Lovely autumn boutonnieres

Floristry - is an art of makingsimple flowers and plants true masterpieces. Flowers have always been the main decorations at a wedding party. Flowers decorate the wedding table, as well as the arch of the young. Bridal bouquet is one of the main attributes wedding image.

However, the flowers can be useful for creatinga unique image of the groom. Typically, the image of the groom goes by the wayside, because it is assumed that the bride is the center of attention. The images of the bride and groom must mesh. This is very helpful floristry. As a rule, the bride's bouquet and groom's boutonniere made in the same style. These accessories allow the wedding the bride and groom to create a unique image. For information on how to make boutonniere for the groom, inspired by the autumn mood, you can learn at the wedding site

Amazing autumn boutonnieres to help createcolorful mood and decorate your wedding with bright colors. To produce such beauty is very simple with their own hands, because most of the colors you can gather yourself or order in any flower shop. The main color scheme is orange and brown - the true fall colors.

Boutonnieres own hands

Materials and tools:

  • shrub rose;
  • autumn leaves;
  • hamelatsium orange;
  • rope;
  • scissors.


: 15 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

Treat your loved one and to fabricate itboutonniere creative with their hands. The most important thing - it is to choose the appropriate plants that will fit into your chosen style. Collect all the flowers and plants and spread out in front of him. Spray roses are sold in any flower shop. Leaves can gather up at the park at any time of the year. Try to choose the leaves of oak and hazelnut, as they look beautiful. Hamelatsium can be replaced by any small flowers in the orange or red color.

Prepare materials

To begin, select the most accurate and smooth leaves. It is necessary to cut off the lower part of the leaf that was only a foot thick.

Take a sheet of paper
Cut the bottom of the sheet

Take hamelatsium and tear of the biggest small twigs. It is also necessary to leave a clean tight leg. Connect the paper and hamelatsium.

Tear off a sprig hamelatsiuma
Connect the paper and hamelatsium

Next, you need to add to our buttonholeShrub rose. This type of rose is ideal for making wedding bouquets and boutonnieres especially because the buds and leaves of a rose very little. Try to choose two roses, different height. One of them can be blown slightly, while the other will be in the bud. Tie the whole composition of the colors with a rope. It will only cut the stems a few centimeters, so they were all the same length. you can safely stick autumn boutonniere for the groom as well.

Add the rose bush
Tie the rope flowers
Cut the stalks
We gather the stalks
Turned lovely boutonniere
boutonnieres ready


Luxury buttonholes is very easy to make yourhands. Your bride will be delighted by the handmade and taking care of you. These flower decorations can be attached to the pin and give guests as sweet dishes.

These floral buttonhole will be the perfect accent wedding image, which, besides, it is very important for the wedding photo shoot.

Unfortunately, such boutonnieres made of livingcolors will last you very long, so they should be made the evening before the wedding, the flowers are not wilted. To create buttonholes autumn you can use dried flowers that last longer. Also add in the "bouquet" branches of trees with buds or acorns, birch catkins and other interesting plants. Your groom and guests will definitely love it!

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