26 years of marriage - what a wedding

After living together a considerable number of years, the couple,usually festively celebrate only round the date of marriage: 10 years, 20, 25, etc. However, this does not mean that the other holidays will not be of importance in each year of family life. An illustrative example of this - 26 th wedding anniversary, which once again gives the spouses the possibility to show attention, care and affection to each other, as well as demonstrate their mutual love. This is a great occasion to once again remember the great time of youth, love and carefree.

What is the wedding anniversary 26 years?

If you are interested, some 26 years togetherwedding, ask your parents. They probably know as much time living together, it's Jade wedding anniversary. This day is called so not accidentally, because jade is a strong natural mineral. Its strength is so high that it can not even break the sledgehammer. It is believed that these characteristics must have developed over the years and inseparable relations between spouses.

jade wedding symbol

With the onset of jade wedding abroadof marriage enters a phase of self-sustaining period: the family has already been formed, grown children, career realized, recognition received. There comes a good time stability, confidence - this is the hour to create a romantic atmosphere in the marital home, to make up a loving relationship with happiness and tenderness.

Original congratulations wedding anniversary

You are invited to the wedding of Jade? Be prepared congratulatory text. Use them at the holiday table, to say the beautiful speech. Congratulations may be in the form of an unusual toast with colorful prose or poetry. If you are looking for the original words of congratulations in honor of jade wedding, check out some examples below. They can be successfully used on such a wonderful occasion.

Greeting a drinking speech at the wedding of Jade
  • Congratulations to Jade wedding of friends

No precious metal or stone is not able toembody true love, loyalty invaluable, infinite desire to be together. Let your family, these values ​​will be the same after more than a decade. Strengthen collaborative relationships, keep the family hearth, love, appreciate every moment spent together, and respect each other! With wedding anniversary jade you, our dear friends!

Knowing you have a lot of years, I see that the UnionIt lasted for the 26th consecutive year. As a witness, I can say for sure that your children are grown up - a gold in the home atmosphere reigns abundance always, love, comfort, and friendship, both of you have reached the desired position on the corporate ladder, have been recognized. All this is due to the fact that you are together. So why, then, people call it marriage? Such a life - the highest grade and a wonderful role model! Let this will continue! With jade wedding, dear! Bitterly!

To inspire good thoughts asan original way to congratulate friends with jade wedding, see further below video. They presented another unusual idea how to create a contemporary greeting for the wedding friends, drawn up in the form of presentation. This is an original and interesting option, which is able to impress anyone who receives such a greeting.

  • Greeting speech of children - parents

Dear Mom and Dad! We cordially congratulate you on your wedding jade! We wish that these holidays took place, at least another 60 coming years and become a wonderful tradition in every passing year. And we, your children and grandchildren will be every year to congratulate you on such a celebration all in larger quantities. So stock up to the maximum of patience, love, health, we have to endure! We love you hard!

  • Congratulations husband - wife

My bright ray of light! If you knew how bright you shine for me this year! We are together as much as 26 years! Time has flown by, and you're still the same beautiful. No wonder today's wedding is called jade - because our relationship with you has become so strong that they will not be able to destroy any one person in the world. Thank you for all those years of endless happiness! Let it be so on, you just remember that I love you very much!

Greetings beloved wife of her husband with jade wedding
  • The wishes of his wife on wedding jade

Exactly 26 of these anniversaries ago I was without a shadow ofdoubt went under the crown are identical with you. Then I did not know what awaits me ahead. Many things we're experienced. From this, our relationship has become stronger only as jade. I have never regretted about the chosen path of life, so I want to tell you thank you for your love, faithfulness, gentleness, understanding. This is our holiday of a lifetime with you, we are ably filled with happiness. With jade wedding, you, love!

Beautiful greeting words in verse

To congratulate the beautiful jade wedding,it can be framed in verse form. It is not necessary to invent colorful verses, choose the original phrase. There are many ready-made poems, the theme of which serves 26-year wedding anniversary. Check out some of them below.

ozdravlenie with jade wedding in verse

ozdravlenie with jade wedding in verse

ozdravlenie with jade wedding in verse

ozdravlenie with jade wedding in verse

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What to give for a wedding anniversary jade?

On 26 wedding anniversary should be preparedgift of jade. This will be very valuable and a good gift, because this mineral has healing properties. For such a present options can be mass, for example, a variety of massager leg joints, universal health tools for the entire body, car seat cushion with jade inlays.

A nice gift in the wedding day will bedifferent sized figurines of this mineral, beautiful tableware, nominal medal. An alternative for jade wedding will be traditional gifts that are always appropriate for any festive occasion. For example, small or large household appliances, expensive linens, a variety of pictures, grandfather clock, room decor items.

Gifts for the wedding of Jade

Gift Ideas for Parents

When parents say such a beautifulwedding anniversary, I would like to make a special gift that will cause pleasant sensations at your favorite relatives. The choice must necessarily fall on jade ware: it can be as decorative souvenirs (figurines, table clocks, medallions), and useful medical items (jade bracelet massage, back belt with jade plates).

If you have considerable financialmay consider more options and valuable gifts for the wedding of Jade. It is appropriate to become a tourist trip or a round the world tour, a gold chain with a pendant and a jade stone for moms and a similar ring seal for the Pope and other precious jewelry, large items of everyday use, a subscription for a joint day of spa treatments, a certificate for a certain amount in the perfume shop.

Gifts to parents jade wedding

For parents, the value of your gift isnot in its most expensive, and the attention that you give to them, therefore presenting a souvenir is not absolutely necessary to lay out large sums of money. Focus on a few simple conditions: the gift should be welcome, relevant, presented to parents with a special love and tenderness.

How to celebrate the 26 th anniversary of living together?

This holiday is not considered to be a round anniversarythe date for the celebration that requires a wide scope to the huge number of people. It is possible to manage and narrow circle of loved ones and dear to the heart of people. Prepare a couple of brand-name family dishes, cover the table for a few people and modestly celebrate his 26th anniversary of living together in a pleasant company.

If a family is good wealth, you cancelebrate the holiday in the restaurant, inviting all the friends, relatives and loved ones. Make beautiful cake with symbols of the 26-year-old wedding, organize a small reception with a light meal, ask to include your favorite music and fun celebrate another great year of married life.

Celebrating jade wedding anniversary

Each year, lived together, exerts itsimpact on spouses. Their relationship becomes how long the cognac, which over the years becomes more and more consistency, strength, aroma and taste unique bouquet. What could be more beautiful than happy husband and wife, who is behind a considerable number of years lived successfully bred children, rich life experience and a festive mood. Note the anniversary of jade, as if it is your very first wedding, with the enthusiastic faces of happiness, hearts full of love and affection for each other.