Shiny letter for the wedding photo shoot

One of the trends of recent years - to organizethemed wedding photography, using a variety of accessories, including letters. With their help, you can designate the initials of the bride and groom, to spread the word as the traditional «love», «wedding», «just married», and original wishes or comments.

The letters are made of various materials: plywood, plastic, colors, fabrics, etc. However, the simplest and most easily manufactured at home Wedding accessory - a letter from the paper. Enough to choose the thick cardboard for the base and any decorations (paper or other materials). One of the most effective and at the same time, simple way to design letters - sequins. Today wedding portal offers a master class on making brilliant letters for a photo shoot.

Brilliant initials for wedding decoration
Shiny letter for the wedding photo shoot

Materials and tools:

  • thick paper or cardboard;
  • sequins, foil or brilliant design paper;
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • hole puncher;
  • wire, wooden stick or thread;
  • paper tape.

Materials for shiny letters
Materials for letters on wedding photography

Detailed instructions:

Draw in the draft design of the letters. Move an enlarged picture on cardboard and cut it out along the contour. If you think that the paper is still thin, merge several models, thereby making the letter thicker and stronger.

Make a blank letter paper

If you are going to do the characters garlandperform punch holes in the top of the letters (two on one part to make it easier to thread bottom model, moreover, since they will not rotate, but will snap securely into filaments).

Spread the letters rather thick layer of glue. While it is still wet, sprinkle glitter on the surface of the parts. Instead, you can use glitter foil or a special paper with a pattern designer. If you think that a little glitter, repeat the procedure on the dry layer of the first brilliant. And remember, you must first prepare the work area, otherwise the glitter will later on clothes and books, and all that was found nearby.

Add glitter to the letters

Leave to dry thoroughly letters. If you started to "wrap", put the workpiece under pressure for a day then the edge (of the books, for example).

Leave blank to dry

Thread the string through the holes, forming lettersgarland. The second option - to secure the back of the rod or wire with a paper tape, if you want to keep the letter in his hand initials. Another easy way to fix the letters - to connect them with staples or pins, invisible with colored tape. All is ready!

Ready accessory shiny letters for a photo shoot


Shiny letter will be a perfect accessory forwedding photo shoot. Website proposes to make the letters in different colors sequins that match the selected basic colors of celebration. In addition, the stylish look of the letters of the special design of paper with a shiny or embossed patterns.

The letters and inscriptions Glitter can be usedwedding decoration in general. For example, in the pre-wedding photography, flowers for decoration on the tables, cocktail party zones ( "sweet love" inscription). Brilliant initials can be placed on tables or next to the album for the wishes.

Shiny letter in the design of a photo shoot
Shiny letter on a stick
Wedding photo shoot with the letters with his own hands
Shiny letter with their hands on wedding

The garland or on a stick, in the design of a photo shoot or a banquet room shiny letters make wedding radiant and happy.

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