This is one of the few moments when the heroes of the day can see all your favorite people together, hold them a few happy hours.

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