Stylish Butterfly groom

By strict wedding suit groom canchoose the original accessory - stylish butterfly, which will complement his charismatic image. Bow tie will transform the image of the groom, giving it the charm and individuality.

To have your fiancé was the most trendybutterfly, portal has prepared for you a very simple master class with which you can make a stylish butterfly for your future husband.

Homemade male butterfly

Materials and tools:

  • the fabric of any color and texture (eg green velvet.);
  • set of fasteners for butterflies (3 parts);
  • scissors;
  • writing pins;
  • needle for sewing;
  • thread (for color fabrics);
  • Template for the paper;
  • pencil;
  • line.

Materials for work


about 2 hours.

Detailed instructions:

First of all you have to cut out patternsfrom paper. You will need two pieces of fabric to create a bow, which consists of two parts, and one piece of matter - for the production of ties and core.

Training template

Begin to work with pieces of cloth,intended for a bow. Take one half of the fabric and place it face down. Fold the outer long edge of the fabric to one centimeter. Then connect the short edges of the product and fasten them with pins. Use a ruler while working to make sure that the sides are equal. Then sew the edges. All these steps again to create a second bow.

We make two bow

Now you need to connect both a bow together. Place one portion of the second bow. Make the fold and fasten with pins. Then gently take place at the center of the product.

Fastening bows together

Next, take the piece of cloth, which will beserve strap tie-butterfly. Tuck the long edge of the inside (do not forget to have the matter face down). If necessary, iron the iron edge. Repeat these steps for the rest of the little details.

Making the Band

Now sew the strap in the middle. After that, take the buckle controller and attach it to the strap.

sewn strap

Pull the strap through the hole fasteners controller. Threaded fastener products in Region sew to the strap.

fasten regulator

At the other end of the strap slide fastener that part, which comes complete with a hook. The same strap edge is now necessary to pass through a hole fasteners controller.

fasten the hook

The third part of the fasteners are strung on the remaining end of the strap. Sew the end of the tape.

Fixing the latter part of the fastener

Now take the middle part of the bow-tie and place in the center of the butterfly itself.

Fasten the middle part of the butterfly

In this form, gently invert the bow tie, add a belt, connect the ends of the middle of the butterfly, secure with pins. Sew together all the details.

Sew all the details

Now that the bow tie is ready, it can be safely used for its intended purpose.


Workshop provided a portal, for the production of accessories for the groom - a green bow tie, can be used to create a festive and casual options.

If you want a black and white classics - excellent, Roseau-purple romance - well, all of these and other images will help to achieve self-made fashion butterfly.

Bright butterfly for the groom
Butterfly tie
White and black butterfly
Butterfly in the image of the groom
Bow tie for the groom
Classic for the groom
groom Butterfly
Glamorous butterfly for pezhona
Coloured butterfly for the groom
Butterfly in the shoe color and boutonnieres
Butterfly for stylish image
Restrained butterfly

Try experimenting with the style, pattern and texture of fabric. Create a bright and memorable images!

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