Topiary with candy - sweet masterpiece for a celebration!

The upcoming holiday, no matter where it isplace: at home, in a restaurant or in nature, it is simply inconceivable without sweets! You can offer guests anything. The main thing is how to file a sweet dessert. The spectacular, brighter and more original will supply sweets, the more likely that Candy bar to suit not only the children and "snacks" prepared you will appreciate.

Today, a new master-class wedding show us how to combine things with edible inedible, and remain in their original creation. Unusual sweet dessert, which we offer to make, will make a real splash at the gala evening!

Sweet Tree Topiary

Materials and tools:

  • miniature terracotta pots (color optional);
  • glue, glue gun;
  • sequins;
  • polystyrene;
  • Decorative dry moss;
  • green glaze;
  • small flowers of mastic;
  • lollipops;
  • a pastry bag with a nozzle "star".


40-60 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

Take their little pots and promazhte upper rim with a thin layer of glue. Then apply glue glitter of any color, if you want to make sweets more festive look.

We cover the rims of pots sparkles

Now cut the Styrofoam into smallpieces and put into the bottom of the pots. Squeeze tighter so they can not jump. The center insert the unpacked lollipop (lollipop). See how to make a picture.

Laying polystyrene foam and insert a lollipop

Temporarily remove the candy and is the place whereformed hole, squeeze out a drop of glue, insert the candy back to his seat. This will help to fix the candy, so it fell out when you apply the glaze.

Next, using the glue gun glue decorative moss on top of the Styrofoam. For these purposes it is better to use a hot melt adhesive.

Place the green frosting in a pastry bag andin a circle begin to apply on the surface of the candy glaze, creating a simulated foliage. Do not leave spaces between the "beams" glaze! Your Topiary will look better with a thick "crown."

Apply the icing on a lollipop

If you have the remnants of mastic, of them can bespecial molds to cut flowers and other figures. You can certainly use different decorative ready "shkuchkami" for sweets. Pick up the decorations to your taste.

Decorate with flowers Topiary

The result is a wonderful tree, which will be tasty and stylish decoration of the wedding hall!


Based on this lesson, you can experiment with the "stuffing" of your topiary, with a base, decorative ornaments. You can change the size of the sweet topiary, its packaging, and other details.

Topiary in a bucket
Sweet Topiary a flowerpot
Multilevel Topiary
Sweet Topiary on supports from candles
Topiary of marshmallow candy
Topiary of sweets
Topiary with chocolates
Topiary of chocolates

With such a simple way you cancreate entire bouquets (including the bride's bouquet) and a variety of compositions of caramel. If you find an unusual base-frame, it is possible to build any form of topiary, tells

Instead of candy on the basis of polystyrene can be attached chewy candy or marmalade. And you can make sweet Topiary of mini cupcakes that are so popular today.

Decorate their creations with ribbons, bows and colorful decorations, create a holiday on his desk and raduyte their guests a pleasant surprise!

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