36 years of marriage

Behind the more than quarter of a century, lived handhand with your loved one. And from the day of your wedding ceremony was held for 36 years. Among the majority of couples decided to celebrate a wedding anniversary during each of the first ten years after the celebration, on the date marked only round. Therefore, not everyone knows the name of the day 36 years of marriage. But every anniversary - a certain stage in the life of husband and wife, and their families, together experienced difficulties, joy. Many spouses want a special way to celebrate this day, a celebration in honor of a strong marriage.

36 years from the day of the wedding

What is the wedding anniversary of 36 years?

Some wedding anniversary did not say,among them, 36 years of marriage. Folk superstitions associated with bad that date commemoration, so some spouses abandon the celebration of wedding anniversaries. In European countries, in America, the 36-year anniversary of the day is called bone china. The name symbolizes stability, reliability and simultaneous fragility of the family.

In Russia this date is not only acceptedcelebrate, but the name was not given to her. wedding date has been celebrated in the days of ancient Russia, and in some ancient sources, the 36th anniversary is called agate. That is, the agate wedding was twice a day 14 th anniversary of the creation of the family and in the 36th year from the date of the wedding. So the name stuck, so many modern couples, regardless of the superstitious prejudices, in the 36th year lived together organize a celebration in honor of the agate wedding anniversary.

Agate wedding anniversary

wedding symbol

As the 36th anniversary of a fewnames, then the symbol of the wedding is also not alone. Given the American name, it is an attribute of wedding bone china. It is extremely fragile, but at the same time exquisite material. Because he made a beautiful dinner sets, tea and coffee sets. Products made of bone china are especially refinement, the light they seem to be semi-transparent, but sturdy. As family life - robust, but with a strong strike she may crack.

Bone china - anniversary symbol

In Russia, the symbol of a wedding anniversary is consideredagate. This semi-precious stone beautiful associated with wealth and prosperity. He is strong, resistant to damage. For 36 years, the couple checked their relationships, test their strength. As a result, we have gained a wealth of joint, as a close-knit family and prosperity. Agate has different shades, color, whimsical original paintings in the abstract style.

Some psychologists recommend to checkfamily relationships spouses to look at the natural stone, on his photo or video image. Try to unravel Gone shapes on its surface. It is believed that a husband and wife who have built the same associative array when you look at the motives tint agate, built a strong relationship. This family nestrashno no vicissitudes of life.

Agate: symbol 36 wedding anniversary

In France, on the 36 anniversary of the markwedding, which is the symbol of muslin. This kind of cotton fabric. Earlier in this fabric sewed clothes for members of the royal family. Muslin cloth is considered to be strong, but requires some care, because the products may lose her appearance if not properly stored. So it is in family life that marriage remained solid and strong, you need to work on his safety, to care properly.

Muslin: symbol 36 wedding date

Options congratulations wedding anniversary

In celebration of the wedding anniversary,the couple celebrate the day of the official marriage. The traditional greeting "Suite" - a talent he presents. But none of the things would not be as valuable as the spoken words with beautiful wishes. According to the guests express the whole range of feelings of joy for the "young", say their family to achieve. Greetings can be expressed with the offering of a gift, written on a greeting card or spoken during the festive toast.

Each invited tries to be original intheir wishes. But at a certain unanimity with congratulations wedding anniversary traced. For example, in the preparation of his speech, focusing on the family castle, which is arranged in honor of the celebration. Spouse wish to remain always young at heart and be as loved his chosen, as in the first years of their life together. A man willing to be strong support not only for the woman but also for the children, grandchildren.

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary

Each "birthday" of the family is filled with joyexperiences that are recommended to note in holiday greetings. In addition to the beautiful words, a good option congratulations on your wedding anniversary is a bouquet of flowers. Rose - the flower of love, therefore, a large bouquet of roses is the perfect complement to the festive evening. Florists recommended to complement the flower arrangement a pair of sprigs of ivy and mint - plants which are considered symbols of love and fidelity.

Take advantage of ready-made original texts with the wishes of congratulations on the anniversary of living together:

Precious our anniversaries! In the age of extreme precariousness of the family boat you manage together strongly to overcome all obstacles and stuff, undermines life together of two loving people, one day start a family. Let the secret of the strength of your relationship is inherited and tends to create a powerful and happy dynasty. Let anniversaries weddings will be the most favorite part of the holiday and where can love and example to teach the faithful. I heartily congratulate you, wish you health and prosperity!

Dear comrades, the former couple and nowanniversaries! Let this holiday for you and an exciting day for us to congratulate your family to your next wedding anniversary, to wish your family happy days, bright future and prosperity. But most importantly, let this speech will be the last official text in your life! May it be filled with the lyrics: iridescent singing birds, delicate scent of flowers, a slight breath of wind, and other pleasant for you and beneficial for the family attributes. And let this joyous flow keeps on giving!

