Wedding focal element - design of colored sand

Each wedding table must be presentfocal element, ie, wedding accessory, which will be primarily on the table to attract the views of guests and create a certain style. As a focal element most commonly used flowers are placed in decorative vases.

Focal elements may be several differentsize and shape, but they all have to be designed in the same style. Flowers - is not the only material that can be used to create a focal element. To learn how to from the usual sand and green plants make creative focus elements, tells Portal weddings

Sand is a versatile material,because it can be easily re-paint in your chosen color. Also decorations with sand perfect for themed weddings, for example, in the sea or beach-style wedding.

In this master class, we will learn how to makebeautiful accessories using colored sand. Wonderful bowls will attract the attention of visitors and create a romantic mood. The glass containers we create the illusion of the desert, which grows wild rose stone or other green plants.

Beautiful focal element
Beautiful decorations for the wedding

Materials and tools:

  • glass containers (vases, ice cream);
  • decorative sand;
  • food coloring;
  • green plants;
  • water;
  • plastic plates;
  • wooden stick.


: 1 day.

Detailed instructions:

The advantage of wedding accessories madewith his own hands, is that they are unique, and even if two people will make ornaments, focusing on a master class, they will turn out completely different and exclusive accessories. Also homemade decorations are often a budget option, as in the case of our focal element. All you need to do is find the sand, which can be taken even on the beach, if you have the opportunity. However, if you live in the city, can be ordered online through the sand. Also prepare dyes that will fit in your wedding color scheme.

So, first you need to pour the sand intoSpecial plastic containers or tins, the best one-off, because the dye can stain. In each mold need to add a bit of clean water, in a proportion of 1 tablespoon of water in a glass of sand.

Emptying sand molds
Add water in the sand

Now is the time to paint our sand. Use food coloring. On the glass of sand you will need about 5 drops of dye, but if you want to get a more vivid and saturated color, add more dye drops. Carefully move the sand from the dye using a wooden stick. You should get a nice uniform color.

add dye
Stir the sand and dye

Put sand on the baking paper andput in the oven, preheated to 200 degrees for 10 minutes. This is necessary in order to dry the sand to which we added water. Get the sand out of the oven and leave it on overnight to let the moisture evaporate completely.

We put the sand in the oven

The next step is ready to pour the colorsand in a glass bowl and landed in the center of a small plant. It is best to look at such a composition stone rose, which is a very undemanding plant. Wonderful focal elements to decorate the wedding hall ready!

Focus elements ready
Jewellery ready


These enchanting accessories decorate your wedding table and add a wedding decoration summer mood!

You can also use ordinary sand without coloring it. Plain yellow sand looks nice combined with shells and stones, it is perfectly suited to the marine wedding.

You can also pour colorful sandlayers, creating a real rainbow of sand. The sand vase can add a rose or gerbera flower. Anyway, your decoration will be a very warm and beautiful!

Creative focal element
Jewellery made from sand
Decoration Marine Wedding
Costume jewelery made of sand
table decor
Beautiful wedding decor
Sand in creating decor
Accessory sand

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