Multifunction leather lotus flower backlit

If the main stylistic composition of your weddingassociated with magic and magic, then the miniature leather lotus flowers with bright lights will be very helpful in the celebrations. Place glowing flowers in small clusters on the draperies, arrange them on the guest tables, support the general atmosphere of subdued light and you will plunge into the mysterious and fascinating disposing holiday atmosphere. Step by step instructions for the production of luminous lotus flower gives you a wedding portal

Glowing lotus flower leather
Variations glowing lotus flower

Materials and tools:

  • leather;
  • marker;
  • round objects for stroke;
  • LEDs;
  • stationery knife;
  • water;
  • acrylic paints;
  • brush painting;
  • glue gun to heat sealing.

Detailed instructions:

To do anything out of the molded skin, you need to choose the right type of leather material. High-quality leather on folding is not deformed.

Selection of leather bases

First of all you need to draw on the leather material of two circles of different diameters. For community use the correct form items with a circular base.

Draw circles of different diameetra

Depending on what purpose you will use luminous colors, pick the appropriate color light bulbs.


Because the light will pass through the center of the flower, so it is necessary to draw small circles in each circle where the holes will be cut out later for diode bulbs.

Drawing anticipated openings for light bulbs

After that you need to draw the petalsflower. Depending on the size of the circles, the number of lobes is different. In this case it turned out eight petals in each circle. To draw symmetrical petals, put eight evenly spaced points on the circle, then eight dividing lines between the center of the petals. Now you can safely connect the petals curved lines. If possible, use a stencil.

drawing petals

Then proceed to the cutting of contour flowers. You can use stationery with a knife or scissors. It is important not to cut the petals until the flower center, otherwise it will break! Then soak the leather in water harvesting. The recommended soaking time between 1 and 3 hours depending on the starting material thickness. You can soak the flowers on all night. The main thing that the flowers are completely submerged in water. You can put a weight on top.

Soak the leather pieces

After soaking, start giving shapepetals hands. Work on the towel. Notice in the photo how to turn off the flower. If you wish to change the shape of petals, work fingers, when the product dries.

Shaping petals

Leave the product in the expanded form on a towel to dry. Drying of parts can take a considerable amount of time.

Drying details

After the preform is completely dry,you can proceed to the next stage - coloring of flower products. For uniform prokraski, apply several layers of acrylic paint of the selected color. You can choose to combine colors, not afraid of stains, all this only give a special charm and uniqueness of your products. Allow the paint to dry.

Staining colors

Finally, you can attach the LED to the mostflower. For this smaller diameter flower must be on the inside, and the flower larger - on the outside. Through the existing holes in them holding a light bulb. Using a glue gun to heat sealing, glue the LED on the back side. In this case, you can be sure that the light does not fly away from the flower.

Connecting LEDs to flower

Glowing lotus flower is ready for further use.


Decorating the room with flowers of unusual shapes and sizesalways true, beautiful and unusual. A decorating colors with integrated lighting can be anything. It is enough to show a little imagination and ingenuity, turned to unconventional jewelery for the wedding. For example, site offers you to make a garland of many similar colors, hang you can, inside the banquet hall, and outside at the entrance. On top, leather flowers with light can be used individually. Place one flower in the glass phase, and you have the original lighting design for a table. You can also use leather flowers with light to create flower arrangements or drafting extravagant bride's bouquet. Very interesting will look flowers such as jewelry and accessories to complement the image of wedding the young: hairpin for bride, decor for the bezel, luminous boutonniere for the groom, and so on.

Roses with colored lights
Paper glowing flowers
Glowing daisy
Bunch of glowing colors
Cloth glowing flower
Decoration hairstyle glowing colors

Of course, to decorate a room forwedding party you have to do is not a small number of similar colors. The main thing, remember that the result of such ornaments is simply stunning and amazing!

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