Lovely bonbonnieres-Clip for bridesmaids

Bridesmaids play an important role inthe design and organization of the wedding ceremony. They are always next to the bride and see to it that the dress is not crumpled or smeared wedding makeup.

Bridesmaids - is a kind of keepersa holiday that not only are the guests at your wedding, but also see to it that everything went perfectly. You should make sure to thank her companions a small gift. Of course, this is your day, get all the presents the couple, however, and you should pay attention to, and express gratitude to each guest.

Wedding portal knows what gift can impress the bridesmaids. Every girl loves jewelry, especially when used in their design stones and rhinestones. Why do not you make unique clips for each of the bridesmaids? Such a thing would be a kind of gratitude for their support and presence at your wedding. The girls will be happy to have such a gift, given what you've done such a nice accessory with their own hands. Such decoration can become a kind of symbol of your friendship, and every friend will be able to wear barrettes, donated by you, your joint meetings and outings.

Barrettes bridesmaids

Materials and tools:

  • conventional hairpin;
  • buttons with rhinestones;
  • Dark nail polish;
  • felt;
  • gun with hot glue.


: 1-2 hours.

Detailed instructions:

Of course, to buy jewelry for bridesmaids can be in any store, but it does not make such an impression as barrettes, made with his own hands.

Prepare materials

First, you need to paint your studs inbright color. In this master class, we used a neutral black nail polish. Just kill the studs on the cardboard, apply varnish on both sides and put a piece of cardboard on the window sill to dry. Luck will also give studs shine.

Paint lacquer studs

Now you need to prepare the buttons. If the button has a small attachment for which it is sewn to the garment, it must be removed. Therefore, it is best to buy a flat buttons.

Remove the rear part of the button

Using a hot glue gun to gluethe back of a piece of felt buttons. In this master class, we used a black felt, however, you can use the most vivid colors, as well as clips look very nice of them. Cut pieces of batt to the studs, keeping the same size as that of the rectangular pieces of cloth.

Glue the felt to barrettes
Cut out the pieces of fabric for the studs

In the next step you need to placepieces of felt in the ear studs. Will only accurately glued to buttons with a cloth on the heels. Allow the glue to dry, and then secure the clips on two or three pieces of cardboard on the shortcuts which you can specify the name of your bridesmaids or write a word of thanks. Here's a cute and original gift!

Attach felt heels
Glue buttons to barrettes


These accessories are made very cutejust. You can choose different color and shape of your buttons, as well as the use of different colored paints to color the pins. Such a wonderful wedding accessory can be used and the bride at the wedding to secure the veil, for example.

However, the most important thing - it's attention youwill render my dear friend, for decoration will be a wonderful memory of your celebration! Through the years, you will be able to get together and remember how fun and creative wedding was done on you.

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Website sure bridesmaids will appreciate your efforts and will remember your wedding!

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