Eco-bonbonnieres in pots

Everyone loves to get gifts, but also good to themgive. At the wedding party gifts to get the bride and groom, but the tradition is accepted to give guests a return gift. With candy boxes you will be able to express my gratitude for what your visitors came to your holiday. Bonbonniere with wedding will delight guests for a long time and will leave pleasant memories of your amazing wedding.

You do not have to buy expensivesouvenirs in the shop. You can make candy boxes of the most simple materials. To learn how to surprise your guests with a pleasant surprise, you can read at the wedding portal.

Miniature pots of stone rose lookvery cute and, at the same time, elegant. Small pot with plant - that's what you need to set the mood and create a spring atmosphere. Such a gift is unobtrusive and easy. If you can not find a place to plant, you can always move on to the balcony or to move to the country in the apartment. Stone Rose unpretentious and feels great even in the open air, especially in spring and summer. You do not spend a lot of time and effort in the production of these cute candy boxes with their own hands. Moreover, the pots of plants will be the budget option, even if you need to make more than 100 gifts.

Bonbonniere in pots
Beautiful souvenirs

Materials and tools:

  • paper pots;
  • acrylic paints;
  • brush;
  • cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • stamp with the inscription «Thank you» (optional);
  • Earth;
  • plants (rock rose).


: 30 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

Plants for your sweet dishes you can orderin advance over the Internet or purchased at garden stores. With regard to container plants, you can use clay pots, but we use a more budget option - paper. These pots can be beautifully colored with acrylic paints.

Prepare materials

So, the first thing you need to paint ourpaper pots for plants. You can come up with completely different designs: stripes, polka dots or waves. You can completely paint pots or create a multi-colored pattern. After staining, give the pot a little bit dry.

Color pots

Take the bag to the ground and fill your pots2/3. You can also take the land from the plastic containers in which you buy a plant. Gently landed in the land of rock rose. Sprinkle a little soil on top and seal it to the plant has been fixed in the ground.

Mound of earth in the pots
Posada stone rose

Type in the desired number on the cardboard label«Thank you». This can be done either by using a stamp, or just need to print the number of labels through the printer. Cut the line, leaving the edges of cardboard labels a few millimeters. With the help of glue (convenient to use glue gun) affix labels to paper pots. Finally, add a pot of a small piece of cardboard with the name of the guest. Bonbonniere in pots ready!

Cut out the inscription
We attach labels to the pot
Add a piece of cardboard with the name of the guest
bonbonniere ready
Beautiful bonbonnieres


Alluring candy boxes in the pot will be a great gift for both adults and children. In addition, this idea can be used for banquet cards for wedding table numbers.

You can choose all kinds of design forpots using different materials and texture. Look beautiful wooden tubs and clay pots. You do not have to plant stone rose in the normal ground. You can sprinkle on top of the ground with small stones to make the design more interesting. Very funny look such plants if planted them in a metal mini-buckets.

Eco-Accessories necessarily create a "sunny" mood at your wedding, especially considering that they make the bride!

Lovely candy boxes in tubs
Charming bonbonnieres
Wonderful gifts for guests
Surprise guest
Fashion bonbonnieres
Bonbonniere in buckets
Funny bonbonnieres
Memorable gifts
Creative gifts

The site you will find many wonderful master class on creating fun candy boxes!

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