38 years of marriage

It is considered that the names of the anniversaries of the daymarriage are still in medieval Germany. The most common anniversaries deemed silver, gold, diamond wedding. But the mentality of our people is that people have decided to extend this list. Almost every passing year together after the wedding has its name. Learn the name of a solemn date in honor of 38 years of living together, and what are the features of its celebration.

What is the wedding anniversary 38 years?

There is a date in the life of the couple - 38 years from the date ofwedding. This may not be a round number, but only with the surprise and joy of watching a married couple, marking the wedding of mercury. This long period of conscious life. Well, when the road traveled together. Mercury - the only liquid metal. As it is mobile and easy to take on new forms and life spouses after 38 years of marriage is changing. The husband and wife, so to speak, dissolve into each other, like mercury.

Relationships become more flexible, comesfull understanding perfectly. Two kindred spirits united in one for a long time after the wedding. Favourable age still has to live for himself, because at this stage, children are adults, cares less, and still has the power to love. Most likely, there will be joint unfulfilled plans and dreams, then left on. So, it's time to implement them.

Options congratulations on wedding anniversary

Congratulate "married" to the wedding day in the 38thagain there is a lot of wishing. It's nice if wishes will come not only from the heart, but also the beautiful phrases that will be remembered for years to come. Guests can not only pronounce the momentous wedding toasts, poems, and write them on cards or certificates, to a couple at any time could reconsider, re-read the emotional strings. More modern methods allow to film, which will help to capture every single moments of celebration in honor of the 38th wedding anniversary (mercury).

Beautiful greeting words in verse

Any suggestions, presented "newlyweds" inanother wedding anniversary, will be perceived more touching and tender, if the words are interwoven rhymes. At all times the ode, the terms in honor of heroes of the occasion, had more success, if it was done by a professional who knows how to tie beautiful words to each other. Preparation congratulations on your wedding anniversary - a moment which should be paid special attention. Here are a few examples of successful poetry wishes:

On your wedding anniversary
I congratulate you, my friends!
Suppose that grows stronger with each passing year,
Your friendly family!
Do not let finances run out,
They let the balance grow,
To caviar spoon,
To drink a glass of honey!
To fly annually
Only in the heavenly region,
That is why on the anniversary
Wish I want you!

How difficult was sometimes shared path
How interesting to turn around and look
All that passed. Let your life long
It always goes wrong. Let it be a full bowl
Large, comfortable, bright house.
To collect one at the table
All the grandchildren, great-grandchildren and children, and friends,
To mark the Centenary of your family!

They say that family life - is the work. We must recognize that their work, you are doing an "excellent". During the years of marriage you are in his family put a lot of work. Works as a teacher - and raised good children, worked as a designer - and, therefore, in your home is always order and comfort, supported by the fire in the family hearth - and therefore in your home live fire of love and family happiness. Work hard and continue to strengthen their families, and let this work brings you only joy.

An excellent pair in honor of special dates:
This large, so big!
It is wonderful that you have met once
And we decided to become husband and wife!
You are feeling their fondly store
For a long light years.
Always love each other tenderly!
Love for your pair and concord!

Perfect your holiday, one to two,
Time flies so quickly,
All the same Bride, the same groom,
And just love wholeheartedly.
We wish each other up you go,
Sorrows do not know and doubt.
Let the great happiness is waiting ahead,
Let accompany you luck!

For holiday a great cause:
Big date - wedding anniversary!
Today, all the toasts and congratulations
Only in your honor! And there is no doubt!
We wish to remain young,
Into each other again fall in love every day,
To live in peace, understanding and agreement,
That house was the guest of the eternal happiness!

You - the best couple in the world,
The family, which is not amicably!
Today is a holiday on the planet -
Plus your year said the duo.
Plus a year of love and understanding,
Plus a year of harmony, warmth.
I send my regards to you now,
To a hundred years the family lived,
That often delighted children
To fulfill all dreams.
Today is a holiday on the planet -
Plus most beautiful couple years!

