'34 Life together - what a wedding

Having lived together thirty-four years ashusband and wife, the couple realizes the true value of these long-term, strong relationship. Most spouses who marry at an early age, divorced after a few years, do not come together in nature, so the perpetrators of the thirty-fourth anniversary celebrations command respect from others. At this point, they have raised and brought up children, and they certainly gave birth to their grandchildren. The couple with the experience for a long time have learned to understand each other perfectly and poluvzglyada formed a trusting relationship.

What is the wedding anniversary of '34?

Thirty-fourth wedding anniversary receivedits name in honor of the fossilized resin of coniferous trees - amber. No wonder the celebration named after amber stone, because you need a lot of time for his education. While conventional resin will turn into a real jewel, become strong, radiant and beautiful, will be held for hundreds of years. So for a good marriage it takes a long time: first, he is weak, soft, pliable, like fresh tar, and only after a dozen years is able to withstand all the difficulties and become strong and beautiful, like amber.

In Russia, amber stone has been known since ancient times,they not only decorated jewelry, household items, but also produced with his direct participation cigarette cases, chests. The greatest work of art, created using this unique stone is considered to be the Amber Room - a place-masterpiece, a long time to decorate Tsarskoye Selo before his disappearance during the Great Patriotic War. By the processing of amber resin began to show a special interest in the 40-ies of the last century, after which originated various artistic trends and schools.

The magnificent beauty of the place - the Amber Room

Amber fossils are of different colors: golden, honey-yellow, orange-yellow, red-brown, black, white, blue and banded. Stones are fully transparent, partially transparent and opaque, especially prized by jewelers findings which do not contain water or air bubbles. Only ten percent of amber fossils suitable for inlay in jewelry, decor items, sideboard made of precious metals. Most goes to further processing, is used in the chemical industry.

Thanks to the beautiful amber stones mean to himWe gave a lot of interesting names, such as "the gift of the sun." In ancient times it was believed that amber protects people from evil forces, it helps to protect the family from evil spirits, as well as to establish communication with the ancestors. Until now, amber jewelery, amulets credited with the ability to give a person the ability to accurately analyze the events correctly predict their further course. This amulet is to help travelers find a good night, and sea-going vessels successfully perform sea campaign, protected from the flood.

Amber symbol of the holiday - the amulet from troubles

The tendency of the ancient people confer different phenomenaand things magical powers did not pass amber: Shamans said that amber stone - a magic forest resin. Has special magical powers believed those fossils that have kept small twigs, leaves, and insects (in a scientific way - "Inclusion"). These amber stones inserted into staves, performed magic rituals with them.

Now many believe that amber is capable ofclean the air, space, give light, heat, home, rescue man from the bad memories and cope with difficulties. All these properties of amber stone rightly made it a symbol of the thirty-fourth anniversary of the marriage, which occur both good and bad things, but first and keep outweigh Union.

By this time the couple have certainly stoppedquarrel over trifles, "clearing the air" around itself from turmoil and disagreement. They coped with many difficulties and forgotten old grudges, ie. And thanks to which came in this age of wisdom, the couple exactly "established a link with the ancestors", become more aware of their parents, brought up their children.

Amber stones symbolize inclusive wedding anniversary

Original congratulations wedding anniversary

To create an original greetingsuccinic wedding, invited her guests, as well as people who just want to attend to the heroes of the occasion, it is necessary to link the text of congratulations on the anniversary of the symbol - amber. Ready congratulations succinic date of the wedding guests can find on the Internet or come up with their own. Do not be shy to say the words that were taken from an available source, the main thing - to learn the text well wishes and say the pair lived up to the wedding of amber, from the heart.

Beautiful words of congratulations in verse

Congratulate the thirty-fourth anniversaryWedding husband and wife can be in verse. This style greetings more solemn than usual prozovy text suggestions. Guests of poetry festival dedicated to a long life together heroes of the day, can come up with on their own: in this case, be sure to use the symbolism of shining amber, comparing the stone with family anniversaries. Also invited people can find a suitable poem associated amber wedding on resources, which contains poems greeting.

Verse 34 greeting wedding anniversary

What is accepted to give an amber to a wedding?

To honor the long union heroes of the occasion onsuccinic wedding guests can teach them a variety of gifts. It can be as valuable, expensive gifts, decorated with a symbol of the anniversary, as well as cute, touching, simple tokens. Much depends on the proximity of the giver to the spouses of succinic wedding: if guests know well hobbies spouses can give something connected with their favorite thing.

Gift Ideas for husband and wife

The day starts with the fact that a husband and wifepresented gifts to each other. At the time of donation heroes of the occasion should thank each other for the donated love, care, attention, warming family home partner and starry eyes glow like the glow of amber. Good will link all congratulations with an amber stone, because the thirty-fourth wedding anniversary is named after him. Perpetrators of celebration must express my joy that fate bound them together - so start amber anniversary goes well, will be memorable for the couple.

Gifts: amber cigarette case with a lighter and a bracelet

Present selected for a partner, not necessarilyIt must be associated with an amber wedding - it may be subject, fulfilling a long-standing dream of hero for the day. Also, the couple can spend their savings on a joint purchase, which will be a good upgrade for the house - for example, a dishwasher or a new refrigerator. The husband must present his wife a bouquet of yellow flowers. In addition, the wife can give your favorite cigarette case walking stick, and the husband of his half - necklace, bracelet, earrings.

Variants of gifts for parents

By the time of the wedding of Amber parents whose children haveprobably grew up, got my kids, established financial status, so they can teach them a good gift. As a thank you for the donated life, parenting, son or daughter can make the road a present heroes of the occasion: home appliances, exquisite amber casket with a star clock - father, mother - a beautiful decoration. It is also a wonderful gift will serve as a photo or video greetings, presentation with pictures of family life. See videopodarok from parents of children at the wedding of amber:

As was mentioned by 34 years of living together?

Many of the heroes of the day are wondering -celebrate or not the thirty-fourth anniversary? After a year come round date - thirty-five years of marriage. On the one hand - to arrange chic holiday is optional, but call beloved children, and close friends to comfortably sit at the holiday table - a great solution for wedding amber. On this solemn day, the perpetrators can decorate a modest dining table with amber products, decorate the room a bouquet of flowers honey, yellow, orange, lay the proper tablecloth.

Bouquet for the holiday table on amber wedding

Amber wedding - this is another reason toheroes of the occasion recalled how happy all this time to live with your loved one. anniversary symbol indicates a strong family, developed over thirty-five years of group activities, and further jubilee only need to take care of his main jewels - a long, happy marriage. At the wedding of Amber heroes of the occasion can again look at each other, to refresh and warm your romantic relationship.