Charming clay medallions for seating guests

To the wedding took place as planned, you need to perlittle thing to think in advance, including all the essential wedding accessories. One of the highlights of the wedding organization is seating guests. It is no secret that offers the best seat in accordance with the interests of: youth with youth, adults and adults. Guests need a good company, because the table they can not communicate with the main hero of the occasion - the bride and groom. It is therefore clear in advance to make the seating plan, taking into account family ties and interests of guests.

Next, it is important to write down the names of all guestsuseful to create a seedling cards. In this master class, we will be more modern, and instead of cards will use the medallions, which can be used also as sweet dishes.

The portal about weddings you can read about how the art of clay sculpt unusual and stylish lockets. Modeling - this is a very exciting experience. Moreover, the modeling exercises are very useful for health, because you have the opportunity to stretch your arm muscles, which improves circulation. Also, to create a nominal medallions can use the special stamps with the letters. Through the opening you need to pass a rope or tape to the medallion could hang on the glass.

Medallions for seating

Materials and tools


  • art clay;
  • rolling pin;
  • stamped with the letters and numbers;
  • tape or rope;
  • wax paper.


50-60 minutes.

detailed instructions


Advantage art clay thatvery easy to mix colors to create new shades. The easiest way to mix bright colors with white, to get the desired hue. If you are planning a wedding in pink, a mix of red and white. In this master class, we will try to create a blue shade, mixing blue and white. Prepare your materials and start the fun.

Prepare materials
The palette for mixing colors

To begin, divide a piece of white clayseveral equal rectangles. Form a ball of each rectangle. Do the same with the blue clay, however, configure a smaller balls. You can also create more colors - the color depends on the amount of blue, which you mix with white.

We form white and blue balloons

Now to the white ball, you must add the blue andmix together the pieces of clay. You have to get the balls of different colors. Clay warmed in your hands and you will be quite easy to mold her medallions.

Connect the white and blue balloons
We get the ball in different shades

With a rolling pin, you need to rollsmall cakes, if you stretch the dough. Use the lid on banks to cut from the "test" neat medallions. Create the required number of medallions of different colors.

Cut out trim medallions
We form medallions

With stamps with letters on each medallionwrite the names or the names of your guests. Just push a stamp on a clay medallion - and the letter will print. At the top of the medallion cut with an ordinary pen the hole to the medallion could hang on to the rope. Also at the bottom of the medallion number can be represented by a table.

Write the names of the guests using the stamps
Write the names of all the medallions
We represent a numbered table
Get the original medallions

With conventional toothpicks, you can createpattern on clay medallions. Also do not forget the hole to pass a beautiful lace or rope to complete the accessory. Miraculous Medal for seating guests are ready!

We make pattern on clay
Prodenem rope in the hole
tie a bow
Medallions are ready for seating
Accessories are ready


Lovely creative medallions can put eachguest in a bowl or hang on a glass of champagne. You can use different shades and colors to accessories fit into your wedding style. These medallions can safely give guests as a souvenir of your unforgettable wedding.

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