Wonderful hearts, candy boxes with lavender

From wedding guests always expect somethingspecial, bright and unusual. That is why the couple applied a lot of effort and imagination, to surprise and please his long-awaited guests. A lot of time goes into creating a romantic and cozy atmosphere in the banquet hall. Also, consider the wedding invitations and wedding programs from the evening. But the most important thing - it is to choose the appropriate candy boxes, small gifts for the guests.

Website www.articlewedding.com will help you not only with a selection of ideas for sweet dishes, but also tell you how to make a wonderful candy boxes with their own hands. What could be more logical than a beautiful heart as candy boxes? With the help of our master class and step by step instructions you can make lovely lavender hearts. This accessory can be simply put on the shelf as a decoration or put next to the pillow before going to sleep. The smell of lavender will help the body to relax, and you will quickly fall asleep. Also, such a heart can be used as a pin cushion. Well, let's start our creative process?

Beautiful bonbonnieres

Materials and tools:

  • beautiful fabric (10 hearts need half a meter of fabric);
  • tape (20 cm.);
  • thread and needle;
  • button;
  • stencil in the form of the heart;
  • Dried lavender;
  • soft stuffing for toys;
  • A4 paper;
  • pins;
  • scissors;
  • Scissors with serrated edges;
  • sewing machine.


: 35-45 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

Wonderful hearts will make guests smile. However, you will need patience to make such a beauty! Just be careful and do it!

Materials for the creative process

Take your piece of cloth and fold it in halfface. Take a stencil and draw it on the fabric. Carefully cut out the heart and connect the two-pin edge. Joining the two halves of the need to reverse side.

Connect the edge of the fabric with pins

Use a sewing machine to sew the twohalves together. Step back from the edge of about half a centimeter, which later we decorate with decorative scissors. The stitch is not necessary to lead up to the end - leave 4 centimeters, so that you have an opening for stuffing.

Sew the fabric edge

Now we need to do with the heart volumeusing packing. Just spread it evenly inside the heart. To do this, you can use A4 paper that you want to turn into a cone shape. A narrow edge place in the heart, and through a wide - Sprinkle dried lavender.

Loose in the heart dried lavender
Fill the heart of packing

Now you can easily sew the edge of hearts! After that, take the scissors and cut decorative hearts region. You just have to sew the fabric a beautiful ribbon and decorate it with a button! And our wonderful bonbonnieres ready!

Make the final line
Decorate the edge of the heart
Sew a button to the heart


Thus, you turn creativebonbonniere in half an hour! But if you enter the pace and take a helper, then a few hours can make gifts for all the guests. Such hearts can decorate using rhinestones or bright beads. You can also use different fillers not only lavender. Suit any herbs - chamomile, St. John's wort, thyme. Ribbon hearts allow to hang in the room or in the car. Use stylish buttons that will hide the seams on a ribbon. In general, one way or another, you will be able to please the guests, which means that they will be delighted by your hospitality and on your wedding!

Creative bonbonnieres
Heart for wedding
Bright bonbonnieres
Luxury bonbonnieres
Elegant heart made of cloth

Wedding portal www.articlewedding.com offers a huge number of stylish master classes to create sweet dishes. Your wedding will take place flawlessly, and all guests are sure to remain happy! And you will be able to spend time entertaining.

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