Paper flowers for the bride and her bridesmaids

The newlyweds - it is harmony, it is the elegance andsophistication. Bride Style is important in the first place. And it's not just about the wedding dress. It is important to choose a harmonious accessories which are suitable not only for the wedding ceremony, but also for the original photo shoot.

This accessory is a jewel of unusual size,It will complement the stunning image of the bride. Why Rose? Let us remember that this flower is the queen of flowers, a gift of the gods. Bride in ancient times decorated with roses and lovers as a sign of burning love sent each other it is this flower. But the most pleasant thing is that this decoration can be done independently. So how do you make it a symbol of eternity and youth?

Website offers make paper bright accessories for a photo shoot - creative colors that will accent an unusual way to your wedding. Amazing master class will help you from plain paper to make these bouquets that will add a wedding celebration of bright colors.

Giant flower

Materials and tools:

  • roll of color tape;
  • scissors;
  • colored wire;
  • 4 sheets of corrugated paper for the production of beams, measuring 25 by 125 centimeters;
  • 1 sheet of corrugated paper green for leaves, cup, design of the stem;
  • pencil;
  • 3 for fixing the leaves in the form of a thick wire;
  • glue stick or glue the paper;
  • 8 patterns of different sizes in the form of heart to the petals;
  • 2 template for rounded petals;
  • 1 stencil for the cup.


: 25-30 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

Surprise her future husband, and againdemonstrate that his future wife is not only beautiful, but also a real mistress. After you have prepared all the necessary materials, feel free to proceed with the work.

Materials for making a beautiful flower

First we need to make the pitch. We need a heart-shaped petals in several sizes. Those that smaller, form the middle of the flower. Total cut out 15 neat petals templates: 5 - 6 Conventional round petals (smaller) and 9 - 10 petals in the shape of a heart. It is important to lay down the corrugated paper correctly. The direction should be vertical folds. petal size and determine the size of your roses. Fold the paper several times in an accordion. Folds should be as long as petals.

Draw on paper petals
Cut out petals
Get beautiful petals

Now cut out of green crepe paperthree leaves and a cup, which will be combined perfectly with the bright flower petals. In order to produce stalks roses, wrap a thick wire colored green ribbon.

We produce stem

Now you need to make the petals form. To do this, drag them from the center to the edges. Petals will get a beautiful shape. The edges of each heart tighten up using a conventional pencil.

We form the petals
Twirled edges of petals

Now, start to attach the petals to the stem. Petals should be recorded with the help of the green belt. The first petal attach to the stem and wrap the tape. Then continue to attach the petals layer by layer.

Attach the petals to the stem
Attach all the petals

Using glue to attach the wire leaves.

Attach the leaves to the wire

Cut out and add to the petiole bud.

Cut out the stalk
attach the petiole

Attach the wire to the stem with leaves.

Attach a wire to the stem leaves

Fan and flatten your petals - and a lovely flower for the bride is ready!

Fan petals
Beautiful flower ready


This luxurious accessory will be a greatalternative living colors. Easy bouquet, which does not wither and fade - just an excellent choice for weddings and photo shoots! What is no less important, such bouquets can be made for guests to perform cute and just a fabulous wedding photography!

Luxury colors for photo shoot
Delicate paper rose
Paper flowers for the bride podrruzhki
Paper flowers for the bride
Paper flowers for the bride
Paper flowers for the bride podrruzhki
Paper flowers for the bride podrruzhki
White paper roses

Wedding portal always wish you success in your creative work!

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