Bonbonniere "Bunnies" - cute little presents for guests

As a rule, decoration of the wedding celebrationsnewlyweds rely on the professionals, experts in their field, who worked for many weddings and know all about the modern trends in decor. Professionals see what colors go well together, and what materials and texture is better to do not mix. If you are sure that would beautifully decorate a banquet hall table and, of course, it is best to use the services of decorators. However, some of the details and wedding accessories, you can do on your own, with no skills and experience.

Wedding website has prepared a fun master class, which will cope every bride. Amazing bonbonnieres-bunnies will be a perfect decoration of wedding table. Each guest will receive his share of positive, namely a bag of sweets in a wonderful package in the form of the Easter bunny.

These candy boxes can be used to raisefestive mood, or to decorate a particular style. If throughout your wedding decoration traced funny notes and bright colors, such as a candy boxes can not be better suited as gifts for the guests.

Also, these accessories are a great solution if your wedding takes place before or after Easter, because at this festival, decided to give each other cute Easter rabbits.

Bonbonrki - Bunnies
Cute accessories

Materials and tools:

  • White paper;
  • white and pink cardboard;
  • pink pompons;
  • white cotton balls;
  • glue;
  • double sided tape;
  • candy.


20-30 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

In order to make fun of bunnies youIt requires a minimum of effort. All you need is paper and cardboard, as well as various sweets for filling candy boxes. All this can be bought in any store. The main thing is that you almost do not spend any money but get such wonderful and cute accessories.

Prepare materials

Take a piece of white paper the size of 22h11 cm. and connect the short edge of the tape, to get a cylinder. Now it is necessary to connect the lower part of the cylinder by means of a bilateral adhesive tape. You should get a bag.

Make a cylinder of bamugi
Make a bag

Fill a bag of candy or othersweets that do not paint over the paper. Now you need to connect the top edges of the plastic bag, just in the opposite direction. Focus on the image of the master class. You should receive a form of a pyramid. Firmly press the edges, and once again connect them with white tape to secure.

Fill a bag with candy
Close the bag
Connect the tape edge

Now you need to cut the ears of a rabbit. To do this, use white and pink cardboard. Pink ears should be less than the whites. Connect the cardboard pieces into ready tabs with adhesive. Fold the edge of the ears, so they can be glued to the paper kulechku. Use glue to connect the ears with candy boxes.

Cut out ears
Make bunny ears
Fold the edges of the ears
Glue the ears

To the rear of bonbonnieres glue white cottonballs, which will become the tail rabbit. Front paste pink pompom nose instead. You have obtained a beautiful accessory that will make every guest smile.

We attach the tail
We attach the spout
Obtained a beautiful accessory


Wonderful bonbonnieres-bunnies decorate yourholiday and certainly will make it original and unique. We can use all their imagination to create a cute accessory for a wedding with his hands. Instead of paper bags can be used jars or bags. Use bright colored paper, ribbons and other decorations to make bonbonnieres even more fun and fashionable.

Original bonbonnieres-bunnies
Funny bunnies-sacs
Funny bonbonnieres
Charming bonbonnieres
Bonbonniere in jars
Cute bag for candy
Bonbonnière for wedding

Website offers the most stylish ideas that are easy to implement without any special skills. Be full of confidence, and all must succeed!

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