Not one year has passed from the wedding day.
You have two children, God has sent.
Became friendly, very strong family!
Happy anniversary, I congratulate you now.
From my heart I wish peace and love,
May the Lord bless you all.
Let prosperity in the house will be cozy,
Years happily in peace run.

What to give for 38 years of marriage?

Coming without gifts on the occasion of the celebrationwedding anniversary is not accepted. Flowers for the "bride" - a mandatory rule. Taking care of the gift you need to advance to the last moment, no fuss and not buy the first thing that is on store shelves. Knowing the habits and needs of "just married", it is easy to buy a gift that will bring true joy during the celebrations.

Sometimes spouses ask what they would like toget a gift on their wedding anniversary. Part of the answer - money. They are always short, round sum donated will help offset the costs of carrying out the celebration. For visitors it is convenient, you do not need to "wrestle" to go shopping. But is such a gift to be remembered, even though it is universal? The only justification would be that "the couple" want to buy a big expensive joint gift for yourself, investing in its purchase of all donated money to the wedding anniversary.

To choose the right gift for the 38 anniversarylife together, you need to know some of the subtleties. wedding name "mercury" is not obliged to give a thermometer. If husband and wife for so many years of love with each other - to choose a gift for their wedding anniversary is not difficult. The main criteria should be the movement and quality. This may be changing pattern of sand. Rotating lamp original form will be many years to remind loved ones.

Gifts for wedding anniversary mercury

Gift Ideas for Parents

Not only on your wedding anniversary at a tablegather friends and relatives. After more than 30 years after the date of marriage often come to visit children and grandchildren. What could be nicer discuss common memories for a cup of tea? For beloved parents on their wedding anniversary gifts to choose carefully. After all, so much love, care, effort has been invested in the education of children who responded want to please his father and mother.

It is presented to the right thing would be warma cozy blanket or mantle clock with a pendulum. Rotating household appliances: fan, electric grinder, blender. Beautiful unique table service will also be appropriate to present. Since the wedding is considered a mercury - an unusual stylish gift will wear embroidered with beads or a product containing elements made of this material.

In recent years become increasingly popularto gain this kind of surprise gifts, a trip for two, bought older children. This will be an excellent response to feelings and love my mother and father, because parents always live thoughts and concerns about children without looking at their age. To distract from the routine of everyday life of the family and to plunge into the world of travel, where every day - like a holiday, will help such a gift from grateful children. Remember about it parents will be until the end of his days as a fairy tale, presented to him in later years of life.

How to celebrate the wedding of mercury?

There is no single answer to the question of how tocelebrate the "mercury" wedding date. You can invite a large number of guests, to arrange a magnificent reception, decorate the table beautiful dishes, dance and have fun. Share with family and friends shared pleasant memories, and the Board will help to carry the love and respect for each other after all these years, with the youth. Consider the old photo albums, where the "couple" together with many members of the celebration was so young.

Happiness and love are not age

this modest romantic celebration Oftennarrow circle of closest relatives gathered to congratulate those responsible for the holiday. "Newlyweds" may wear silver jewelry that seem to resonate with mercury. Well, if in honor of the celebration festive clothes will be sustained in iridescent shades of gray, in combination with the name of your wedding anniversary.

On the table should be as much silverdishes, which in itself will give solemnity. Do not forget to put a small bouquet of fresh roses. The room can decorate in shades of silver, which are beautifully combined with white and red. The original addition to the holiday will be installed on the table beautiful candles, which will help create a romantic atmosphere. Dishes will let only the most favorite time-tested.

Some spouses choose to spend the daywedding anniversary just two of us, for example, go to a gift from the children journey. It will be unforgettable - whether it's a ticket to the nearest pension or an expensive resort. In an extreme case, fit a walk in the park, leaving a picnic, a visit to the theater. They will not be bored alone, more importantly, to "couple" feel happy on this day as 38 years ago, on their wedding day. And ahead - the most favorable time for joint action to transform and change that have not yet.