Garland «Just Married»: creative decoration wedding convoy

The wedding ceremony is difficult to imagine withouttuple, which at the ceremony paid much attention. Bright cars, balloons and happy couple sitting in the first car! All this is an integral part of the holiday. How unusual to decorate a wedding procession, the bride and groom selected? Portal prepared for you a special workshop for the production of original accessories for a wedding convoy! Garland «Just Married» not only beautify your car but also impress all creativity. And most importantly, that make it very easy and simple!

Creative wedding procession
Wedding car with tied banks
Cortege original honeymooners

Materials and tools

  • 8 and more tin cans (the number depends on the length of the planned garlands);
  • one tube of color paint and a tube of white;
  • brush;
  • a nail and a hammer;
  • tape;
  • tulle;
  • scissors;
  • colored cardboard;
  • double sided tape;
  • pre-printed paper with «Just Married» inscription.

Materials and tools


30 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

In a separate bowl, pour the paint, stir it.

Pour the paint into a bowl and stir

Gently brush paint tin cans. It is desirable to make them available in one color, but with different shades, then a garland will look more interesting. In order to achieve different tones, just add a bit of white paint color and stir.

Paint tin cans
Stained jars on all sides
White paint create different shades

With the help of a nail and a hammer to make a hole center of each jar.

The highlight of the punched holes in the banks

From fluffy tulle bows do: wrap on hand several layers of tulle, tie it in the middle so as to obtain a bow, then cut the tips.

Making bows of tulle
Cut the ends of the bow of tulle

Cut a strip of desired length and tie a knot in it. On the inside of the tin can thread the ribbon through the hole.

After opening cans threaded tape

After 20-30 centimeters of tulle bow tie to the tape.

To fasten a bow ribbon

Again, departing 20-30 cm, tie a knot and tape nanizhite tin. Do so until then, until the end of the tape.

Alternating tin cans and bows on tape

Make a sign for garlands: on colored cardboard glue double sided tape and attach to it an inscription «Just Married» so that the edges of the board remained one centimeter, cut plate.

Cut plate and sticking to the cardboard

It remains only to tie the wedding cortege few garlands to accessory looked spectacular, and attach to it a bright plate. Your motorcade will not go unnoticed!

Garland Ready for a tuple


In fact, such a garland you cannot only attach to the vehicle. If the couple have always been creativity and thrust for the bizarre, then as a tuple instead of cars they can choose velokortezh or mopeds, motorcycles, carriages with horses and stuff. And in all of these options to make your hands accessory is in place. A few years later Garland «Just married» useful to you even on your wedding anniversary. Why after a while not a fast ride, and do not remember their wedding ceremony staggering?

Bicycle with garland - newlyweds tuple
Creative Wedding Transport
Wedding car decoration
A variety of decoration wedding convoy

Website I tell you how to half an hour to make an unusual and very original accessory to decorate a wedding convoy. With bright jars and plates newlyweds car will look memorable and unique. We wish you to enjoy the wedding ceremony, including a great ride in a wedding motorcade! Good luck!

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