Today, your family anniversary. Looking for your happy faces, once again convinced that there is happiness and happy marriage - it's not a phantom, and exclusive reality. Exceptional because other such families simply do not and can not be. So you got used to each other that at times it seems that otherwise can not be.

An ancient sage said: "Agate protects only the pure soul and loving heart, and those people he bestows full: calm, family happiness and prosperity But evil people - punishing..." I have long know the culprits of our celebrations, so sure - Agate wedding will be very happy for them!

Beautiful greeting words in verse

The perfect gift "just married" for 36 yearslife together - a greeting in verse. At all do not have the gift of the poet to express their feelings and wishes in rhymed lines. Among the many ready-made original poetry you find a product that helps you to verbally convey overwhelming feeling of joy for the jubilee and wish them a nice warm words on the anniversary of the wedding day.

Let your admiration for the pair

You will hear from all sides

The wife of all the years more beautiful

Spouse good as Apollo.

Let wish you cordially

For a full glass poured

To your union lasted forever

Until the wedding gold!

Love is beautiful in life there is no miracle,

And you gave it to each other!

One fate for many, many years

You two joined their destinies!

Let twice happiness is therein

The warmth and joy fill your home,

And tenderness and love on any day

An excellent family guard!

Today your wedding thirty-six,

And then, the happiness in your life there!

You and waiting for spring and Destination,

And with the fall of the summer, and a snow New Year.

For a long time you have common features,

Together strive to realize a dream.

Combines you still love.

So let it dominates and again, and again!

So your tender feelings and attitudes,

So much light in them, so much good!

Are you still happy to close,

As if the wedding day was just yesterday!

Let love forever remain,

Graced year!

In your life even if everything works out,

Be happy together forever!

So wonderful and joyful it is - love!

After all, I love all the days light up,

So hard for years to keep the family ...

But you have great work!

Sun light and fill your home comfort,

Kindness and warmth, understanding,

Let love burn brighter and stronger day by day,

Fulfilling all your desires!

What is accepted to give 36 years of life together?

Choosing gifts for wedding anniversary necessaryunder the title celebrations. Thus, on 36 th anniversary of the marriage give things that are a combination of fragility and beauty. Ideally suited for this porcelain, as a symbol of the anniversary of one of the versions is the bone china. Choose as a gift to dinner sets, tea or coffee porcelain sets.

Gifts for the 37-year wedding anniversary

If the couple has a collection of statues, thehis gift refill it with a new porcelain bagatelle. Presented as symbols of the current year, made from high quality porcelain. For example, in the year of the tiger figurine is presented with the image of the beast, the horse - the respective porcelain miniature horse. Original gifts for wedding anniversary will be the souvenir dish on which the image will be placed the main heroes of the occasion, the beautiful inscription with the wishes of the family or the creation date.

Close friends as a gift can givefamily agate jewelry or accessories. Women like pendant with agate pendant framed steel. Look also to the other jewelry: bracelets, earrings, brooches. Men suit agate cufflinks or cigarette case, which is decorated with precious stones. A useful gift for the anniversary of living together are candlesticks, a floor lamp with agate decoration details.

What to give for a wedding agate

Gift Ideas for husband and wife

The main gift that spouses should begive each other on their wedding anniversary - a romantic day spent alone. In this holiday giving their chosen / darling love, attention and affection. Optionally do some themed gifts. For so many years she lived together with her husband's wife learned of addiction or secret desires of its second half. Why not realize the cherished dream of each other.

Gift Ideas for the anniversary of marriage

Your spouse has long dreamed of a new fishing rod? Wedding anniversary - a good excuse to please her lover, giving him a coveted thing. The same applies to women's gifts. The wife said repeatedly that she would like to buy new appliances or dishes? Will please her wedding day helpful welcome gift. Also, do not forget the tradition of giving jewelry. Exchanged rings with agate stones, make them memorable inscription in honor of the anniversary.

Celebrating whether agate wedding?

Certain traditions of celebrating the 36th anniversary of theno wedding. Some couples prefer and do not celebrate this day because of people's superstitions. In the American version of this anniversary is considered porcelain. The fragility of this material causes restless association some spouses who refuse to arrange a festive celebration on the anniversary, not to disturb the integrity of the family.

agate wedding celebration

Do not superstitious people advised not to payattention to folk beliefs, and spend your wedding day in a narrow family circle. Jointly conducted by the day - a great option for a family celebration date of birth. If possible, head to the restaurant, which took place one of your first dates. You can arrange a romantic dinner for two by candlelight, including the background of the wedding video. Look at the wedding album, remember that day, the joy of anticipation of a new life.

Is Celebrating 36 anniversary of the wedding day

You want to be in this day near the family expensivefor you people, then arrange a small dinner party for the anniversary. No one is share with you your joy, the children and grandchildren. They are for you to be a shining example of the kind of strong and happy family you have created. This day can be an excellent occasion to live a second honeymoon. Embark on a journey or a weekend out of town, where you can enjoy privacy and each other's company.