'41 What a life together wedding

For forty-one year has passed since the day when the bridegroomthe bride began to spouses. If ten, twenty, thirty years ago, there were minor omissions, quarrels or conflicts, then at this stage, nothing like not happening. Perpetrators of celebration become one, being able to maintain a strong relationship for many years. Surely jubilee for more than sixty years they have got children and raise children or grandchildren have grown up, so the best way to spend forty-first wedding anniversary - inviting home or in a restaurant closest.

What is the 41 anniversary of the wedding?

After ruby ​​wedding, which is celebrated inhonor of forty years of marriage, there comes an interesting holiday - earthy wedding. If the previous anniversary suggests that joint newlywed life - a treasure that needs to be stored and protected, the land speaks of strength, durability marriage. The earthy wedding day heroes of the festivities will celebrate the way that was, perhaps, not always smooth, sometimes heavy and impenetrable, with ups and downs, but eventually brought them to the fact that there is: a strong family, where love reigns.

Previously, earthy wedding had such a name,and the rarely observed, but modern people believe it is important to appreciate every year spent together, hence appeared in the forty-first anniversary of such symbols. Sometimes, this anniversary is called iron, although iron is traditionally celebrated the wedding after sixty-five years of marriage. Earth symbolizes abundance, fertility, stability, and this means that the ground for the culprits wedding celebrations have already achieved all that they wanted, gave birth to the light of children wait for the grandchildren.

Land - a symbol of the forty-first anniversary

Options congratulations on wedding anniversary

Even if the heroes of the day did not want to hold dinner, andthe more magnificent feast, surely loved ones will want to congratulate the heroes of the occasion with earthy wedding. How to do it - a question of imagination. Children can come up with your own greeting with this solemn day, linking their wishes to the ground, because the name of this anniversary - the young. It is unlikely that in the Internet there are many choices of beautiful texts with reference to the symbol of the holiday. However, close relatives and friends can redo found congratulation, praising the long marriage of heroes of the occasion.

Beautiful wishes in verse

Sometimes you want to do reallybeautiful, solemn greeting, especially when it comes to the one you love with all your heart. If a family or close friends to find someone with the talent of poetry, there is nothing better than to write beautiful verses wish jubilee. Older people, who every year more and more appreciate the attention of the beloved friends and relatives will be delighted by this. If poetic compliments like, but do not write out, it should be ordered from the poet.

Verse-congratulation with earthy wedding

Short SMS greetings

It happens that the closest people live far fromheroes of the occasion, are abroad or simply do not have enough time for a phone call. Then you need to write an original short congratulation with earthy wedding. It is necessary to ensure that the spouses are able to deal with SMS messages, because we know how hard people are technical innovations after sixty years. Beautiful message please anniversaries, but still better to spend time on a minute phone call - it will be nice.

Gift Ideas 41 year of marriage

Gift Ideas at the forty-first wedding anniversaryset, because for a long time, this date had no symbolism, so the tradition of gift items associated with the land, is formed. Give a better something symbolic, touching, or vice versa - is good, it all depends on who the donor. What might be the gifts for an anniversary, wedding dedicated ground:

  • Gifts from the spouses to each other. By the time of the celebration of this date, the heroes of the occasion certainly well learned habits of their halves, and the relationship of trust it easy to understand that at the moment is most needed partner. This may be a thing that earthy wedding culprit dreamed. A wife can give your loved beautiful watch, and he told her - some decoration. The main thing - keep in mind the tastes of the person who comes up with a gift, then it is exactly like the hero of the day.
  • Gifts from children and grandchildren. Most heroes of the occasion, having lived together until such a venerable age, dream to see next to a continuation of his - children and grandchildren, so the best gift that can present close relatives - to pay attention to a couple. Any other gifts - just a nice bonus. On the earthen wedding, children can present father and mother touching video greetings or fotoprezentatsiyu anniversaries with your favorite music with their old photographs, draw a card, order a portrait. Watch an interesting video greetings:
  • Also close relatives certainly wellThey know what they are missing at home heroes of the occasion - maybe it's time to update the hostess set of knives or she has long dreamed of a double boiler? Think about what gift will be useful for a couple celebrating an earthen wedding that simplify their lives.
  • Gifts from friends. Some friends went to the hero of the day side by side for sure most of my life, know their character, so they can come up with different greetings. Perhaps it will be something expensive, like a figurine with two swans, beautiful candlesticks, caskets, but surely appreciate a gift heroes of the occasion.

Should we not celebrate this round date?

In true heroes of the occasion arisesquestion: whether to celebrate the date after recently celebrated ruby ​​wedding, which falls exactly on the round number - forty? On the one hand, to celebrate the wedding of earthen absolutely necessary, and on the other it does not interfere. Traditionally, the couple spend the day at home, together receiving phone calls and SMS greetings from children and grandchildren. That day is not accepted to cover the table, invite guests, arrange a large-scale event - usually the heroes of the occasion just can enjoy each other.

Cake-jubilee gift to the anniversary of the day

However, there are people who have lived so many years together,have not lost their desire to holiday, especially on this occasion, as a wedding anniversary. There is nothing wrong with that, to mark the forty-one years of living together, if this is the heart. It is hardly appropriate to organize a magnificent feast with dozens of guests, but family dinner together with their children and grandchildren, close friends - a great reason to congratulate each other on the ground the wedding, remember lived together years to thank my partner for so many years spent together and close up so far.

If the heroes of the occasion did not want to convene itsrelatives, and forty-first anniversary of the wedding of earth falls on a weekday, spouses may only arrange a holiday for two: in the morning to exchange gifts, then have breakfast, go for a walk in the city center or on the environment. Along the way, you can reserve a table at your favorite restaurant (for example, where once held the best wedding anniversary), good lunch there, again go for a walk or to go home. This romantic output during the wedding of earth remind heroes of the occasion as well be alone.

Older people dine in the restaurant

Whichever option of spending time choosewife on the day of the wedding of earth, the main thing - do not forget to congratulate each other, pay attention to the second half. Let this holiday will not be loud, but it is extremely important to the forty-first anniversary of the day to spend there. As heroes of the festivities a little distracted from everyday life, to remember that first day - a green wedding that united their hearts forever.