100 years of red wedding

Among all the wedding anniversaries of the most incredible and amazing, is considered red wedding hundredth anniversary of the wedding. It is hard to imagine that the couple have lived together for a century! Until recently, there was no evidence of formal wedding celebration of a century: the first was the family Agayev from the mountainous villages of Azerbaijan. They are the pioneers of the secular marriage gave the name of the 100-year anniversary. On this day, a couple celebrating a great event of this century a strong love.

Ancient traditions and customs of 100 years of wedding

While there is information only on one pair,which is due to good health and good ecology managed to live together for so many years, so the traditions and customs of this anniversary is a little bit. At the time of the event Azerbaijani spouses Agayev was 116 and 126 years. Even for modern people, who get good medical care, to live to the age of great rarity, except for some centenarians who meet as old age without a pair.

Spouses Agayev 100 years of wedding

Earlier, during the Rus, the word meant rednot only color. Red called all beautiful, well made, so anniversaries this day should surround the finer things. You can decorate the celebration of all the attributes in shades of red, this color is used in textiles tablecloths, napkins, curtains, draperies on the chairs. On the table is better to put red roses, chrysanthemums and peonies, also use other dining accessories in this color candlesticks, figurines. The ideal the final chord of the festival will be a stylish red delicious cake.

Red cake for the 100th wedding anniversary

The couple in this day should give each otherred things decoration, flowers. They can also make a second marriage rite with the exchange of rings, the jewelry should be with rubies or other red stones. This ritual is a great way to mark the centenary, it will underline the feelings still hot from previous pair to each other eternal fidelity, incredible power of love.

Rings with rubies 100 years of wedding

How much all of the surviving spouse to the wedding: after the birth anniversaries for sure twice or thrice observed a continuation of the kind of grandchildren, great grandchildren, great-grandchildren. It grandchildren or great-grandchildren are organizing events, anniversaries because children older persons themselves.

Red wedding: how to mark the anniversary?

On this day, close relatives of the perpetratorscelebrations need to come together to give their full attention jubilee. This will be a big celebration, because it will gather several generations with their families, from young to old. The organizers will take the decoration of the room, food preparation, coming up with an interesting scenario. As for a formal dinner or a supper, it should be easy, without complicated and fatty foods, to the whole society make guests feel comfortable.

Decoration of the hall to the centennial of the wedding

Despite the obstacles, the two men at the timered wedding lived together for a hundred years. It is worthy of the deepest respect, which should show present. Participants celebrations will surround the beloved heroes of the day care, and to this date will forever remain in the memory, it is necessary to make some general commemorative photo shoot video.

celebration Scenario

red wedding scenario will includedelicious dinner party or dinner, congratulations married couple, presentation of gifts. Children and grandchildren can prepare a beautiful view: to collect photos, videos heroes of the occasion, mount clip and show guests on the big screen jubilee will certainly be pleased to see the days of his youth. The final stage of the evening could be playing songs that are loved wife, being newlyweds and their touching dance together.

What to give a red wedding

The couple had lived together a hundred years, has experienceddifferent poverty, wealth, and happiness nepriyanosti. After such a long period of life are no longer valued material gifts, because truly the main gift gets the attention of people who are heroes of the festivities dedicated to the lives of children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. Also present at the 100-year-old wedding celebration can give perpetrators memorabilia:

A set of dishes for the 100-year-old couples
  • registered ornaments decorated with red precious, semi-precious stones;
  • souvenirs statues, boxes, candlesticks;
  • quality service in red;
  • kitchen accessories;
  • postcards, paintings, drawings;
  • woman beautiful scarf, red or decorated with red elements,
  • man beautiful red tie.

Congratulations on the red wedding

Guests may vary congratulate Redanniversaries: to come up with your own poem to recall funny, and just interesting moments of their lives. Following the links will choose a ready-made greetings for the celebration:

Example video congratulations on the anniversary of that grandchildren can prepare for couples:

Red Anniversary rare event. If your family was able to meet with the centenary, try to make them happy in the day, surrounded by all the attention and care. Old men will be nice to see around you who love children.

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