Luxurious bouquet for the bride - colorful fantasy

Every bride wants to create a unique decorwedding, so she was not unlike any celebration! If you are full of energy and want to engage in a creative and at the same time demanding task, try with site to create a wonderful bridal bouquet, which is bright and stylish and simply amaze visitors with their originality.

When you create a bridal bouquet with their handsit is important to bear in mind that the flowers - it is a very fragile material. You should be careful not to break the stem or bud mash. Also do not forget that the very brief life of bouquets, so the best bunch of tinkering on the day before the wedding. The flowers must be purchased in advance, at the right time everything was on hand. Here we go?

Luxury bridal bouquet

Materials and tools:

  • flowers for a bouquet (roses, daffodils, hydrangea, peonies, tulips, orchids);
  • wire;
  • scissors;
  • satin ribbon;
  • gum;
  • lacy ribbon;
  • decorative pins.


30-45 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

Bouquet bride - it is almost the most importantpart of wedding image. Everything must be harmonious and beautiful. In this bouquet, we will try to use all the colors of the rainbow to the bouquet turned sunny and bright. Be patient and start creating a wonderful wedding accessory!

Beautiful bouquet of the bride

First we need to sort out the flowers. Select the appropriate flowers for the bouquet and cut off all the leaves with them. This is done so that in the bouquet was nothing superfluous, except luxury colored inflorescences. Use garden shears to cut the leaves from the roses. Be careful not to prick.

Remove the leaves with flowers
Prepare flowers for decoration

Surely you have noticed that each flowerdifferent length of the stem. For example, the shortest stems from orchid flowers. In order to secure the flowers in one bouquet, simply attach using decorative wire orchid flowers to flowers with long stems.

Attach the flowers to each other

Now is the time to make bouquets. In this case there will be three. Try to pick the flowers in beautiful combinations until you're happy with the result. As only a small bunch of ready, secure it with a rubber band and send in a vase with water. Make two similar bouquet.

We make a small bouquet
Pick up a beautiful combination for a bouquet
We put a bouquet in a vase with water

When three bouquet are ready, remove them with gum and connect the flowers together. Cut flower stems, so that they have the same length. Fasten the resulting bouquet of two rubber bands - top and bottom.

Merge bunches together
Countersigned by two elastic bands bouquet

Now you need to wrap the stems of the bouquet beautifulsatin ribbon. On top of it, use lace ribbon to make a bunch of even more romantic and tender. Secure the ribbon with the help of a dozen beautiful decorative pins. Bouquet is ready!

Wrap the bouquet with satin ribbon
Decorate bouquet lace ribbon


So, you've done a beautiful bouquet of the bridecolorful flowers. Such bright and fresh, they will make your wedding bouquet of rainbow and a cheerful mood. All the flowers for a bouquet can be ordered in advance from the online stores. Try to choose only fresh flowers to your bouquet does not wither quickly. If you do it with love, it will please you more than one day. Such bouquets can also be manufactured for the bridesmaids.

bride's bouquet is ready
Colorful bridal bouquet
Bouquet at a wedding with his own hands
Colourful bridal bouquet
Bright bouquets bride

On the wedding site every bride can find a lot of interesting workshops that will delight you and surprise you with its simplicity. Do not be afraid to try new ideas. All must come out!

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