Linen invitation cards for folk-style wedding

If you are planning to organize a large-scalecelebration and invite a huge number of guests, then you certainly need invitation cards. Do without invitation will not be able, perhaps, even a small event. Especially that allow invitations to emphasize the importance of each guest individually. Personal invitations linen - the best business card for your wedding in folk style. With step by step instructions site you will be able to make such an invitation to the wedding with their own hands for their guests.

Ready linen invitation
The invitation for guests

Materials and tools:

  • Fabric: linen or cotton;
  • Paper freeze;
  • starch;
  • acrylic paint (colors choose in its sole discretion);
  • Plexiglas (safety glass) or paperboard;
  • iron with a steam generator;
  • ironing board;
  • matrix for cutting;
  • milling machine;
  • stationery knife;
  • line;
  • jet printer;
  • Brush for drawing.

The list of necessary tools

Detailed instructions:

Preliminary work with fabric and paper

First of all, you need to do -Clever design for future invitations. If the design of the invitation you are still undecided, then think about their size and the number of invitations that you plan to place on one page. Then proceed to the cutting of the fabric to the corresponding pieces with small margins. Make a few sample more of you will be able to use as a tester.

fabric Cutting

Next, using a knife and a ruler stationery need to cut the paper to freeze. Its size should match the size of the tissue pieces.

Paper Cutting for freezing

Step starching fabric optional butrecommendatory. After starching the tissue becomes more rigid and elastic. Starched invitation is easy to handle. Instructions how starched cloth, you can read on the back of the packaging from the starch.

fabric Starch

After nakrahvalivaniya when the fabric a littledried up, it must be ironed. Make sure that the fabric pieces are not skewed irons. Only use a hot iron. In the case of tissue deformation, repeat the previous paragraph again and again proutyuzhte.

cloth ironing

Now take the cut pieces of paperfreezing. Attach a piece of a paper adhesive (wax) to the side fabric piece. To cloth glued to the paper, iron the product is warm, but not hot iron. Thus, the wax into the fabric and linked parts. As a result, you should get a blank on one side of which - the fabric, with the second - paper.

As you did with the blank margins,it is time to trim all the edges and remove the protruding threads. You will turn the sheets with straight and smooth edges. Then complete the design development of the computer. Double-check everything several times. Be guided by the principle: "Measure twice, cut once."

Smooth edges articles

Printing and decorating invitations

Now is the time to miss your testpaper and tissue procurement through the printer. Load the sheet into the printer and make sure that their supply will be carried out smoothly, and the text is smooth, clear and not blurred. If you are satisfied with the trial version, print all other sheets in the same way.

Printed pages invitation

To avoid fraying the fabric and giveadditional inlay invitations Draw the edge of a bright color. If you are confident in the strength of the starched products, while drawing the edges can be omitted. To draw the edge you need to draw a border that you will paint. Invitations with colored edges can be printed on the test paper.

A test version of the colored edges

Now you can start coloring the edges in the original invitations. Use a brush and choose a color of acrylic paint. Stained edges carefully, take your time.

Staining edges invitations
How are dyed invitations edge

When the paint dries, using a cutter and ruler to trim the edges of the final size of the invitations.

Finally, you can separate the paper from the fabric.

Removing the fabric from the paper

This is such a beautiful, exclusive invitation will receive each of your guests.

Ready version of the invitation to send guests


Do not forget to pick up for their invitationscorresponding envelopes. Using a similar technique, wedding portal offers create other decorative panels for decorating wedding. For example, develop a nursery cards, number plates for tables or textile wedding album in general style with invitation cards. It is not necessary to use a linen cloth, replace it with any other, add embellishments of ribbons, beads, bulk applications and you will have a stunning invitation! In addition, residues of linen fabric can make the textile cushion for rings, jewelry for candles, a bag for money or for the packaging of bottles. Moreover, flax harvesting can be used in the creation of accessories for the wedding photo shoot.

openwork prishlashenie
Invitations in the folk style
Jeans invitation
Vintage textile invitation
Textile envelope
Cloth Wedding Album
Wedding bags
Holiday packages for bottles

Despite the fact that you spend a lot of time to create these wedding attributes, you can be sure of their quality and functionality!

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