'43 Life together - what a wedding

It is believed that the wedding - this is the beginning of a new life. After the wedding ceremony the family is born. On the way she meets a lot of positive and negative events. But walking together through the obstacles, raising children, making friends, family becomes stronger, stronger. Therefore, there was a tradition of celebrating the anniversaries of the date of the wedding ceremony. Such anniversaries show how much has been achieved for a husband and wife living together. For example, 43 years after the wedding the couple say the next day, the family was born.

What is the wedding anniversary of '43?

Wedding anniversary - this is a wonderful occasionremind each other about love, loyalty, devotion. Each new anniversary, is the pinnacle, which was achieved thanks to the efforts of both partners. Therefore, it is necessary to celebrate such holidays. Anniversaries are well known in the round dates from the date of the wedding: golden or silver wedding. But there are also intermediate holidays. For example, 43 years of marriage.

In people, this date is tied to the flannel. It is not customary to celebrate noisily, in a big way. But make a modest "gatherings" costs. It is believed that 43 years of marriage - a long time, during which the family has gone through many trials. She had to save heat relations. This date is called flannel wedding. This warm, soft material can retain heat even in the most severe frosts and cold.

Flannel toys spouses to the 43rd anniversary of the family

Original congratulations wedding anniversary

Conceiving original greetings for anniversaries,should refer to best quality flannel. Do not be amiss to mention that in the 43 years of married life, "the couple" have not lost their love relationship to each other only become better. Flannel wedding-not a round number. On her not collected all the relatives, friends, do not book a restaurant or cafe. So congratulations should not be too pretentious. Wise to prepare toasts and wishes in a humorous way. After all, only people close to know over what is allowed to laugh in a day.

Congratulations to flannel wedding

Greeting word from relatives

Flannel wedding - anniversary, tied toLong-term relationship. It is believed that by this time the husband and wife already have children and grandchildren. But love for each other is not quenched, and the heroes of the day warms all the warmth of their hearts. Such feelings are worth mentioning in his congratulation. Close relatives, friends know how to please anniversaries. Preparing congratulations, it is desirable to emphasize the personal qualities of the "young" and the best properties of flannel, cashmere. For example:

  • Remembering the day of the wedding, the beauty of the bride and groom, it was hard to imagine that we all meet again in 43 years, and the relationship between you will have all the same warm and strong.
  • You have been together for 43 years. Let your senses retain heat like flannel. Happy wedding!
  • We wish you to live together for another 43 years and continue to delight us with warm hearts. Let the flower of family relations will never fade.

Embodiments of congratulations from friends

In preparation for the couple congratulations onflannel wedding, friends should take into account the nature and preferences of the "young". If a sense of humor at all heroes of the day in order, as a surprise is often a colorful wall newspaper with all the achievements and victories in 43 years of living together. Colleagues can arrange photos with meaningful, refreshing the memory, photographs or illustrations. Every family has their "own" songs or melodies. For example, the first dance music or a wedding motif. Friends anniversaries can use it in his congratulatory message, referring to the flannel:

  • '43 From the date of the wedding! The significance of this date can not be overemphasized. Let life be warm as flannel, and as soft as cashmere. Congratulations!
  • In 43 years of marriage you have become only more beautiful. Warm your relationship, you can warm the whole world. With flannel wedding!
  • Let the next anniversary in your family will be grandchildren, and no frost is not cool down the heat of your hearts.

As noted in '43 life together?

Flannel wedding - not the most commonanniversary. Not all couples celebrate 43 years of life together. A variant of the celebration of this date can be a small family feast to which invited the closest friends and relatives. Flannel wedding is celebrated at home, so the interior of the room added to the elements of this warm material. Instead flannel is often used cashmere or wool. These fabrics will also work to create a correct "soft" atmosphere.

Celebrating together 43 years of life together

Flannel wedding is considered an intermediateanniversary. Behind ruby, sapphire ahead of the anniversary. Therefore, 43 years of living together say modestly, without pathos. "Young" devote their time together an easy walk through the memorial places. If health permits, the wife of a journey to the edge of his youth, or simply browsing the pictures of significant events.

What to give for a wedding flannel?

The answer to the question of what to give to the jubilee43 years of married life, laid in the anniversary of the artist. By tradition, the "young" give offerings of flannel, cashmere or wool. You can use any gift that warms the body and soul. The couple give each other complete sets of comfortable leisure wear. For example, pajamas or bathrobes. A great gift would be a nice, warm, cozy, semi-woolen or a cashmere blanket.

Gift to the 43rd anniversary of the family - flannel blanket

From flannel make a variety of useful and beautifulitems. On the 43rd anniversary of the "newlyweds' wedding presented with bed linen, pillows and blankets made of natural wool, cooking utensils, clothing. Even a symbolic gift jubilee will bring pleasure. If the festival is a child, he can make a souvenir with your own hands. It will fill the evening special, pleasant warmth. A friend can give jubilee ticket to the warm countries, to strengthen relations. Be sure to do the total family picture to preserve the memory of this event.

Gift set of pastel linen to flannel wedding