28 years of marriage - what a wedding

After the wedding festivities do not needupset. Within a few weeks we will begin the wedding anniversaries, which invite friends or relatives. Anniversaries from the wedding day is celebrated around the world. In each country, they are called in different ways and have their own customs, but the mood is excellent - a must in this day of all. It is believed that the celebration of the anniversary of the wedding ceremony was invented in Germany, and later, this tradition has spread all over the world.

What is the wedding anniversary 28 years?

Most wedding anniversaries is a symbolicvalue and is tied to specific subjects or dates. For different countries, they differ in meaning. For example, one year of living together in Germany, called the paper, in England - cotton, and in Russia - chintz. The meaning of the first anniversary of the names of the fragility of relations. It is believed that this is only the beginning, and love need to cherish, as the fragile cloth or paper. On the first anniversary of the memorable open a bottle of champagne, a cake shop, prepare a festive meal.

The first wedding anniversary

Celebrate couples usually round dates. Cover the table and take out a festive dish for 5, 10 and 25 years. But there are also intermediate holidays celebrated in close family circle. The ratio of these anniversaries shows emotions unsinkable spouses. 28 years of marriage, the wedding is called a nickel, and in other countries - the day of orchids. Nickel - metal that does not tarnish with age. Therefore, this solemn date symbolizes the purity of the senses and to the stability of the test of time.

Options congratulations wedding anniversary

There are many options for celebratingsolemn anniversary date. It is believed that the anniversary - a miniature wedding. Mark it in a big way you can, set the table at home or ordering dinner in a cafe, restaurant. Some couples convenient invite only close friends and mark the date in a close circle. To remember the anniversary, the festival is best to prepare in advance and think about all the little things.

Laid banquet table

Family birthday in a cafe

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary should approachthe name of the day of marriage. Each attribute has a certain meaning. Pick up greeting should be based on a variety of factors and features a solemn day. For example, celebrating 28 years of marriage, it is necessary to recall the best quality nickel. After all, this metal is a symbol of that date. There are other variants of congratulations on the anniversary. For example, a video card. An example of such greetings presented in the following video:

Beautiful greeting words in verse

At the celebratory round table wants to saynice words for anniversaries. Often they come up with greetings in verse. This is a tribute to the past stage in the life of the spouses. No need to try to do a literal description of the anniversary date. It is advisable to put a meaning in poetic form, and be sincere. Greeting words written, nicely decorate, and then they will be a reminder of the solemn event. There are many ready-made greeting texts and poems. Here are some examples of congratulations.

We congratulate with nickel wedding
28 years you have together, the two of you.
And only wish happiness in the day,
For you to pour the glasses full.
We wish you a great success,
Happy life of endless days,
Let there be a lot of fun and laughter,
And many worthy friends!

If only be in charge, if it was to know
What shall be the fate of revolution?
That nickel wedding
He went through and time.
Do not become routine sulfur!
Keep the former splendor
Harmonious and measures
Believing in the truth of miracles!
And for a friendly table
Remember about the past!

On this day, let us together
We'll drink wine:
For the beauty-bride
Pei, groom, to the bottom!
Let raced twenty-eight years,
For his wife, drink, groom, whip fatigue,
You still yun!

Metals are different,
Metals much on the ground.
I have respect for all metals,
But nickel somehow dearer to me.
I do not know why: understand-ka
Soul desire? whom
For example, gold .. I - nickel,
I sympathize with him.
And the wedding, too, nickel
Pete range of special feelings:
It is dearer to me than all others.
And I say sincerely want:
Always, everywhere goddess
Nike Victory Untraceable -
It sounds in nickel wedding name,
As a symbol of life's victories!

Wedding this - nickel.
Wedding this - threw
All the sadness of the window.
Morning full of joy.
Hurtling life as if the sledge
Children with high mountains.
Well, we sit with you.
And a fire burns in the furnace.
Let go of sadness smoke
Congratulations are just.
28 years, it is simply beautiful.
What do you want - a return.
Your wedding anniversary
Today we will celebrate.
There is not a better, more beautiful!
And it's time to read the verses.

Short SMS greetings

Congratulated on his wedding ceremonycan remotely. Not always it is possible to come to the solemn event and pay homage to the couple personally. Often send greetings in the form of SMS messages. The contents of such messages, you can come up with on their own or take in our selection of SMS greetings.

I congratulate wedding anniversary
You today, my mom,
Now you wish you from the heart,
You to live this life, loving.

With another wedding anniversary,
We are now happy to congratulate you.
You are beautiful, like a woman with a man,
And as a family, you just superclass.

On the anniversary of the wedding congratulations!
Your union grows stronger over the years,
Complexities any, differences
Let love helps you decide!

Another year of living together!
Like it a lot, and how little!
I congratulate you and wish you to be patient and appreciate each other!

Congratulations on your anniversary and wish you happiness
Let will bypass all the bad weather
Suppose you have a happy life flows
Let the many children born
Let all our plans come to pass
Let cherished dream will come true!

Years have passed, you were married,
Family in increased volumes for a long time ...
I want to kiss you right now!
Let life be as colorful in the movie!

Anniversary quietly appeared in time,
We do not have time to blink an eye you.
Let us remember how the wedding sang,
To momentarily happy day return!

What to give for 28 years of life together?

Gifts for wedding anniversary selected baseditems, materials, which are associated with that day. For example, lived together for 1 year, decided to give bed linen and tablecloths. This anniversary is called chintz or gauze. And on the 9th anniversary presented a crystal, earthenware, symbolizing the fragility of relations. Often gifts make their own hands.

28th anniversary of married life is callednickel or afternoon orchids. Gifts for a holiday choosing appropriate. Nickel-plated articles, which give jubilee, not so much, but choose to eat it. A variation of such greetings may be photo or a picture in a frame of silver-white material. Nickel is used in the manufacture of electronic equipment. Interesting gifts can become collectible coins engraved with the greeting, or a beautiful grandfather clock with nickel-plated dial.

Nickel heart

Once the metal is used for decoratinghousehold items. Nickel is decorated with kitchen utensils, crockery, cutlery. Original gifts for 28-year wedding anniversary for a man can become a weapon with nickel elements. Refuse collector with saber hilt of silver metal, it is simply impossible. Such a gift to remember.

We should not forget about the traditional gifts. A bouquet of flowers, souvenirs, rare brand of wines, beautifully packaged candy - a standard set of parts of the spouses congratulations. By mutual agreement, the guests give porcelain, crystal items, vouchers, or other useful things. The main things to be sincere and from the heart. Even a simple card made with your own hands, bring joy jubilee.

Nickel-plated photo frame

Gift Ideas for Parents

Parents - the closest people on earth, sogifts on the anniversary of their wedding should be chosen taking into account the peculiarities of the relationship and the couple of characters. Nickel-hand wedding gifts of silver light material, pick up objects, symbolizing the solemn day. Original present may be a plate with an inscription, commemorative photo in the nickel frame. Taking into account the wishes of the parents, presented certificates to the various services, travel or tickets to the cinema, the theater, where they pray thee together.

Why not customary to celebrate the wedding of a nickel?

In our country it is customary to celebrate gorgeously rounddate. On silver, gold wedding going all relatives and interim dates usually do not celebrate. 28 years of life together - a life that deserves respect, so there is nothing wrong if you want to celebrate this anniversary. The nickel wedding day orchids spouses must meet together. It is believed that this period for a husband and wife is associated with difficulties, so it is better to devote a nickel anniversary of the implementation of their undertakings.