37 years of marriage - what wedding

Family life brings joys and sorrows. However, if a husband and wife go together in life 10,15, 20 or more years, it means that they have learned to live in harmony, to overcome difficulties, to enjoy each lived together year. For spouses, any anniversary of their marriage - a special event. Calico, ruby, sapphire, gold wedding - these names anniversaries of marriage between husband and wife are well known. But, as is called '37 married life? What's remarkable about it?

What is the 37th wedding anniversary?

If you have lived together for 37 years what weddingnote? This non-circular date of marriage has its own name - muslin wedding. Why such an unusual name? A husband and wife who have lived together for 37 years, over the years developed, and have learned to maintain a good relationship with each other. In place of love has come a mature sense of love, which became the basis of an alliance of two hearts. To achieve harmony in family life, it took a lot of effort and labor.

strong muslin cloth

A muslin - a fabric that is in the pastI had a high cost, because it required a lot of effort, time for its production. In ancient times, only people with large incomes could buy muslin material. Hard work on its creation - is a symbolic parallel to the 37 years of efforts of the spouses, aimed at a happy family unit. Muslin - a beautiful, thin, but strong fabric. These properties perfectly emphasize her husband's relationship with his wife of 37 years from the date of the wedding.

The couple have lived together for so long, even moreThey begin to appreciate and to love each other. Their relationship is strong, but warm, gentle. Like a weaver, creating hard muslin for a long time, the wife of 37 years have tried to strengthen the union of two loving hearts. They succeeded, because no life is not bad weather parted them and deprived of happiness in marriage. As the fabric includes a tightly coupled to one another yarn and strong marital relationships are built daily with kind words and deeds.

Original congratulations wedding anniversary

Children, family and friends can be an originalcongratulated with 37 wedding anniversary. The options are many. For this purpose, suitable gift and kind word for "young." The main thing that sounded sincere congratulations, good-naturedly. Running from the heart words will be seen and accepted with gratitude the hero of the day. In his message may be been noted positive aspects of the spouses, their true love and devotion to each other. See below several options for beautiful, warm, kind words for anniversaries.

Congratulations on your anniversary. A little more, and it's time to celebrate the beautiful date, but today we are pleased to note your thirty-seventh wedding anniversary. Let your feelings, your love and joy will shine brightly for years to come.

I want to congratulate you, my good, with muslinwedding. It's been 37y.o. since we cried bitterly, and you raised a toast to the young family. During this time, you know each other from different sides, but not wasted heat. So let the fire in the future of your love is not extinguished by the wind minor quarrels and insults.

Beautiful greeting words in verse

If you want interesting and unusual congratulationsspouses, then compose a poem for them, or memorize someone else's creation about the muslin wedding. Poetry has a great influence on the mind, the senses, so through it you'll be able to bring the best to the heroes of the occasion of your congratulations. Read the following examples of beautiful words in verse form for spouses, crossed the 37 threshold of marriage and choose their favorite line.

37 years - a strong facet of life,
You have been together a lot,
The turn in your wedding party a strong matured,
And new shoots sprouted in his heart.

And as muslin, wedding elegant,
Gentle, strong and so pleasant.
Forget all your affairs,
Let the date be fun.

Marriage - it prosolen always properchen,
But over the years it becomes stronger and stronger.
Love is not dry, love not wither,
Blossoms as drawing a muslin cloth.
To congratulate you on your half
Since the wedding is beautiful, muslin!

Muslin wedding today in your home -
37 years old with one another in love (in love)!
I wish that passion never faded,
Your life has remained excellent,
To health has always been strong,
Joy gave the grandchildren and the kids!

Under the laughter and the sound of the heart,
Under the clink of glasses serene,
Muslin wedding we
Let's celebrate today, as before.

And you do not want to grow old,
Zadornov live, not to be discouraged,
Children love their stronger,
Worthy to raise grandchildren.

Go further for many years,
For hand together, as now,
Love and happiness to carry,
And be an example for all of us!

