Background of crepe paper for the wedding photo shoot

Preparations for the wedding photography is not lessbroad and responsible than the overall preparation for the big day. Need to find a professional photographer to choose the place for taking pictures, make or purchase accessories, etc. The correct background plays an important role in creating an interesting and harmonious image. Why not prepare yourself a bright background?

Wedding portal offers a master class on production of screens from crepe paper. Accessory please make a budget and wedding photos more fun and cheerful. Preparing the background is simple, but will require endurance and patience. Work quite monotonous, but photos will turn out bright and positive.

Newlyweds on the background of bright garlands
Multi-colored garlands of crepe paper

Materials and tools:

  • paper screen (can be pasted on sheets of A1 DSP board);
  • colorful crepe paper (2-3 colors);
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors.

Detailed instructions:

Cut the crepe paper diamonds, circlesor other figures. One detail should be 5-6 cm (if less - the background is too "pockmarked" and if more - the product will look messy). Try to get the same details.

Cut parts of crepe paper

Begin to stick items on the screen. Get to the bottom of the sheet. Apply a bead of adhesive on the sheet. Apply glue to the parts of the crepe paper. Once completed the first row, start gluing the second in the same way. Make sure that the top row of each 1 centimeter closed lower. Always apply uniformly details.

Glue paper row by row

When you get to the top of the screen, cut a long strip of paper, and mount it as the top border of the screen. Thus, the background will be a complete and more accurate.

Make edging for screens

Accessory for a photo shoot ready!


Carefully made from the bright backgroundcrepe paper - perfect accessory for wedding photo shoots. If you plan to arrange the colored wedding, a similar screen will be an additional decoration of the celebration. The site advises make funny inscriptions on sticks and accessories (mustache, lips, beard, etc.) in addition to the bright screen. Then the shooting will remarkably cheerful.

Arrange a separate photo zone at a banquet marking theits multi-colored background. Guests can enjoy a pose in front of the lens and get to the memory not only stately staged shots of the registrar, but also positive picture with incendiary holiday. Colorful background for taking pictures will help arrange the wedding in the cold season, when nature is not happy no flowers, no landscapes. The alternative use of crepe paper background - design cocktail party zone or candybar.

Colorful background of crepe paper
Bright lights for wedding decoration
Photoshoot for the wedding guests
Bright background of the wedding decor
Background of crepe paper on the wedding photo shoot

Bright background of crepe paper - a great focus on the wedding and positive accessory for a photo shoot. Have fun, smile and create joyful pictures!

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