Volumetric letters soft fabric for the wedding photo shoot

Make wedding photography in a special way the delicate andwarm. Make a three-dimensional soft tissue of the letters. This accessory can be bright or subtle, pastel, traditional or exotic, romantic or rigorous - it all depends on the choice of fabric. And in this case, all the cards into your hand, as modern shops offer a wide selection of colors and patterns. In addition, you can choose the fabric in a special shop for crafts, such as making tildes-dolls.

The letters in the frame are good in themselves, asmay represent the initials of the bride and groom, wedding date, as well as the ones you can make words ( "love", "Wedding", "we are together", etc.). The soft tissue of the letters will be a perfect element in the design theme of wedding photography, for example, in a cottage style and reminiscent of carefree childhood. And lastly, the advantage of this wedding Accessories that it is not so difficult to make, sure wedding portal www.articlewedding.com.

Volumetric soft letters for a photo shoot
Soft letters for the wedding photo shoot

Materials and tools:

  • letters workpiece;
  • the cloth;
  • sintepon;
  • cardboard;
  • shallow tissue;
  • glue gun or a special adhesive fabric;
  • scissors.

Billets letters
Fabrics for channel letters

Detailed instructions:

Put the letter on the tissue flap and mark the boundaries of the fine. Ensure that retreated 3.4 centimeters from the edges of characters (depending on its size). Cut out the pattern of the fabric.

Cut the fabric to the letter

Glue the fabric to one side of the letter (side).

Glue the side letters with fabric

The heaviest. Spreadable adhesive side of the letter at the same time stick sintepon. Start with the most difficult and hard to reach places. Keep sintepon evenly distributed, then the letter will turn soft (not hard or half-empty).

Glue the letter sintepon

When sintepon pasted, wrap in a cloth and the letterglue the edges to the sides of the letters. If the letter has a cavity (for example, "A"), first make an incision in the center of the cavity, and then gently tuck the edges and glue them.

Wrap a cloth letter

Do the same operation on the back side of the model.

Okleyte letter on the reverse side

Measure and cut the edge of the letters detail from cardboard suitable size.

Cut a strip of cardboard on the side letters

Spread the edges of cardboard with glue and connect it with a strip of cloth (tuck flap segment edge).

Okleyte cardboard strip of cloth

Glue a strip on the side letters, thereby hiding the seams bonded fabrics. Do not forget about the internal cavity of the letters.

Hide the seams on the letter of the strip

Leave to dry letter.

Leave to dry letter

Accessory "Volumetric soft letter" is ready!

Finished letters of fabric
Ready accessory for wedding photography


This technique allows us to produce durable andsustainable letters decorate that photography will not be difficult, sure site www.articlewedding.com. A variety of fabrics makes it possible to carry out the accessory that most closely match the style of the wedding will be: classical, color or themed wedding. Using additional items (beads, ribbons, rhinestones, ribbons), you can create a truly unique accessory.

Volumetric letters from soft tissue will be an excellentdecoration for wedding photo shoots. They are quite original, to use them to revive a standard photo shoot, and specific, and therefore are suitable for the decoration of thematic photography. For example, in an ensemble with soft toys, blankets and mugs of tea. In addition, this accessory is useful to design the house of a young family or a child's room. If desired figures can be made soft, whereby the banquet table numbers are indicated.

Wedding photo shoot with bulky soft letters
Soft letter - warm accessory
Multicolored soft letters for a photo shoot
Soft letters for photography decor
Soft letters for wedding decor

Volumetric letters from soft fabrics decorate photoshootand wedding. They are warm, pleasant to the touch and resistant. With a variety of tissues, can produce letters that will exactly match the style of the wedding, and then make her beautiful and sophisticated to the smallest detail.

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