39 years of marriage - what a wedding

Time flies with great speed, and the wedding,which has been almost forty years ago, there was only in pleasant memories. But data indicating 39 years of marriage, is worth to mention it. Days wedding anniversaries have often celebrated widely, the same is required to be held in the close family circle, he gathered with their children, grandchildren and best friends. But the best way to organize a holiday, what to give and what to say kind words spouses on this momentous day?

What is the wedding anniversary 39 years?

39th anniversary of marriage traditionallycalled crepe wedding. The symbol selected date is no accident: it is known that the fabric is created from a special twist. This process is associated with a long joint through which passed the wife and husband from the day of the wedding until now. The threads of the material is very tightly intertwined with each other. As they are closely related to the fate of people who have lived together for many years.

Relations between women and men should not beless strong and persistent than the crepe, but to preserve the family for many years, they need to be protected. The name "crepe wedding" appeared in the times of our past, when much has been in short supply. Therefore, this wedding has been named in honor of the material, which was not easy to get, and it symbolized the fact how expensive should appreciate each other husband and wife.

Wedding date: 39 years

Options congratulations wedding anniversary

What holiday could do without the gifts,congratulations family and friends? The crepe wedding day, when guests sit down at the table, the couple will be delighted to hear the kind words. Especially for this visit in advance prepared greeting cards or teach themed toast. Because not everyone has a talent for writing, we offer you several options greeting words in honor of the 39 anniversary of wedding - they will be a nice gift for wife and husband.

Greeting words for parents

Crepe wedding - thirty-nine -
The anniversary is not easy,
You two know best how to do it,
We wish you to live to a hundred.

With each other, you are tender, as in the days of spring,
To the envy of family you have created a strong,
And your fate intertwined
So firmly, as if the thread crepe fabric.
Now the wedding congratulate crepe,
Let love and life goes on,
And you really want to meet
On the anniversary of the wedding - in a year!

Crepe wedding today in your home,
And come to congratulate you dear people.
Peace to you, health and love,
Bright and happy lives.
Let your plans come true,
Let the comfort of your home is rife,
Take all our congratulations,
And at the wedding of gold even sing!

You have been together for 39 years.
And this is a considerable period, it's a lot!
We are glad that you are all well.
We are happy that you have been together.
Congratulations to wedding anniversary.
We wish to continue to keep it up.

For many years, live happily,
True love and be loved,
The misery of life and grief do not know -
That's what I want to wish you.
With 39 year wedding anniversary!

We do not tell you - be happy:
You know how it is without us.
We do not tell you - good luck:
Today confirms it best.
We tell you simply:
With 39 year wedding anniversary!

Thirty-nine - have life,
Grandchildren voice is sweet,
Children watch with admiration.
They like old friends.
I wish you happiness, love and light,
That has always been warmed
charisma inspiration
This family.

What to give for 39 years of life together?

If there is a family in your community thatnotes crepe wedding anniversary, then without a gift for a holiday can not do. As is traditionally the symbol of the wedding is a certain material, then a great option would be the thing produced from it. Perpetrators of celebration will be happy to receive a gift of crepe curtains, table cloth, handkerchief, article of clothing, or any other product.

Crepe wedding gifts for her

But if a suitable theme to find a presentyou can not, you need to include fantasy and present another gift. You may want to consider the various options, ranging from a romantic dinner for two organizations in a restaurant or a trip to another city for the weekend, ending the raffle on the phone. Choose a gift for crepe wedding depending on your financial possibilities. Here are some options:

  • Husband, like any other holiday, cangive his wife a bouquet of flowers - it is always very nice. But the anniversary is to present 39 favorite buds of roses, one for each year lived together.
  • Wife and husband enjoy a photomosaic with their wedding photographs, donated by children or close friends. This Presentation will always be pleasing to the eye and trigger happy memories of youth.
  • Useful, and most importantly the actual gift will be a beautiful bed linen, tableware, appliances or items for home decor.
  • Another version of a gift to the official date, which will appeal to fans of adventure - a coupon for Thai massage for two or paragliding.
  • You can also think of a birthday cakemainly about the present. Since no celebration is complete without dessert, you should try to return the jubilee of the wedding day, ordering them to a multi-storey cake with figurines of the bride and groom. This luxury gift does not require add-ons will also be remembered not only the recipients but also to all guests.
  • It is appropriate to be any crepe things for your home or wardrobe items that will symbolize the wedding date.
  • Great idea - give spouses, celebrating 39wedding anniversary, gift certificates, allowing to perform extraordinary deeds: skydiving, swimming with dolphins, the descent from the mountain in the Zorb and more.

Celebration of 39 years of marriage

On the anniversary of the crepe family decided to presentgifts in the form of medals, letters of commendation and diplomas "For 39 years, lived together!". Grandchildren can learn in advance birthday poems or come up with the statement that will compete in front of his grandparents. Interesting scenes can involve not only the participation of children, but also adults. These fun activities can later be involved themselves heroes of the occasion. Make sure that someone was shooting the show, then at the next celebration of the wedding anniversary all will be pleased to see and remember this holiday.

As correctly noted crepe wedding?

Optionally, make a solid scriptfor a holiday in honor of 39 years of marriage, or to invite a lot of guests. Despite the fact that the date is impressive, it is better to reserve forces for the organization of celebrations and buy gifts on the occasion of a ruby ​​wedding (40 years). And for this warm holiday gatherings fit in the circle of relatives and dearest, which you will remember how the couple had lived through what obstacles they were, what events united family. If desired, this date can only be celebrated together - always a good thing to devote time to each other, to plunge into the memories.

How to celebrate the 39th wedding anniversary
  • The choice of clothing to celebrate wedding anniversary

In this holiday tradition wife shouldput on an elegant dress made of light translucent materials such as crepe-chiffon or crepe-satin. For the husband is pick a shirt of the same material. Well, if that failed to find clothes for men, then you need to find at least crapy tie and shirt to choose suitable colors to him. A woman should choose to replace or silk chiffon dress.

  • Required item: room decoration

In addition to its appearance before the anniversary of his wifewedding need to take care of decorating the home, where he will triumph. Hang on a window-crepe satin curtains, if any. In modern stores, they presented a variety of shapes and colors. Festive table cover with lace tablecloth, and serving, follow all the rules, finding the best equipment. Be sure to put on the cake dessert table, which cut a solemn accompaniment of loud applause of the guests. So you create the right festive surroundings.

  • Flowers - an important part of the celebration of 39 wedding anniversary

Vase with 39 flowers, which in honor of the celebration wifegave a loving husband, would be adorable addition to the festive atmosphere. Guests can also bring the family flowers - they do not happen a lot, so any woman will tell you. If invited to bring bouquets are not banal postcards and medals and certificates for the building of a strong, happy family - it's for the jubilee will be doubly enjoyable. To follow the theme of the holiday, flowers also need to decorate crepe.

39th crepe wedding is usually not perceivedas the anniversary, so it opened to celebrate this holiday family feast. On this day, has grown children, grandchildren growing up, close friends gathered at the celebrating family. Guests remember, what was the wedding, how to change, which reached the couple since and give them gifts. Evidence of strong undying love will be smiles, comfort in the house, the children and grandchildren sitting nearby.