Wedding candy boxes - decorative bags of coffee

It is difficult to imagine the morning without the modern mancoffee. This wonderful beverage, presented as a candy-box, sure to please guests. Traditionally, bonbonnieres - is sweets (candies, small chocolates, cookies, etc.). So you hold the wedding customs, but will present them in a new way.

Select the elite varieties of coffee, "no, it is desirablesour ", perhaps with peanut or chocolate flavor as a symbol of the sweetness of your love. Buy coffee beans. First, the grain is easier to draw in the bonbonniere, and secondly, they look more aesthetically pleasing and original. Website advises to make small decorative canvas bags and put them in the coffee beans. Simple and tasteful!

Bonbonnière coffee bag
Coffee in a sack - a nice gift

Materials and tools:

  • canvas cloth;
  • canvas thread;
  • Cotton yarn, matching colored fabric to the canvas;
  • paper label or tag;
  • paper;
  • scissors;
  • line;
  • pencil;
  • pins;
  • a toothpick or wooden stick;
  • chalk on the cloth;
  • sewing machine.

Materials for the manufacture of a canvas bag for coffee

Detailed instructions:

Draw a template on paper the future of the bag. Do not forget about the allowances on the firmware. Draw the chalk line.

Make a template for bag

Cut along the lines of detail.

Cut a piece of linen cloth

Connect the pin edge of the future bag (from the side).

Secure the edges with pins

Sew the side part and the "bottom" from the wrong side.

Sew the edges on the sewing machine
Stitch the edges of the future bag

For ease of cut off a small corner at the top of the bag.

Cut off the top corner
Treat upper corner parts

Tuck into the bag 1-2 cm linen fabric to form a cavity, through which you can thread the string.

Tuck the fabric inside
Form a pocket thread

Sew "pocket thread" across the bag from the inside of the circle.

Stitch bag in a circle

Make a hole in the canvas fabric with a wooden stick. Do not cut the fabric.

Make a hole with a wooden stick

Pass the canvas thread, using a pin.

Put the thread on the pin
Pass the thread in the bag

Now the bag can be fastened.

Pouch with ready-strings

Print the message or the names of the guests on the decorative paper. tags can be made, if desired. Glue or sew a label to the pouch.

Decorate bags tags

Pour the beans into the bag.

Pour coffee beans in bags

Wedding candy-box of coffee is ready!

Ready coffee bonbonniere


Coffee beans in canvas bags lookauthentic and colorful. Wedding portal notes that bonbonniere with coffee - is not only delicious, or aesthetic, but also fragrant souvenir. It can be used as a flavoring. Coffee - as a practical option bonbonnieres. And the elite varieties of the drink to please even connoisseurs.

If you have the time and inclination, the bags can bedecorate with additional details. For example, to produce three-dimensional flowers of linen fabric, arrange the names of the guests instead of a paper label with embroidery, buttons decorate bags or wooden beads. However, the fragrant beans in a canvas bag has normal will look interesting and self-sufficient.

Canvas bag fillers for wedding
Canvas bonbonniere with coffee
Canvas bag decorated with a flower
Simple and spectacular bonbonniere for wedding
Coffee beans in a bag - wedding bonbonniere

Grains of coffee in bags - luxury, practical and flavorful option wedding candy boxes with their own hands. Its manufacturing technique is simple. But in the end a gift looks good and original.

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