Registered hearts for guests

Everyone knows that the heart is the mainsymbol of love and marriage. That is why such symbols often found on wedding events. Heart decorate the wedding hall, adding decor romanticism and tenderness. You can also use the theme of hearts in your work. Why do not you make wonderful hearts for guests, which can be used as wedding gift candy boxes or registered?

Website is sure that the establishment of such accessories did not tire you, but on the contrary, you will add vivacity and good mood. And most importantly, they do not take away your time, which is the bride, and so painted by the minute. Moreover, you do not need to have any skills with a sewing machine. Hearts stitched large stitches manually, you can do easily. This creative work will help to distract from problems and disturbances and allow you to make guests cute candy boxes with their own hands!

Beautiful hearts made of cloth

Materials and tools:

  • Cotton or linen fabric of good quality;
  • stencil paper in the shape of a heart;
  • embroidery thread;
  • twine;
  • thick needle with a large eye;
  • Scissors for striking cloves;
  • scissors;
  • stuffing for toys or candy;
  • a pen.


15-20 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

Since the fabric is very comfortable and easy to work with, so you only get the pleasure of needlework. To begin, prepare all the materials for the work, and cut a piece of cloth, the size of 15h8 cm.

All necessary materials

Prepare the stencil in the shape of a heart. You can draw it freehand or print out the finished version of the printer, copying smooth the heart of the Internet. Fold the piece in half and attach the fabric to her heart. Pin stencil using pins.

Pin the heart to the tissues

Take fine scissors with whichyou can cut heart with sharp edges in the form of teeth. Such edges look very original and you will immediately two identical side of the heart.

Cut out the heart from a fabric
It turned out two of the same side

Join together two pieces of fabric Wrongparties inside. Pull the thread into a thick needle and start to sew pieces of fabric along the edge, starting from the top. Suit most common stitches. Are not stapled tissue completely, leave a small pocket without cutting the thread. This hole we need to fill the stuffing heart.

We begin to sew two pieces of fabric
Sew the pieces of fabric
We reserve pocket

Take the stuffing for toys or conventional cotton andcarefully fill your heart, so that it has become a nice flat shape and become soft. Now you can sew the fabric to the end, tying the knot on the end of a strong thread.

Nabem wool heart
Sew the fabric to the end

It remains to add a small hanger for ourheart. For this perfect garden twine or thick thread. Cut the thread length of 15-20 cm. And fold it in half. At the end of the tie knot. Try to push the knot through the small hole between stitches. Because the heart is very light, so the hook completely support the weight. It remains only to sign your accessory and cute candy-box ready with the name!

Cut a piece of thread
Insert the knot between stitches
sign the heart


Such a cute accessory can be multi-functional:

  • It can give guests as a bonbonniere.
  • You can use it as an alternative to a banquet cards for seating. Just put a heart next to a plate of a guest, so that he can find his place.

Beautiful heart made of cloth
Lovely bonbonnieres
Bonbonniere for guests
Colorful gifts

Wedding portal wish you a pleasant creative process, which will raise your spirits and set up only good thoughts! Be creative to make your wedding unique!

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