Eh! Raced both a moment,
Wag magical, breath;
Your 37 year secondary ...
Many burned bridges,
And spread of fires,
And the rich was your catch -
Weddings flower, silk ...

You congratulate from the heart,
And sincerely wish
That was a strong health,
To friends are not forgotten,
That sadness floated away,
Bede would have served them,
Days lighter came ...

37 years ago
You have created a wonderful family.
Today, everyone happy to congratulate you -
You have saved my love!
We wish you peace and warmth in the house,
To fate was happy,
To always lucky in everything,
To love was beautiful!

37 years ago
You have created a wonderful family.
Many life Awards
You got for his love -
Handsome children, even more beautiful - grandchildren,
Warm and loyal circle of friends,
Welcome people of honest services.
And in this wonderful day and wonderful
Let celebrate conceived happiness!

Thirty-seven seemed to be a lot,
But I want to wish you,
Health, happiness of your ground,
But do not forget to fly.

And you to fly higher,
Does not fall to the rocks
On the wings of joy, love,
Without them, we would not have lived together.

Do not forget to dream
During dawn.
Once you together thirty-seven,
A possible further two and three.

You are thin and delicate,
How festive muslin;
All years halcyon
Your marriage - like from the pictures!

The beautiful wedding dresses
We gave you a faithful vow:
And in the gentle, sweet embrace
You soak a lot of years.

You we recall today,
With thirty-seven - not the limit!
I wish that with the will of the Lord
Your marriage is a long time to burn!

Have not cotton and flax,
Now it is closer to silk,
And thirty-seven years, we have with you,
Come on - hand in hand, foot for foot ...

You are my everything, my whole life,
To me you are my light in the window,
And with gray hair at the temples,
I smile at you, you are my sunshine!

What to give for muslin wedding?

Going to 37-year anniversary of living togethera married couple, you should choose an appropriate gift "young". The traditional gift for the occasion - muslin product. It clearly shows how strong their spouses long union. Also, this thing will be to them as a keepsake to remind you of the celebration in honor of 37 years of marriage. Muslin curtains - a popular gift on the occasion of wedding anniversary. They are often presented as a gift for the occasion. It will be symbolic, if the husband gave his wife an anniversary muslin nightgown, and the wife her husband - a shirt of the same fabric.

Muslin linen

Gift Ideas for Parents

Guests can present jubilee muslin clothes. But now things are rarely sew. If you do not find the product muslin, then gave another gift. It can be any objects, things that are useful in everyday life jubilee. For example, dishes, items for the interior. Originally will look valuable small gifts in muslin bags. Whatever you gave, the wife will thank you for what you are attended to their holiday. What give parents in the 37 anniversary of the marriage? It is believed that children should give muslin curtains father and mother on the anniversary.

37 wedding anniversary

As noted 37 years of marriage?

Traditionally, muslin wedding is celebratedcatchy, noisy as the 40 year anniversary of living together. This family-friendly holiday. Usually, the couple decide how to celebrate the date. On this day, it is better to pay attention to each other. Some anniversaries decide to invite to a festive lunch children, grandchildren, and loved ones. During companionship wife at the table with your family can remember the pleasant moments of their life together, interesting cases during a wedding or courtship period.

They can also open the newly established familychildren or grandchildren secrets joyful and happy life together. Senior Wisdom will help the young avoid mistakes and disappointments in the relationship with your partner. The transmission of life experience to do better than a lecture, but as an exciting game. For example, a wife may advance on small slips of paper to write tips and suggestions on how to improve the marriage. All these bumazhechki necessary to lay down in a vase or other container. Then offer guests at a time to get out of it by 1 leaves and read aloud a wish.

Each guest will receive advice from anniversaries, whichThey know a lot about the challenges and joys of family life. So fun and easy while playing young families will learn valuable tips from the pair wise. A long-living married guests will be convinced that it is necessary to continue to appreciate your other half and give her love and affection. Also jubilee will be nice to go somewhere to walk with their children and grandchildren. Be sure to engrave the happiest day of living together in the photo.