Luxury chandelier made of flowers

Flowers for wedding decoration always createunusual mood, adding a wedding romantic notes. Flowers fill the room with freshness - everything breathes a pleasant fresh scent of spring. Most often the flowers put in a vase and arrange them on the wedding tables. It can be made of porcelain or glass vases, any option that will nicely fit into your wedding style.

Flowers are also used as the focaltable element, most often on the table newlyweds. Flower arrangement looks very rich and dynamic and attracts the views of the guests. However, some flower decorations you can make yourself, without the help of florists.

The new master-class at the wedding portal you will learn how to make a floral chandelier, which will show off at the tables. This option is suitable for decoration of rooms, where little space. Vases on tables easily replaced hanging ornaments, which, moreover, are more fashionable and modern decoration option. Wonderful chandelier made of flowers can be used for wedding photo shoots, to get stylish frames. Make such an accessory is simple: just select your favorite colors and get to work!

fashion chandelier
The beautiful decoration of flowers

Materials and tools:

  • flowers (best suited snapdragon);
  • hoop diameter of 25 centimeters;
  • decorative adhesive tape;
  • thread and needle;
  • small metal ring;
  • scissors.


: 40 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

Flowers at the wedding - it is always important andstylish, so do not miss the chance to create with us a true masterpiece - a trendy chandelier, which will decorate your wedding. Prepare the hoop and matching colors. In our today's master class we used snapdragon, since these flowers have thick stem and original color combination that is ideal for creating unusual accessory.

Prepare hoop
Prepare flowers

The first thing you need to wind the hoopdecorative tape favorite color. Next, you need to prepare the flowers. It is necessary that all of them were of the same length. The stalks should be cleaned of leaves, leaving about 6-8 centimeters of pure stem. Pull the thread to the needle and carefully thread the needle through the stem.

Pass the needle through the stem

Wrap the thread around the hoop several times andtie a knot. Continue to bind to the hoop flowers as long as the whole place will be filled. It's okay if the flowers will not hang on the same level. On the contrary, asymmetry will make even more original decoration.

Tie all the flowers to the hoop
Free space left

Next, at three points at equaldistance to the hoop tie three threads. Connect the strings in the middle, tied them to a metal ring. Make sure that your chandelier maintained a balance. The original accessory of flowers ready!

Tie the thread to the ringlet
Accessory ready
Chandelier ready
Original decoration ready


This bright and stylish chandelier would be unusualdecoration of the room. Snapdragon has several colors, so you can feel free to choose the color you like, or make a colorful accessory. All colors are very gentle, and everyone can choose something to taste. You can use a completely different flowers, such as roses or chrysanthemums or simple field flowers.

Beautiful hanging composition - a realthe trend this spring, which will be enjoyed by your guests. Do not forget to add to your jewelry accessories in the form of ribbons, beads or other decorative elements. This stylish chandelier can be used for wedding photography to make a stunning colorful photos. Chandeliers can be hung on the bushes in the park or even on the trees and lamppost in a shady alley - any idea to get the original colors and creative.

wonderful chandelier
Original ideas candelabra
Suspended decoration of flowers
Beautiful flowers in the decoration of the hall
Suspended composition for wedding
Flowers wedding decor
Decoration of wedding flowers
Candelabra on the table

On site has dozens of tips to create unusual accessories that will make your wedding truly unique.

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