Wedding boutonniere with crystal and green

Crystal - is the purity, sincerity and honesty. These are the qualities that every bride wants to see his wife in the future. Boutonniere with crystal and green - is not only stylish and original, but also a symbolic accessory. Wedding - a holiday in which the symbols and rituals play an important role in predicting the future couple and bring good luck.

Pick up the crystal in the gift shop orSalon products for creativity. A key element of buttonholes can be any color - to match the style of celebration. Website sure boutonniere with crystal and greens decorate any wedding, predicting the sincerity and purity of family relationships. How to make such an accessory, read in a master class.

groom boutonniere with crystal and green
Wedding boutonniere with crystals

Materials and tools:

  • wooden sticks or toothpicks;
  • crystals;
  • herbs or flowers;
  • Floral tape;
  • adhesive tape;
  • decorative belt;
  • glue;
  • scissors.

Detailed instructions:

Connect a crystal wand and (future boutonnieres leg) using adhesive tape. Make sure that the crystal is securely fastened and motionless.

Prepare crystals
Secure chip on a stick
Make sure that the crystal is fixed

Arrange the bottom of the crystal and stem floral tape.

Wrap the floral tape buttonhole foot

Add elements to the base of the boutonnieres. Secure the green floral tape. If you want more decorative, decorate the boutonniere feather. Try to keep all the elements of masked connection of a crystal with a leg boutonnieres.

Add the herbs to the buttonhole

Arrange foot decorative ribbon. Attach adhesive tape (especially the ends).

Arrange foot decorative ribbon

Accessory ready!

Ready boutonniere with crystal


If you choose a color crystal, buydecorative strip of the corresponding color (a good option - organza or satin wedding portal advises For buttonholes, the emphasis which the crystal is suitable herbs grown with their own hands. Simplicity and elegance - that will symbolize a similar wedding accessory. If you are bored with fresh flowers and greenery, replace them with parts made of artificial materials - tapes, feathers, buttons, etc.

Wedding boutonniere with crystal and green -a wonderful decoration for the groom. For the rest of the men at a wedding can make buttonholes in a similar style, but without the use of a crystal. An elegant accessory for almost any style wedding. groom boutonniere with a crystal is particularly good on the fairy-tale wedding, creating sublime and immaculate image.

Elegant boutonniere with crystal
Emblematic boutonniere with crystal and green
Original boutonniere with crystal and green
Refined boutonniere with crystals

Boutonniere with crystal and green - the original accessory of the groom. Boutonniere elegant and symbolic. She points to the purity and honesty in the relationship of a young couple.

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